Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Where is the movement big Al told us about?

Where is the movement big Al told us about?

By Ken LaRive

Remember the panic when we turned 2000? Some thought the clocks in computers would shut the entire civilized world down. A few people moved to the mountains for that night, listening to the possibilities of a vivid imagination, and a dubious press. Software companies made a fortune, and had a good laugh too, because nothing happened.

There are many people around the world who think global warming is not only real, but listening to Al Gore, we Americans are primarily at fault. Looking at statistical trends only in place a hundred years there are predictions for the rising waters of a polar meltdown, to the trigger of another Ice Age. In the background there are scientists who speak of sun spots, and changing iron-nickel magma cores that reverse north south polarities, but they get little press.

Instead, with a Nobel Peace Prize under his belt, Mr. Gore demands Government intervention to curb this projected cataclysmic event, from recycling, smaller cars, even trying to stymie the industrial revolutions in India and China, both moving from a bike to a moped society...

There is one way to prove your assertions Mr. Gore, practice what you preach. You and your followers should give up your fine homes, jet airplanes, SUVs, and all modern conveniences, and form a commune where this thought process can become reality. Don’t use fertilizer, or insecticides, or plastic bottles, or the combustion engine. You have to also quit eating meat, because gas from cows is a problem too, so you say.

Do what is right Al, and lead by example.

You are a great leader Mr. Gore, and so insightful too! Use your charismatic and profound qualities to walk your talk. I’m sure there will be millions who will follow suit, and we would find out once and for all if what you have been saying has any relevance.

It shouldn’t take very long, and once the figures prove your point there would be a whole movement where even your UN Scientists will get involved. You’ll find them on the lecture circuit, and I’m sure they would donate that money for the cause. What could they buy with money anyway, a mud house with no electricity? Perhaps it could be used to drill the community well, oh, but that will have to be done by hand. Mexicans could help, as your open border policies will deliver plenty of hard workers who would do what you wouldn’t, or couldn’t.

It’s about survival, Al... Please, show us the way!

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