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Connecting dots on the Liberal web in 2005

Connecting dots on the Liberal web in 2005
By: Ken La Rive © 2005

I was told to take this column back for a rewrite because it sounded like I was ranting. I suppose I am. It is a delicate thing to discuss, and we all know that it is amazingly difficult to change a person’s mind. I’m going to try.

When I first started voting in 1966, I was considered a Democrat. I seems that the average Joe back then, the taxpayer, family man, hard working guy, voted Democrat. I’m going to tell you this: The Democratic Party back then hardly resembles the Democratic Party of today. With that said, what is the difference?

I’ll try and explain, but I know I’ll step on a few toes, but this is the truth as I see it.

I’m told by some that there is no such thing as a liberal press. I find this to be almost laughable, if it wasn’t so absurd. Who could not recognize an overwhelming liberal press, especially after this election. Connecting the dots, Democrats equal Liberals, and Republicans equal Conservatism. I have never seen it more polarized in my lifetime! So what is the big deal? It is so important that I actually tremble to tell you!

There are some things you won’t hear in the overwhelming liberal press, the liberal media like CBS, NBC, or ABC, the liberal pay-per-views of Showtime, CineMax, HBO, or Starz, the overwhelming liberal talk radio, ideas projected by music, and Hollywood movies. Ever ask why most all lawyers are at odds with the Bush administration? And then, who and or what is this so called “banking system,” and why is the Euro kicking our butt? Why are Jewish ultra-liberals, typically taking the side of Israel and its expansion into Palestine, so opposed to the war in Iraq, when Moslems are their sworn enemies? Why are blacks now being coerced to take a stand against the war?

I’ll sum it up in one word, money. Okay, I was directed here to make this better understood…

Sure, there are Gentiles and others represented in all of these various medias, but they don’t own them. That is the point. So what slant there is coming from this overwhelming idea farm, comes from the Liberal Jew. Sorry, but it is true. Are they bad people? Not really, just out of date. You see, we no longer need the laws necessary to advance human rights. They are in place. Special interest groups, big business lobbyist, frivolous law suits, and minority whims controlling the masses is no longer suitable, or needed. Fact is, more and more Americans are realizing that they have been voting for the wrong ticket for twenty years! Here is why.

We Christian, Moslems, black and white, have been so brainwashed in this country that we can’t even say the word Jew without feeling shame and guilt. One can be branded anti-Semitic for just saying the word out loud! It fills us with fear, as we go about our everyday lives, wondering why this or that happens. It is against the system to ask questions such as these, and the reasoning behind that religion. Of course there are many other varieties of ultra-liberals, but none more powerful. One can say Christian, or Moslem without much of a gut response, so why does the word “Jew” bring butterflies to our stomachs?

What does the music industry care if what they create has a negative influence on our youth, when they can’t sell enough! What does a banking system care who wins a war, when they are inadvertently financing both sides! Ooh! Did I say that?

Is there an agenda against our Christian values in this country? You bet! So where does it come from?

Some letters and papers from our greatest Founding Fathers are no longer taught in school. Edited, as it is not in vogue to tread on past realities, and seemingly negative ideals... These leaders and revolutionaries saw the danger when one religion or culture grew to dominate another. Why have Christians been persecuted, Moslems slaughtered and run out of Europe, and the Jews been gassed? Because one of these three grew more powerful than the other! We have been at odds with each other for thousands of years. Do you think it has stopped? It has not! But there are plenty of ways to win a war, even a war of ideals. America is no longer the country we first started on Christian principles. It is being systematically wrenched from our hands, and without firing a shot! Pretty smart huh?

Civil Rights in and of itself is a wonderful thing. Laws were implemented to insure that there would be a level playing field. What undermined and perverted this worthy movement was an underlying liberal agenda, and a lot of money was made in the process. The welfare system was originally designed to be a helping hand, not only for black Americans, but for whoever had the need. It was originally a good idea, designed to be temporary. What happened? Three generations became so dependent on those measly peanuts they nearly completely lost their identity! But you see, it is well known that one can capitalize on adversity, so liberals created a playing field giving some an advantage over the other in the form of tax dollar finance for school tuition, open housing, paying for the manufacture of children even out of wedlock, welfare, ADD, and on and on. Along with this came the disintegration of family, pride for a job well done, and drugs, Aids, crime, grew like a cancer from the inner city out, all across America. Pride was displaced, bought and paid by a green government check. Did you know that 80% of the children born today for blacks are out of wedlock? And whites are coming up fast! Do you think this would have been acceptable behavior 50 years ago?

Why? Because the myopic Liberal agenda stimulates dependency... Though they think they are truly moral and justified, accepting this responsibility for their failing is not of their nature. Their ideas are causing spiritual havoc!

Strangely, the thought process that goes into the making of gangster-rap and other variations on that theme, including insensitive violence and sex in television and movies, is not the actual fire that consumes our human spirit. No, that was created by the myopic Ultra-liberal agenda first, and long ago. With the destruction of spirit, something was created to fill the void. You see, when something is broken down, and you have the influential means of building a new structure, you will make it dependant on you! Just as Wal-Mart contributes to our ever growing throw away society, ultra-liberals contribute to our ever growing throw away values, our throw away children, and our throw away souls!

Where once the family attended church together, worked, pooled their resources for the common good from generation to generation, now they are doing crack together... Mothers are buying crack from their own babies! Girls aren’t even sure who the fathers of their many children are, while alcoholism, drugs, and social disease weakens and numbs our American culture more. It is so bad that if a person tries to actually lift themselves up from this debacle of the spirit, to take control and responsibility for their own lives, their neighbors will actually sabotage their success!

So, is it a conspiracy? No, it is the simple mindset that one should and can go after money without consequence, and where the power, the strength, comes from controlling the masses. If attempts to pull the plug on some of these programs prove successful, more pop up to take its place. Now it seems that most everybody’s children have ADD! It is just another ultra-liberal socialistic ploy to keep us subservient! If in fact some children do have ADD, what is the root cause? Could it be that the mother fried the child’s brain along with her own doing smack when pregnant? Why was she pregnant? Why was she doing smack? And why do taxpayers have to pay for this? Who is responsible? Who is making money here? Could it be one more government agency where doctors, lawyers, and legal drug dealers see another avenue of making money? Drugs are so promoted they are now actively advertised on liberal TV! People are so coerced they actually go to the doctor making demands for drugs!

I blame the myopic Ultra-liberal agenda for every social woe in this country for fifty years! It started when we relinquished our personal responsibility, our spiritual reason for being, our pride, as one anti-Christian group entrenched itself into the fabric this nation aspired to have, and so tried to keep. Now, unless we stand together as Christians, we will be forced to accept the ultra-liberal agenda as our own, as if it were an original thought. We will forget that we once aspired to ten simple commandments, which held us all together, and accountable.

Am I ranting?

I watched on TV when Mr. King marched in Selma. He wore a black suit. He stood tall, spoke his mind with conviction and pride. He was promoting equal rights. Today, under our ultra-liberal agenda, a singer will take off her top in front of our children while watching football, gays will march, linked in insalubrious outfits designed to promote their sexuality. They are not marching for equal rights, but for the promotion of a lifestyle that is opposed to our Christian ethics! What should we care what goes on behind closed doors? Judge not! Gays have been around forever! No, it isn’t that they can’t practice sex any way they want, but that we now have to watch them do it! We have to accept it, like it was our idea in the first place! We have to say it is okay, and while we are fighting about it, a lot of money is being made. In the process, my dish did not show Jesus Christ once during Christmas, while gay sexuality like Angels in America, justifiable violence creating heroes out of Mafia Bosses, and immorality like Sex in the City strives to become the new norm. Our children think this is the norm, lesbianism, sex without love, and situational justification for any act. I remember the first time I saw a woman die in a movie, shot through a pillow in the face. I still remember it. Today we watch women killing each other with Samurai swords, bullets, and Kung Fu! Are we so desensitized that we have actually learned to enjoy watching people die!

You will see something constantly played about the horrors of the Holocaust. Sure it was horrible, but neither I nor my family ever owned a slave, nor did we participate in the wholesale killing of Jews. Fact is, every culture on this earth has been victimized. Here is a kicker: a lot of Christians died to free Europe from the yoke of tyrannical oppression. We opened our hearts, our borders, out of Christian ethics. Is this the thanks we get; attempting to take the goodness of the Lord our God from us?

Why are Lawyers so opposed to Conservative values? Ask yourself. Who stands more to gain then when the world is at odds? What self serving arbitrator-solicitor worth his salt wouldn’t see the opportunity of making loop holes in a judicial system he himself designed? Money, the root of all evil, is the guiding hand where the have and the have-nots struggle in a wind made by the powers who own the banks, makes the laws, publishes the media: Hollywood, TV, music, and the written word …our morals, and our minds…

If we don’t check the liberal agenda, our country will go the way of Europe. Religion will shrivel up and die. Churches will be sold off to make expensive condominiums, and we will become a Socialistic State. Even if we can turn it around today, we will continue to pay for these liberal mistakes for several generations.

I’ll tell you this. You’ll know that Liberalism is being thwarted when there is no longer a United Negro College Fund, a Miss Black America, Black Starz, Jet Magazine, and all of the other racist paraphernalia promoted by liberals. You’ll know when frivolous law suits are seen for what they are. You’ll know when a person is judged by who they are inside, and not the color of their skin, and education is a gift for performance, on a level playing field. You will know when some form of work is required to live.

There, it’s said.

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