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Bending Physics Part two of two

Bending Physics
Part two of two
By: Ken La Rive

Note* Previously covered was an introduction to another way of thinking. Physicists are embracing a new idea on how to look at the world called “Bootstrap Physics.” Floundering in their quest to unlock the secrets of the universe, Physicists are realizing that we have a hard time asking the right questions because of our linier way of thinking. Out intellect is actually getting in the way! Using a metaphysical spiritual method of thinking, refined for thousands of years in the orient, these scientists and mathematicians are now attempting to unravel the complexity of the physical sciences, as viewed from a different vantage point.

If you missed part one, contact me and I’ll see that you get it ASAP. Here I will continue…

A simple example of size can be found in the orange. We hold it in our hand. It has weight, color, texture, and some particles move in the air around it. We can smell these particles, and can distinguish it from many other fruits. Wow! How awesome is something so simple, and how much we take it for granted!

Suppose an orange was the size of the earth, and we could view it from our perspective, impossible, but just say we could. There before us would be atoms the size of cherries. How would they look? We have no real answer for that, but say we were now able to extract just one atoms, and blew it up to the size of say, Atwood Akers Subdivision. The nucleus, we know as the center, would be about the size of a pea, and the electrons that travel around it would be in an orbit somewhere on the Lawson’s rice paddies.

Wait a minute here. Yep, 99.9+% of this atoms is just empty space, as is all of the so called matter we see and feel. What this stuff actually is, is energy, held together by forces so mysterious that our linear minds, our linear hypothesis, our linear thought patterns, doesn’t comprehend enough to know even what questions to ask!

Strange isn’t it, but the original part of our mind we men have tried to bury under the guise of intellect may finally be the very thing we need to understand the greater part? Our metaphysic spirituality and intellect traveling in parallel, side by side, using each other, depending on each other, as we realize there are consequences for intellect without the balance of metaphysic spirituality. Each holds the other in check, and growth will be one of responsibility, based on natural aspects not readily observed outward, but inside.

Without our metaphysical spiritual side, our intellect will destroy this earth. It will poison it with chemicals, destroying ecosystems it took millions of years to develop in a virtual moment. Without spirituality, we will never tap into the true meaning of anything, but be continually unhappy, without direction, without conscience, without hope. We had this once. We once lived in harmony with nature, with few exceptions. No other animal on earth has developed intellect, at least none we have ever observed, and what has it brought us? We are the only species that will kill its own kind in mass, as an intellectual exercise. Without the spiritual side we have allowed the intellect to develop weapons of mass destruction so great that we could destroy this entire earth 300 times over in less than an hour. Everything, except for a few resistant cockroaches would parish.

Look, we will have to change. There is no denying that what we now face is like nothing ever presented to us before. There are medical businesses today that are doing genetic research unchecked. Can you imagine what they are doing now if what we saw ten years ago was a mouse growing a human ear? What other advances, horrific and beautiful are being primed, when human fetuses are being sold from millions of abortions, and our genetic map is now commercially owned.

Control of the individual human mind is a primary way to insure the intellectual framework of business and government remains intact. The network of paper money based on faith and promises, bolstered by wholesale information, takes our will as its own. From information compiled from the grocery store ID, the company wanting a piece of your hair and the genetic information it holds, to the selling of your name and all pertinent facts gathered in the public domain, will ultimately sell your own thoughts back to you.

Metaphysic spirituality shows the promise of unlocking who and what we are, and our place in the scheme of things. It is the balance of the equation that Einstein so tried to explain. Without it we are surely blind.

Our world and all of its color and beauty will die so slowly we will hardly notice. It will go unnoticed as the oceans, rainforests, and our swamps and woodlands are sliced and served to us, one piece at a time, as we multiply without a thought for the finite size of earth. We’ll keep buying and they will sell, until nothing remains.

Want to understand more about this new way of thinking? Read the poetry of NERUDA, study the ideas of men like Fritji Capra, Einstein, Oppenheimer, Boar, and Heisenberg, and study the philosophies that Buddha, and Lao Tzu taught.

It is not too late. There is still time, …but even if we could turn it around this very instant, the next generation would still view our time as the greatest waste since the extinction of the dinosaurs, and all of it our responsibility, our fault. But then, if we don’t turn it around, there will be no one about to judge us anyway, unless somehow roaches develop intelligence.

Finally, if it be that our ultimate quest is to touch the face of God, perhaps metaphysics can show us the way, still keeping our intellect intact. Einstein saw the words of God in math, and in the unity of his intellectual spirituality he saw an ultimate answer to the riddle of who we are.

“I believe that the world-view implied by modern physics is inconsistent with our present society, which does not reflect the harmonious interrelatedness we observe in nature. To achieve such a state of dynamic balance, a radically different social and economic structure will be needed: a cultural revolution in the true sense of the word. The survival of our whole civilization may depend on whether we can bring about such a change.” Fritof Capra. Berkley, April, 1981.

Just like God gave Eve to Adam, a balance, so too did God give us our intellect with spirituality to make us whole... This physical process, from unspeakable pressure, time, and temperature, where nuclear fires burn in the vast reaches, and cooling matter collects in orbital mass, so too do we look from our small perch. Can it be that the ultimate finale’ is the actual delicateness of life, crowned with the concluding icing, the realization of self? Our intellect is a definitive glory, but our spirituality is the phosphor glow in the mist of everything there is, lighting our way.

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