Tuesday, April 15, 2008

A New Year dawns befor the fire 2008

A New Year dawns before the fire

By Ken LaRive

The New Year signals a time of reflection. Amid family gatherings, children show us the world with new eyes and wonder. Cold and wet outside, we sit before the fireplace and ponder both last year’s accomplishment and future possibilities. With giggles and colored blurs all around me, I look into the flames and dream...

A French trip reveled to me that Europeans, with little or no standing army, is being overrun by Islam. The Christian Faith is being dissected by Socialist-neo-seculars, with churches sold as high-end condominiums, and artifacts up for the highest bidder.

In New York I found few Americans, with residents receiving Katrina hurricane relief, promoted by Hillary Clinton. Emigrants pour into New York, and anti-American multi-culturalists encourage emigrants and their families to retain their native cultures, destroying our “melting pot”, and Balkanizing our nation.

In India I saw poor living conditions, but a culture rich in diversity and a strong working Democracy. Next door in Pakistan 75% of the women incarcerated were there because they were raped. The misinterpreted law of Mohammed makes the case hard to prove, so it seems, and the fear that Israel will attack Iran, and the al-Qaida assassination of Bhutto fills their world...

In Belgium I watched President Bush on local TV get a rock star ovation by our American troops in Iraq, but nothing was said of it in The States. That concerns me.

I laughed at high oil prices here in Lafayette, as for the first time in 15 years we are over the 1000 rig-mark, with exploration up 35%.
Little arms circle my neck for a kiss, breaking my contemplation, and I concentrate on the little toddler trying to crawl up on my lap. I smile and hold them tight, but there is a sinking feeling I can’t shake.

I think that there is an entity that finances both sides to war, and cares not who wins. Not a conspiracy, but a mindset. I watched the old movie, “On the Beach” the other night, and got emotional several times. It’s about the end of the world. It shows the beauty of a sunset, a mother and child, the simple life of ordinary people, and how easily it would be to end. We must find a leader to bring us into the 21 century.

There seems a lot at stake with the possibility of liberal Socialism and secularism knocking on our door. What’s at stake? I’d say just about everything we know.

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