Sunday, April 23, 2017

What Thomas Jefferson told us hits home

What Thomas Jefferson told us hits home 

Of all of our founding fathers, none seemed to grasp with true insight what we face as a nation today than Thomas Jefferson. He saw firsthand how governments grow to overshadow civil liberties, and from an historical perspective, realized how these intuitions had fallen by their own corruptive and shortsighted influences. He has had hundreds of quotes taken from thousands of letters and papers that address our plight as a nation today, and though all of them are profound in their own way, this quote hits the problems we face squarely:

"If the American people ever allow private banks to control the issue of their money, first by inflation and then by deflation, the banks and corporations that will grow up around them, will deprive the people of their property until their children will wake up homeless on the continent their fathers conquered."

America belongs to We the People. 

Why have some corporations taken such a beating since the housing bubble of 2007-08, while others have been bailed out, flourishing to the point of large management bonus incentives? Why has Americans lost 35 percent of their net worth, and told to just be patient as it slowly returns at 1.8 percent per year? Why are there so much corporate and national debt, and why is it still growing, doubling in just eight years to a staggering 19.88 trillion.

A term they use is "over-leveraging," but what that really means is too much debt. Debt that is transferred to our children, and it is a debt that can never be paid. So great is this amount, we can't even pay the interest on it, and new money has to be printed so that we do not foreclose. Nonviable corporations, not part of this cartel, are allowed to die, and as they increase our debt without restraint, they buy up the assets they manipulated to death. 

It is called an unlimited ceiling, and if we cannot stop this, our country will surely die in foreclosure... and yet, most people have no idea of this quandary... more debt than every president has acquired since President Washington. .Trillions missing from the Pentagon, an untold amount missing from the vaults of Twin Tower during 911, printing money out of thin air unchecked and unaudited, with monetary transfers, without permission, to and from anyone, and hidden from view? What lunacy is this? 

Let us define the Jefferson quote... with the hope of finding a standard to bear...

When a privately owned banking cartel is in league with a privately owned business called the Federal Reserve, it becomes more powerful than our own Government. By the use of influential lobbyists, they are allowed to disregard our Constitution which clearly states that only our Treasury has the ability to coin money based on Gold and Silver... They are allowed to create what is called fiat money, and this money is not based on anything but a promise. This private cartel can lend this newly created money at below free-market interest rates to corporations they are vested in, causing debt. As these corporations overextend themselves without a productive balance, a foreseeable consequence occurs... inflation. Have you noticed a price rise at the grocery? This is inflation, a hidden tax, and it rapes us of our wealth and heritage. The market takes a dive when investors review spreadsheets and see what is described as "toxic" assets, and they sell us gold and silver as a hedge for an inflation they are creating. It is a good and profitable game and we play right into their hands. True growth, in a healthy economy, comes from both productivity and investing, and they can withdraw from the market if something is too difficult to evaluate, or seems too fishy... But there is another tool... something that pushes investors past sound judgment... The Derivative. 

This driving force, and the oil that lubricates this machine is called the "derivative," or CDSs and CDOs, and so when investors collectively see the potential failing of one of these insolvent corporations. they collectively, and in droves, have a massive sell-off, and in most cases just sit on their liquid assets until an opportunity presents itself in the future. This is what Trump wants to return to our shore... A choice few, however, with what is called "insider information" will have more to work with than speculation, but proprietary knowledge. They invest in what is called a "put" option, where they buy when a stock is high, and sell when the stock is low. This is insider trading at its best, and illegal in the world of us common folk. They, however, are above the law...

Behind the Curtain...

One amazing example of this insider manipulation of the market occurred just three days prior to 9-11 on both United and American Airlines, and all investigations into these trades are now proprietary knowledge, for national security, as mandated by the Obama Administration, and seemingly directed from the interior of the Military Industrial Complex. I suggest you study this... all of our futures are at stake.

To me, nothing in my lifetime is more profound, even knowing that The Tonkin Incident was a False Flag justification to war with Vietnam. What does a boy know at 19, being drafted for two years to fight... Or an Uncle who clams he was a test subject for a nuclear blast in the 1940s, now dying of cancer, or that Agent Orange and sniper bullets took the lives of High School friends... or that 48 thousand of my brothers died there, and forgotten in one generation of snowflakes. But who in America has not been touched by the tragedy of war? War, never ending, since the day I was born in 1949. 

It is evident by a paper trail that some insiders on Wall Street had prior knowledge that United and American Airline stock would take a plunge after 9-11, and bet on it in a put option. Almost three thousand people died that day, civil liberties suspended, with trillions spent on wars killing millions, and it was designed? What kind of animals are these? There were people who actually profited from 9-11, who could have stopped it, and the information that could have found them out was stifled saying it was proprietary, that it had to be kept hidden... because it threatened national security? Take a pause here...

For the rest of us not in the loop, we lose.. Slaves to a system with tentacles in every aspect of our reality. But those monetary losses did not just disappear in a wisp of smoke, they were absorbed in a rigged system, a system designed to do just that, control interest rates, print money out of thin air, control inflation and deflation, and prescribe and manipulate booms and busts, finely orchestrated. The money is so great, that power can destroy whole countries... Even in tragedy, in war, bankers have methods incorporated into a system they created, to make money on both destruction and reconstruction. It is nation building for a New World Order, controlled by them, and our boys die in war to make it happen.

Some of these Corporations caught up in this leverage-game were not bailed out, and as they quickly went out of business sold off for pennies on the dollar, and the machine grows. This is why we have such massive unemployment, along with the loss of their employee retirement funds entirely invested in these failing corporate stocks. But one cannot glean the true magnitude of this problem unless realizing that both collateral and dividends were lost as well, as one propped up the other. This influenced the loss of property with a busting housing bubble, as it was overextended and poised to fail, both prescribed and predicted. Bankers are now cleaning up, absorbing these properties like parasitical carpetbaggers, both scavengers and predators, builders and destruction... depending on circumstance.

As debt, service on a mortgage is usually the largest bill of a household. The unemployed will have their homes taken away for a fraction of what they owe, and at 2/3 of the appraised value, the bank will win. These international bankers have put in place a system designed to enslave us in debt, and by the use of fiat money, as calculated by Paul Warburg, the prime architect of the Federal Reserve System, we participate in what is called "voluntary servitude." In all intent, banks own us, lock, stock, and barrel. 

Author's note: I have a personal experience I'd like to share. Back in the latter part of 1978, interest rates had risen in my area to over 20 percent for home loans. I was a Vietnam Veteran, newly graduated from college and with a good paying job in the oilfields of Louisiana as a Mud Engineer. The oilfields were kicking. I wanted to leave the ethnic and violent turmoil of New Orleans to a place where my wife and I could raise our family in relative safety, and we chose Crowley Louisiana, 20 miles past Lafayette.

I chose Crowley not only because I like a family-oriented rural community, but that that particular parish would combine a Veteran Home Loan, which would require little or no down payment, with bond money set aside for young people to get a good start. My loan was a 10.95 percent, and I thought I was one smart cookie. Since the builder was from Lafayette, they told me I had to come up with a down payment of $3,000, as the appraised value indicated. I signed the papers. But wait...

Four years later I still owed something like $83,000 on my loan, when the oilfields were used as a sacrificial lamb by President Regan to destroy the USSR, supplying Osama Ben Laden with weapons to fight Russian boys in Afghanistan. Said to be their Vietnam, this scenario was designed to stop them from building a pipeline through the country. He and Saudi flooded the market with cheap oil, and broke the economic back of the country, causing them to default. We are very close to that now. 
But wait...

I could not find work. I went years going from one consulting job to the next, until a friend asked me if I would move my family to the Cayman Islands for an administrative assistant job. I took it, and left my home with three months in the rear. Seven other homes in my subdivision had been given to the banks, but none of them had a government loan. So I did some research.

My home was appraise around 44 thousand dollars, and I still owed 83K. The doors were opened for anyone to view it, and in a month it was scheduled to go on the auction block with the stipulation that it must bring in 2/3 of the appraised value. That was 33 thousand dollars. But wait...

I looked back on that paper I had originally signed and found the Government guaranteed the bank exactly $33,000. That has haunted me ever since. It was emphatic to me, even at such a young age, that the banking system knew full well that this was going to happen four years prior, to the penny. But wait...

I was told the difference of the sale and what I owed would be on my shoulders, unless I declared bankruptcy. I decided to borrow $8,000 dollars from a Canadian Bank, whose manager was my next door neighbor in Cayman. I wired that money to the note-owner bank with a letter demanding that they lock up my home. My home. When they received that money, I was five months behind.

After two years, paying on both my property monthly, and a condominium in Cayman, we moved back to Louisiana. It was an eye-opening experience as I realized that the Veteran's administration did not protect me at all, but the bank. Both working together for a common cause, an evident conspiracy on paper, goes over the heads of most Americans. Americans who are slaves, just like I am, to this very day.

This past year I got a call from an old high school friend who told me that my writings were traitorous. He lives in the hill country of California in isolation, dying of cancer, and hoped that Obama Care would be his salvation with new and free drugs, even a cure for cancer. I asked him if the pendulum could swing both ways? What are we to do if we find out that our Government is betraying our trust? What is my (our) responsibility knowing this?. He hung up the phone with a thundering slam, never to be heard from again. He even blocked my calls. What a loss. I've known him since High School, and he is dying in a California desert. What a place to die? 

I can't say I know what we can do about this. I suppose that knowledge is our best weapon, and we are in very short supply of that. What would Mr. Jefferson do if he found himself in America today? I'd say he would make a bee-line to the door of Dr. Ron Paul. They have a lot in common, including a lack of oratory ability. And I ask myself every day: What would he be doing now if he had made President? Seems to me we would have the strongest military on earth, and peace. But there would be no profit in that, for the bankers who play us like puppets on a string. And that sir, is why he is not president. But then... let's hope that president Trump does not become part of the swamp. 

"It ain't over until the fat lady sings." -Dan Cook and Yogi Berra

Thursday, April 20, 2017

Consciousness By Ken LaRive

061899 by Ken LaRive

Born of fear,
In the company of pain,
From blind and primitive longings
It transcended...
Floating free beyond the mind’s eye…

Self-evident, we grew upright,
Grasping by opposing thumbs,
For that first focus on reality…
Balanced on an electrochemical thought,
A decision was made…

In the cold, a blinding light,
Of conscious affirmation,
So soon laid bear, an immortal soul…
From the dust, a breath of hope,
As a candle in the dark…

Suddenly vistas were seen,
Through the eyes of possibilities
On a cognizant plain…
Where wings of truth unfold
In the pangs of death... the hope of destiny is revealed…

From the duality of guilt and reason,
On the pyre of blame’s despair
A tear was born…
Washed pure our ignorance’s bliss,
With the bittersweet taste of good and evil…

With the first of nature’s elements,
A comprehension of ourselves
Through a mirror of realization... it formed…
By the echoes of our laughter,
And the wonder of it all…

Tuesday, April 11, 2017

The people who will ultimately save America part one

"The media, including FOX news, are banging the drums for war with Russia. Just when we thought we might be able to take this country back... when we thought we could drain the swamp. When we thought we could get our Constitution and civil liberties returned, a balanced budget, fair taxes, as promised. No, without any proof Assad is being blamed for the use of chemical weapons. We are being played, and everyone is just eating it up. Drink your Kool Aid and shut up America, you have no need for Truth. Believe what you are told." Ken LaRive 4/11/2017

God help us...

At a birthday party several months ago I gravitated to a table-full of home-made cakes and cookies. There, between a large picture window overlooking a spectacular view of happy children playing in a sun-filled pool, and doting moms watching responsibly under multi-colored umbrellas, there stood to one side a group of elderly grandparents, like myself. I could see from a distance that they were engaged in passionate conversation, but as I grew near and our eyes met, they grew silent. 

I gave them a big smile as I gazed across the table of home-made sweets, and looked to fill a pink plastic plate with a picture of Tinker bell in the center. 

"Hi Ken... Read your essay on Ron Paul last week and you were spot on."

"Thanks!" I said, and so it began, an hour long conversation about the state of the nation. Of course I love to talk, especially when talking about the greatest man I know, but I've finally realized that one cannot learn when talking. And then, as time wore on, I was shaken to the very foundations of my reality as I listened to these men.

In retrospect, several elements about that conversation still rings in my brain. I suppose the first shock was to find out that one couple, who had their house paid for, had refinanced it a few years ago at 80%, and with the proceeds, bought gold and silver. It turned out to be a good investment, as they had made a 33 percent return so far, but of course that is about what they will have to pay in taxes. It must be considered a long-term investment, and both gold and silver have retained their value through the 100 years of Federal Reserve "shenanigans", as Dr. Paul so aptly describes this hidden tax. But then they told me that they were preparing for an economic meltdown, a collapse of social order, and the ultimate outcome, martial law. They told me a nightmare scenario about FEMA camps and the hundreds of thousands of coffins found hidden in a field, and the government distribution of hollow-point bullets seemingly in preparation of a possible social upheaval that will have to be suppressed with extreme prejudice. Suddenly my little plastic plate of frosted cup-cakes and my cup of spiked sherbet fruit punch lost its appeal.

The other three, who represented three other families, nodded their heads in complete agreement, and each had something of their own to add. One said that the UN and Obama Progressives wanted our hand guns, and that Australia had given up theirs. He said it would not be so easy here in America, the ultimate plan to finish off our civil liberties... Little did we know that in just a year we would have a new President, Donald Trump.

"The past does not equal the future, it has been said, but that is only if we know the truth about our past..." -Ken La Rive

"Yes," said another, "and the NDAA will give them that authority during martial law." I was dubious, and told them that I had heard the NDAA had been stopped. They assured me respectfully to do my homework on the matter. It had not, and he added, "I will never obey an authority who disobeys the Constitution, and you can be assured I will never give up my guns."

"One thing we all have in common," another one said, "We here are planning to survive this. We will not be denied liberty, and would die for it, that is the real strength. We will survive, they won't." They all laughed, and immediately another mentioned how she had food for two years for four people stockpiled, and working hard to "get off the grid." A water well, making fuel, a wind turbine, a garden, orchard, and farm animals like a cow and chickens, and all of it nestled in a community of like mind... I was dumbfounded, and they saw it. "There is hope Ken." One said with a smile. And it was sometime at the very end of this declarative conversation that I heard of a new concept, "The Oath Keepers." 

There was much of what they talked about that I just can't remember now. I suppose I was too stunned, possibly a defense mechanism to keep my sanity. I vowed, however, to look up NDAA, the UN's gun ban proposal, FEMA, and the term Oath Keeper. I do remember that I didn't sleep a wink that night. I actually cried.

Googling my perspective future...

The quest to learn more about this finally led me to the Paul Fest of Tampa. It was there that I met the organizer, Dan Johnson, of P.A.N.D.A, fighting the NDAA, Stewart Rhodes founder of The Oath Keepers, New Mexico's Gov. Gary Johnson, the Libertarian Presidential 2012 Candidate, and Jim Crowley, the amazing director of the movie "Gray Slate." I even had a conversation with Wayne Paul, Ron Paul's younger brother, a preview of Part Two of Atlas Shrugged, and met a powerful young musician who supports Dr. Paul by the name of Jordan Page. T.M.O.T Derrick Grayson was there too, a Ron Paul supporter I have had a lot of respect for on YouTube, and he was animated as usual, even playing Jimmy Hendrix on an electric guitar. 

In the next several essays I will discuss each of these groups, and their impact on the liberty movement. I noted no representation of the Tea Party there, and I can only conclude that the Tea Party movement has sold out to a Neocon mindset, and is no longer a viable part of the liberty movement, as I see it. I hope I am wrong. I remember finding out that our own Lafayette Tea Party endorsed Mitt Romney, and that is a case in point. If it wasn't for their efforts to thwart Dr. Paul in Louisiana, would have had all of the Louisiana delegates, and I would have been at convention, as a delegate.  It didn't turn out that way. 

Author's note: 

One other thing that is quite emphatic. I have been a Republican my whole life, but after seeing what went on at the GOP, I can no longer be associated with them. They have betrayed the movement, at least this is what I have observed here in Louisiana. I feel so down about it, so deceived. I see them for what they are, greedy and power hungry, without any sense of decency, honor, pride, or a standard other than their theft of authority. What Republicans did at the GOP will ultimately be their downfall, as truth cannot be denied, and it will be recorded as the virtual collapse of the Neocon dominated Republican Party, the annihilation of the Progressive Democratic Party, and a catalyst for the most powerful movement since the American Revolution, the Liberty movement. Unlike the other two, who are two fingers on the same hand, the liberty movement is nothing about domination and control, but liberty. Liberty, a conceptual standard far stronger, and enduring. The Liberty movement is the true American ideal, and it is owned by we the people.

Most all of our ancestors came to America with the hope of being free of tyranny. Their blood flows in the Liberty movement, and reflects the words of Thomas Jefferson: 

"The strongest reason for the people to retain the right to keep and bear arms is, as a last resort, to protect themselves against tyranny in government." 

"I would rather be exposed to the inconveniences attending too much liberty than to those attending too small a degree of it." 

“Laws that forbid the carrying of arms...disarm only those who are neither inclined nor determined to commit crimes... Such laws make things worse for the assaulted and better for the assailants; they serve rather to encourage than to prevent homicides, for an unarmed man may be attacked with greater confidence than an armed man.” (Quoting Cesare Beccaria) 

"The beauty of the Second Amendment is that it will not be needed until they try to take it." 

"Experience hath shewn, that even under the best forms of government those entrusted with power have, in time, and by slow operations, perverted it into tyranny.”

— Thomas Jefferson

It seems now that I was indeed in fine company at that birthday party. God bless them, and God bless America. And I hope with every fiber of my being that we are not being betrayed by President Trump. Indeed, he is our last hope before violent civil disobedience. I don't think I would survive a week of that...  I do know I would die for my country, if I could find a standard to hold. I'd be on the front lines... but I would not want to die for a lie.

-Ken La Rive