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Bolshevist Revolution, as translated from the German, by Ken LaRive

By Victory

Bolshevist Revolution, as translated from German, by Ken La Rive

Welcome, my friends in TRUTH. Here is a taste...

Several years ago I received a package without a forwarding address.  An anonymous person sent me the translation of a German book called Geheingesellschaften und ihre Macht im 20 Jahrhundert (1995) Translation and Typesetting: Urs Thoenen Zurich. In English: SECRET SOCIETIES and their power in the 20th Century, By: Jan van Helsing (It is a guide through the entanglements of lodges with high finance and politics, Trilateral Commission, Bilderberger, CFR, UNO."  EWERTVERLANG

After researching, I found it to be very rare, and out of print.  

As I leafed through I found a note, with a signature I could not decipher. It read:  "We like very much for your constant attempts Mr. LaRive.  We hope you enjoy the book. Please dismiss any reference to Jesus in the book- the rest is accurate." 

Best Regards,

The package was canceled at Glendale, California. I wish now the wrapping had not been thrown away. 

Think hard about the two coins below, and ask yourself why you have never heard about them. Probably the same reason you have never heard of the 134.5 billion in US Bearer bonds, or who was really responsible, and made money on 911? Did you hear about the ammunition depot blowing up in Ukraine this week? No, our media decided you should not know, even on your trusted station. Ask yourself why our President is not allowed to talk with Russia. Russia is a Christian nation, and Putin has come forward saying he is Reborn. Did you know that? No, the people who own you keeps that well hidden.

This is the Zionist coin of Germany, as commissioned by Hitler.

 This book opened up a completely new world for me, and I have tried to authenticate the contents ever since.  It is powerful, to say the least, and the history it displays are statements not found in the books I had read in school... This one page stands out, and I will retype it here for your consideration...

Background of the Bolshevist Revolution

     "Because of the many anti-Jewish laws in Europe, many Jews had no property and thus were forced to travel around. Whatever country they elected to be in, they encountered a closed front against them. At the end of the 19th century Czarist Russia was the only obstacle left against the Illuminati ruling the world.

    In 1881 Theodor Herzl, a Khazar Jew again, founded the Zionist Movement in Odessa, Russia, in order to create a Jewish homeland in Palestine. 

    At B'NAI B'BRITH meeting in New York in 1916 Jacob Schiff, president of the "Kuln Loeb & Co. Bank", was elected president of the revolutionary "Zionist Movement in Russia".

    On January 13m 1917m the Jew Leon Trotsky (formerly Bronstein) arrived in the U.S. and received an American passport. He was seen on occasion to enter the palatial residence of Jacob SCHIFF. 

    In their meetings they talked about the Zionist unrest in Russia, also about  what was learned from the unsuccessful attempt to overthrow the Czar.  Jacob Schiff financed the training of Trotsky's rebels who were mainly Jews from New York's East End and who were trained on a plot in New Jersey belonging to Rockefeller's STANDARD OIL COMPANY.  When they had become proficient in guerrilla warfare, Trotsky's rebels left the U.S., with 20 million US$ from Jacob Schiff, on the "SS. Kristianfjord" for Russia there to start the "Bolshevik Revolution", so the Khazars could get Russia back.

    Trotsky and Lenin were both linked to the "Committee of 300" by Bruce Lockhart."



I know this may be quite a statement to make, but there is a reason you know so little about the Bolshevik Revolution, it was glossed over in our history classes...  but I will emphatically state here that what we are today as a nation, our Western civilization, both originating and influenced by these horrors, estimating 20 million people lost their lives. 

The next chapter is called "Skull and Bones." Does that ring a bell? ...and the next chapter is titled: "...and thus endeth freedom in America."

My copy is wrapped in brown paper, with a prominent and respected place in my library.  

Monday, March 27, 2017

A Thread of Hope 08189921:15 By Ken LaRive

A Thread of Hope
08189921:15 By Ken La Rive

Hope hangs the soul on a thread
Of it’s own design…
Fashioned by that perpetual need
And God’s great sense of humor…
It’s laughter brings on tears
For what little we control…
And in the finite space of life
An infinite search for light…

Salvation is in the dreams
Of the bitterness we drink…
Ice arrows pierce our hearts,
And blood boils inside the womb…
But the burdens we hold seem lighter
Taking flight when the yoke is laid…
Where in the falling we grasp
A thread of strength called hope…

A Fresh Chapter 111697 By Ken LaRive

A Fresh Chapter
111697 By Ken LaRive

Elements have been used for man-made pain,
Born by perverted lusts of power and gold.
History is sold in dogmatic flame,
For wings of blood-lust blackness to unfold.

Suffering is the common way of man,
Cold-fired by his iron will to bend.
Joy falls through his hands like hot desert sand,
For the horror of his ancestor’s sin.

But there are wonders left on earth’s carved face,
Where precious dreams of hope can still be found.
As empty hearts transcend both time and space,
The spirit’s path is balanced safe and sound.

The gift of hope stirs deep in every soul,
Beauty of Truth is there for each to find.
A fresh chapter starts, and the story’s told,
Of new-found hope that shines for all mankind.

There’s still time for a glory song to sing,
Where the sweet voice of innocence will see….
That strength of purpose flies on righteous wing,
As basic Truth is freedom, to just be.

Keep your spirit true to your own heart,
Responsible to self with steady hand.
Volition is the path your conscious starts,
To know full well the measure of a man.

Stand your ground with a warrior’s moral path,
Of purpose found in what you’ve found as right.
Your life will give you joy in what you have,
And light your way throughout the darkest night.

Remember that your purpose is to learn,
That nothing in this life belongs to man.
As in your heart free spirit wills to burn,
It’s all on loan to help you understand.

Take whatever hand this life can offer,
Though pain of loss seems more then you can bear.
Find that good and bad have equal measure,
And possibilities will multiply there.

Saturday, March 25, 2017

Chaotic combustion and the rape of a polite society

Lets see, what can we do next to destroy America? I have it! Lets rape her, again! After that, let's belittle her, shame her, and bleed her for our common good... but be careful, she is getting quite fragile, you know, old and obsolete too... So lets revive her, for now, with a new synthetic blood made by a special blood-bank, a blood created out of thin air... and as she tries to respond with hope, lets rape her one more time... Never worry! Those who are supposed to stop us are having another Crown Royal, and unprotected sex too... lol! It is easy to teach that to a populous unable to cope, too weak, ignorant, and lazy to respond... All good, especially if we get them new cell phones, or a new pair of glasses, as promised, and anyway, mistakes are no longer considered in a polite society, as today we have only opportunity... So, lets make that phone have a GPS, so they can always be found, and let's make those glasses rose-colored! Let's make the responsible people work for us too! Lets make it easy to stick together, so they will think they can control the system, but really, what they require is only peanuts. Lets promote this in the songs they sing, the movies they watch, and we can reap a fortune as the dust settles on another "put" option. And let's prim them for another war, while we are at it...

Lets mix together, seemingly, threatened political power structures who will do anything, anything at all to be at the top of the hill, and lets promote that for our own good! Won't that be funny? Lets burn flags, burn businesses, show our naked bodies to children for effect, and display that we will do anything to possess that piece of the pie we've been spying for our own. If we can, lets film it for UTUBE? And just think, haha! ...what we can accomplish for ourselves with unlimited resources. How can we lose? 

Lets number everybody, and make them a corporate asset, instead of gold.  Lets take that gold for our own, and never let them look into their own Fort Knox. Can you imagine a country who doesn't have the ability to control their own treasure? HAHA!  Let us put more layers of debt on a broken economy about to default, and see if we can milk a little more. Let's divert some of their limited attention span by creating more cultural experiments to displace the most advanced society in the history of the world. Lets promote un-reasoned fear, push the button on selfish and self-centered concerns without regard for consequence, and sponsor anything we desire until it becomes both fashionable, and lucrative. 

Lets mandate away civil liberties, a little at a time, and ignore the Republic's Constitution and its laws, and then, finally, promote it to be fluid enough to flush down the toilet.  Lets install standards, socially and economically, without a consideration of morality, stability, or law... and lets either not teach history, or rewrite it so that what we do, or have done, will not be recognized...  Ha! Watching them make one mistake after another is good for business!

Let us make government responsible for their lives, so they do not have to bother trying. Lets have them support an Oligarchy to take care of them from cradle to grave, and promote the belief that giving up free will makes them free. Our university professor minions are our front line!. Lets laugh at education, and belittle those who want to find truth, and let's make responsibility and accountability un-cool... lets promote them to wear their pants just above the pubic bone, for instance, seemingly to make a point... but lets make that point forgotten after almost thirty years of disrespect to the society who protects them. 
See the catch 22? See the hypocrisy? Ha! Lets make it about being rebellious, macho, intimidating, and never let them see it is but a long-running trend of uninspired expression. No embarrassment at all, because they no longer have the ability to resist. Besides, we can teach a lot in prison, even with their pants down to their knees.... Lets cement this by making life cheep, so that they will be more like B.F. Skinner rats... where a guiltless collective millennial entity can invest in aborted fetal material, with only a $7.00 transaction fee. Let's let them have fun at the expense of others, and jump up and over at every opportunity, without paying a price. Lets create a cultural mindset, so that a drugged-out mamma, and an absent pimping father can explain the meaning of life... and in that process, let us create sparkling and colorful realities, and so, if anyone challenges them, violence will be selfishly justified. 

Lets vote people into office who promise free stuff. Lets learn a mindset of justification without reason, and lets set our slaves to accept their controlled myopic future by the volition of  a blind faith trust in authority. Let's sew it all together with the cat guts of prejudice, intolerance, ignorance, and keep it all neatly packaged to be handed down as the new norm. And oh, so very important, let's change the meaning of words to confound any resistance. Let's exchange the word Liberty with Freedom, Republic with Democracy, Love with lust, and promote innocence to be an expression of ignorance and stupidity. 

Lets make honor, righteousness, and truth impossible to find in a world of lies. Yes, lets make good to be bad, and right to be wrong, and let their children feed on this convolution until the new-age adult finally loses their insurance at thirty. Thirty, not thirteen, is the new marker for men and womanhood today, and lets blur the difference between the two as well.  Lets spoon feed them this unnatural concept by displaying unloving sex as normal, and promote disrespect and immediate gratification infiltrating into every household from a black box controlled by our elitist mindset, for maximum profit. Chaos is a tool we have scientifically created, and cultures we own will accept even slavery and rape as normal, and so unavoidable, it is happily embraced. 

Let's teach the young to feel guilty for both yesterday and today, and when it is their time at bat, to give away what is left of their country to us. Let's teach shame, the demeaning of heritage will insure that what if left of their faith will dissolve in quiet desperation. They will lose all sense identity, and have guilt for even their own skin color, a point of no return. And how wonderful that will finally be for us. 

Let's rewrite history to cater to the new sensibilities we have created, and give a blue-ribbon prize to all willing participants. Yep, lets take away any and all competitive spirit, and if they find themselves in a no-win situation, lets promote that they should cry until recognized. Hey, just for fun, lets tell them its popular to have an abortion just to prove the point that they can! Lets get their blood moving, and bus them, with payment of course, to promote every deviant sexual orientation and opposing lifestyle we can think of, and then mandate this acceptance by bench-laws as normal and right. 

Let us open our borders to anyone, protect them by giving them welfare, sanctuary cities, and never allow this controversy, or any of these issues to be voted upon... We have control all of media, all of the money, and we will control the minds, and the very soul of America. And if we are uncovered, let's burn something big, and during the day. We will call that a false flag.

Lets make patriotism about doing what you are told.
Lets make patriotism about war.
Lets make patriotism out of vogue,
Lets make patriotism about rape.


Thursday, March 23, 2017

How to positively influence our world: from Starbucks to cherry tomatoes

Two examples of changing this world. 

Sure, voting seems to be the primary way to take back this country from a dominate bureaucracy, but nothing is more of a catalyst for change then to gain an effective control of the purse. When you have the ability to affect a bottom line, influence grows. All of us can shape this world, one way or the other... For instance, if you do not like violence at the movies, or an immoral affirmation they promote, do not buy it. We can instigate lasting and positive changes everywhere, if we push in the right direction... and just the opposite is true if you do nothing at all. Even that has a weight all its own..


A good example to consider is the mega-coffee chain, Starbucks, who have, and for years, promoted a very leftist, Progressive agenda.  It is a great illustration of what we can do if we stand together in a common cause, from the company, its workers, to the consumer. It shows that each, in turn, have consequences, and that these consequences are hard to undo.  

Starbucks does a lot more than sell a cup of coffee, they are indeed activists.  They are Progressive in nature, and take stands on many very controversial issues.

The following shows the effects of using your business to promote a controversial idea: 

Starbucks' Debt Ceiling Campaign and 5 Moreof Its Pointless Stunts...

Starbucks Has a Response to PresidentTrump’s Immigration Ban: Hire 10,000 Refugees

Starbucks Offering Free Legal Advice toEmployees on Trump's Executive Order

HAH! Starbucks’ Stock Plummets After CEOTrashes Trump

Note: Starbucks has announced yesterday that they are planning to open many more stores both here and abroad, and that they want to hire vets to man them. Is this too little, too late? Many think so. This indicates that what they promote is entirely for economic gain, catering to some form of customer base, with little regard for the moral and ethical implications they have promoted in the past. Even with this startling turn of events, there are many who will never buy another cup of coffee from Starbucks. In the minds of many, The Starbucks brand name recognition is a negative, and both x-customers and investors are realizing that might not change. Some folks just can't forgive, or forget, and that old universal law comes to play: what you sow is what you reap.  

One more very small example of what can be accomplished if we just try...

I do all of the grocery shopping and cooking in my home, and have worked in management in grocery stores, when the oil-patch has taken a dive. It is a tough business for a manager, and they want to keep customers happy. One mistake, with a 1 percent bottom line, can do real damage to the company, and get you fired as well. I have a great respect for the people who have aspired to work in that business. It takes hard work and dedication to move up... Not everyone is cut out for that...

Cherry tomatoes...

A few years ago I bought some organic cherry tomatoes from my local grocery store. It was packaged beautifully with a hard, impact resistant, clear plastic top, with a snap-on bottom that fit perfectly together, to be reused in the refrigerator. When I opened it, however, I noticed that the bottom, hidden by a sticker, was a void. It was a false bottom, an appendage well hidden by the product. I felt that I had been slighted... that it was a form of false advertising. I also decided to try and change the packaging, so with my concerns fresh in my mind, I called the 800 number on the package and asked to speak to the manager. In essence I said this...

"First I want to say I like your product. The tomatoes are organic, fresh, perfectly ripened, and have a great taste. But when I opened the package I saw that there was a void in the middle, a plastic tongue that made the package look full. It left me thinking I had been played.  I'm wondering if other people feel the same, and that it may be harming your business." 

His Reply:

"Well, thank you so much for your thoughts on this. I will mention it in our next meeting, and see what can be done."

I thanked him, and hung up. Two weeks later I was in the same grocery store, and turned that tomato package over, pealing the sticker off. The void was gone, and I was floored. Did I actually do that?  The price was a few cents more, but there were at least five more cherry tomatoes. I have been buying that brand ever since, and they are now sold in every grocery store I shop.

"Yes sir, I don't know if you were right, but business has been great." -The owner of that produce company, in my follow-up call.