Tuesday, April 22, 2008

The force of Big Brother's secular lies

The force of Big Brother’s secular lies
By Ken LaRive

In my opinion, there is a powerful force that threatens what we are as human beings. Modern men are drawn with hooks that confuse and stymie his spirit, breaking down moral and ethical values that have previously sustained his soul. This modern plague is called secular liberalism.

Where pride and value once gave strength of purpose, men are now coerced upon an ambiguous road without substance or personification. Where value once sustained, stood the test of time, our children flounder on bear rock with nothing but smoke and mirrors as guide, and cords that once bound the duel spirits of faith and hope are severed.

Lost, weak-natured men flounder in desperation, grasping man-made icons that desensitize, demoralize, and never knowing why. Hearts once fed and full by responsibility, are empty but for gloomy and miserable despondency. New selfish norms stimulate perverse ideals with little thought of consequence beyond immediate gratification. That strength of purpose to conquer and manipulate nature’s elements is trampled without respect, and the differences of men and women blurred.

Godless, with little sound reason or judgment, the ultra secular left has devastated social systems created by God’s law, and inadvertently replaced it with individual irresponsibility, justifications, inconsistent myopic ideals, short-sighted agendas, and legal loop-holes. Change is promoted without regard to what is basic human nature and need, and what once defined us as men and women, as parents, wives and husbands, is now downgraded and betrayed by the same minorities our great country protects.

Virtue is scorned, and the absence of righteous light that once kept evil at bay now fills hearts with dread and fear. Surrounded by the many false-fronts of promised fulfillment, spirit languishes on rocks, barren, and without the servitude that once bound us together as one nation under God.

Human rights, and the blending of race and creed comes with responsibilities, and what was once considered right and good is displaced and aborted by base and acceptable corruption. Our children sizzle on the hot-pan of unsustainable ideals, and infected realities ride on spectacular animations of color, shadowy music, and graphic high resolution, all riding on innumerable beams of light beneath our city.

The poor of spirit believes that the promised handout will incarnate from conservative destruction, selling self-responsibility and dreams for promised peanut handouts designed to enslave. This is the yoke of Big Brother’s liberal left, and the degradation of the human spirit is the price. In the process we forfeit not only our freedom, but our immortal soul.

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