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Popeye's Grocery Store Coercion: subliminal slavery and mind control

Popeye's Grocery Store Coercion: subliminal slavery and mind control
Going to the grocery store and paying attention can lead to a bit of frustration and confusion. If you have half a brain, know the value of a dollar, and don't like to be played for a sucker, the experience might make your blood pressure rise. How would Popeye react?

How many of us have seen meat on sale in that special bin, with a sticker on a sticker to indicate it is discounted, and found it to be the exact same price on the regular meat rack? What about the price of roses doubling during a holiday, or a sign that says "dollar off", and you find out the price was inflated for the sale.

You don't buy it, but most all would. You say to yourself, "My daddy didn't raise a fool!" and yet you continue plowing through the store, a market scientifically designed to separate you from your money, from end cap to end cap. What choice do you have? How can you win? You push the thought behind you, justifying it to be a business tactic... but deep inside you grow more and more resentful, and in the process, un-trusting.

As you stand back, it all starts to make sense. They care little or nothing about you as a shopper, but everything about their bottom line. When you realize this, you will start to wake up.

Suddenly you will trust nothing at face value. You see, there is a reason your grand-kids are crying for sugar-rich cereal, candy, and toys. It is all sold at their eye level... There around the cash register, while you are busy bagging your own groceries, they bet we are too weak and distracted to say no, and a candy bar is wrung up. Oh, you thought this happened by chance? 

Strange that you will find the glue, the paper napkins, the batteries... just the things you searched for all around the store, what you originally went for, within easy reach around the register. Is it possible they knew you would forget as you were bombarded from every side to buy anything else? Pretty smart of them? You bet. But what happens to trust when your eyes suddenly open to this? You start looking around, and you start to question.

Surely, they are not doing anything illegal. But you wonder: are they spraying something on the vegetables to keep them fresh? If that is true, is that good for me and my family? How about the meat? Seems like those rotisserie chickens don't move very fast. What keeps them fresh? It hits you: When something is on sale, is the date of expiration covered by the sale tag? And then, the more you look, the more you see. What are those red lights doing above the meat rack?

Is good business practice both an art-form and a scientific form of mind control? One might consider that, and speculate too just what the word, "subliminal," actually means. But isn't that what these methods of selling is all about?

The layout of the market is a case in point. To get to your main staples you have to go through a maze, something like a mouse going for the cheese, and along the way your eyes catch bright and sparkly items that get you thinking subconsciously. It is called subliminal advertising. Halloween candy displayed in September, Easter candy for Mardi Gras, are taking advantage of our most basic instincts, and we fall for it. They know you will nibble on those candies for months, and just before the holiday be back to restock. Very clever.

Huge chain markets spend a lot of money researching and testing, and they also have the ability to see exactly what your buying habits are. Ever wonder why they ask you for your phone number, and then tell you how much you saved by belonging to the club? Oh, you thought that was for your benefit? This information is valuable. Not just for their own knowledge, but for those advertising firms who purchase this from them. We are something akin to a gunny pig at times, mice running a maze in another, and sheep to be sheered too, and when you realize this your blood pressure will rise. What have we become?

Your senses are being used against you. Fans that pump the aroma of fresh-baked bread into the store, music designed to keep you walking slow and in a shopping mood: Your mind is so controlled you don't even hear the subtitle advertisements that fill your head with shopping ideas.

You are so frugal you actually cut out a coupon to buy a product you have never tried. Your effort was so time consuming and thought provoking you decided to buy it long before you compared price, or quality. Yes, you were set on a mission, and that mission had nothing to do with an original thought. That mission was instilled in you by them.

To win, you must reign in your bargain-hunter instincts, and use your conscious intellect, and that is not easy when you are hypnotized, mesmerized, and bamboozled.

Pause for a moment when you are pouring that little cup of freshly made Louisiana coffee that just happens to be your favorite, and ask the true reasons why it is there. Remember also, that the manager to the bag boy are only doing their job, and have little to do with company standards. If you are able, even for a moment, try to wake up from you subliminal indoctrination to see something lucidly, and point it out to the manager in a nice way. When you get home, however, call the main office and tell them you have figured out their tricks. They might seem shocked, in denial, and have a myriad of excuses. They know, however, that you are indeed their bottom line, and the possibility of losing that is their primary concern.

I think Popeye would take a stand...

I Can't stanz no more!

Author's note: A few years back while shopping for a television in Lafayette, I went to a well known department store. While considering the many varieties I noticed some little kids looking at nudity and suggestive dancing from six TVs high overhead. I asked to speak to the manager, and when I mentioned him my concerns he told me that those stations were approved by the "main office."

"Oh, the main office." I said. "So, you are not going to turn this off?"

"No," he said with a real glare of contempt.

"Well," I said. "I'm a very busy man, and really don't have time for this, but I'm going to clear my schedule, and make a prediction here. Within the week you will never be able to play these disgusting videos again, and most likely you will be out of a job."

He looked at me hard, seemingly embarrassed in front of his co-workers, and said, "Go for it."

I was wrong. It took over a month. But when I finally combined forces by email with friends, family, and their church groups, all that was played was Walt Disney theme songs and cartoons from that moment on. I got several letters of apology after that, with promises for change.

I went back periodically, but never bought a thing ever again. A year later Walt Disney was still playing, and Popeye was dancing with Oli girl.

The manager was unavailable to talk with me because he had been transferred. Did we have something to do with that? I hope so. A year later that company went out of business. Most probably, in retrospect, from the competition from another major player across the street. This disgusting immoral advertising ploy was used out of desperation for a positive bottom line, and I'd like to believe it contributed to their demise.

It might be the romantic in me, but I think we can all have a positive impact if we stand and unite. No righteous cause can lose. We should feel empathy for those who are caught up in the mechanics and the science that promotes business, but selling yourself to the company store is indeed slavery, and if you are doing wrong to keep your job, you should fall right along with them. You deserve it. A company who asks you to do wrong on their behalf, owns not only you, but your very soul as well.

Friday, September 15, 2017

Eleven powerful and consistent Conspiracy Theories to investigate on your own by Ken LaRive

Eleven powerful and consistent Conspiracy Theories to investigate on your own 

Let us consider, from the very start, that many Conspiracy Theories are not theories at all, but proven facts we have acquired from Patriot whistle blowers, declassified government documents, and conjectural and speculative stories promoted by "Truthers," that have turned out to be uncomfortably true. The following are links and videos for eleven such hypothesis, that government, corporations/industry, and bankers, try very hard to censor.  Follow the links for further study, and good luck.

My Top Ten Conspiracy Theories...

MK ULTRA: Using unwitting American test subjects for mind control experiments, using drugs like LSD.

COINTELPRO:  This Counter Intelligence Program  in the 1950's, under J. Edgar Hover, created a program of spying and eavesdropping on American Citizens that continues today in direct contradiction to our Constitution's 4th Amendment. 

Tuskegee: 40 years of illegal studies performed on 400 black me intentionally infected with Syphilis, by the United States Public Health Services.   

Fluoride: First added in the 1940's to prevent tooth decay, many adverse effects are documented, including Kidney and liver damage, calcification to the Pineal Gland, Low Immune system function, Infertility, and a lowered IQ, 

Author's note: Just because a theory seems consistent with your world view, does not make it true.  There are many sources of information, and yet, we must be careful that what we deem as truth is not just conjecture and supposition.  Getting to an irrefutable proof, a truth that cannot be denied, takes effort, time, and a research depiction from both sides.  It is hard to admit, but each of us have a hardwired preconceived notion of each of these Conspiracy theories, and so must attempt to keep an open mind, with research from every source available. Indeed history is written by the victors of war, and with time manipulated to promote various new mindsets, attitudes, frames of mind, feelings, instilled in our collective minds by what can only be described as the power elite, who control universities to media.  Do your own homework, and investigate for yourself, and you might find, if both consistent and lucky, the truth of the matter. Never give up, because nothing in this life can give us Liberty from tyranny, but TRUTH.

Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Traitors on the Right

This is what President Trump has to contend with on the Right, by Ken LaRive 

Neo-Conservatism: another finger on the progressive hand strangling America. 

Neo-Conservative: "A former liberal espousing political conservatism; first used in 1952." (via Websters Dictionary) The "Neo-con" is a "new" conservative who advocates the assertive promotion of democracy and United States national interest in international affairs including through military means. Originally, neo-conservatives were liberal socialist Democrats, and the movement made great gains in the 1960's.

Following World War 2, Neo-conservatism became the new enlightened thread infiltrating the Republican party. However, "Republican conservatism", originally conducive to that movement no longer exists in conjunction with the Neo-cons. Neo-Conservatism is now pro big government, pro big spending, and wholly progressive at its core. Seemingly opposed to a welfare state, the Neo-cons advance redistribution of wealth with government controlling incentives.

Republicans, in order to distinguish themselves from the Neo-Cons, often refer to them as "wolves in sheep's clothing". Holding neither a Libertarian nor Paleo-Conservative belief system, Neo-cons have betrayed the core values of the Republican party. Some Republicans have accused Neo-Cons of furthering communism and socialism, while being controlled by banking consortiums and international big business while sacrificing America's best interests. Promoting a one world order, right along with their liberal Democratic counterparts, the Neo-cons are totalitarian internationalists by nature.

Others suggest that due to unwarranted and inconsistent use, the term "Neo-con" has lost its true meaning. For example: Dick Cheney, Condoleezza Rice, and Donald Rumsfeld have all been identified as leading Neo-conservatives despite being life-long conservative Republicans. Others argue that socio-economic policies define a Neo-conservative, suggesting both Cheney and Rice, having supported Irving Kristol's ideas, should be considered as such.

Republican ( and former Libertarian ) Congressman Ron Paul, a long time critic of the Neo-conservative movement, has written emphatically that Neo-conservatives attack freedom and liberty while shredding the U.S. Constitution. On the House floor, Dr. Paul commented on the historical roots of the movement, asserting that Neo-conservatism is neither new nor conservative. These speeches can be easily found on YouTube.

According to Wikipedia: "Neo-conservatism is a political philosophy that supports using economic and military power to bring liberalism, democracy, and human rights to other countries. In economics, unlike paleo-conservatives and libertarians, neoconservatives generally support a limited welfare state and "free" trade agreements; the free market, with which they are more than willing to interfere by government mandate and sanctions for overriding social and economic purposes using undeclared preemptive war.

Critics on the right attack Neo-conservatism for involving the United States with wars in the Middle East, promoting of American exceptional-ism by policies in the area that align the United States with Israel."

The book, "The Neo-conservative Revolution: Jewish Intellectuals and the Shaping of Public Policy", is the first defined history of the development of American Jewish political conservatism and the rise of a group of Jewish intellectuals and activists known as Neoconservatives. It describes the growth of perhaps a dozen such figures in the 1940s and 50s, including Irving Kristol, Nathan Glazer and Norman Podhoretz, to several hundred younger people such as Paul Wolfowitz, David Brooks and Charles Krauthammer who have had a powerful impact on American public policy, including driving the US to a preemptive war with Iraq.

Author's note: Disputes over Israel's church/state Zionist movement is in sharp conflict with Paleo-conservatives who continue to argue that neoconservatives are an illegitimate addition to the conservative movement, and that they do not serve America.

Pat Buchanan called Neo-conservatism "a globalist, interventionist, open borders ideology."

This political rift can be traced back to a defining moment in 1981. Ronald Reagan's nomination of Mel Bradford to run the National Endowment for the Humanities, was thwarted by neoconservatives who complained that he had once criticized Abraham Lincoln. Bradford withdrew. This is one defining moment, but to me, a student of history, the ultimate defining moment was the Russian Revolution.  That set the stage for Communism, all around the world, and it originated by Progressives from New York. I suggest you study, what is not taught properly in out Government run schools, from first grade to University. They have rewritten history and definitions,  to fit their narrative. Quite genius.

Though most Americans know nothing of these distinctions, it is the root of many of the policy changes in America that have created an unresponsive top-heavy government.

Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Nagasaki: Pushing Back on a Preemptive Nuclear Option by Ken LaRive

Author's Note:  Of late, there has been some talk of dropping a nuclear bomb on Korea. Seems this idea has spread as a viable option... 

I find this thought unacceptable, on any level I can consider. The following is my experience with this most profound subject, and the very thought is like a hammer in my brain. It is beyond words, beyond any and all contemplation, and so, I want to tell you of both thought and feeling, as extrapolated from what I remember as a US Navy Yeoman for the Captain of the USS Kitty Hawk, 1970. I want to explain to you my very personal and profound, life changing visit to Nagasaki, Japan. 

Nagasaki blisters and little soft hands

In the spring of 1970, the carrier USS Kitty Hawk pulled into the port of Sasabo Japan. I was one of about two thousand Navy service men standing at parade-rest as we pulled into slip. It was a beautiful display, in our dress whites. I didn’t understand it at the time, but we were told this powerful formation of our men was meant to be a sign of respect. Let me say from the start that we dropped those bombs on Nagasaki and Hiroshima to finally put an end to a war that was taking the lives of our servicemen. Japan would not give up. I make no apologies for this action. However, in retrospect, the abject horror that has been duly recorded since tell the story of just how horrific this kind of warfare entails,  from ultimate destruction, human pain, to genetic abnormalities that are still going on. It is my hope that we never, ever have to resort to this ever again. 

Our briefings

We were explained a lot about our visit while at sea, more than any other port in our West Pacific Tour. It was drilled into us that our relationship with Japan is complicated.

There were discussions on our ship’s closed circuit TV during our prime-time television viewing, displacing Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea, and Captain Kirk on the Enterprise too. A variety of mandatory general briefings went on for weeks before we arrived, and each Division participated.  In the middle of a lot of information I can no longer remember, we were told that no nuclear carriers were allowed to dock... that no civilian clothing would be allowed on shore leave; that we were to be on our best behavior; and that any breach of conduct would be dealt with harshly. In the Captain's office, where I worked, we were told real stories of Sailors past arrests in Japan, sent to the brig for a variety of reasons, with the most prevalent being drunken and disorderly. 

My two best friends, Al Moore and Gary Hammitt, both four by six, had already made two West Pac tours. They knew the ropes, and had been to Japan twice before. In the chow-hall we discussed where to go, and decided unanimously to give one of our three days to the village of Nagasaki. We would stay in a quaint bed and breakfast next to a “hotsie bath”, close to "ground zero." It was the place where we had dropped the second nuclear bomb, less then thirty years before. These massive gardens and very special museum we planned to see, stood at the very epicenter.

1970 is forty-seven years ago. At the time it had been just twenty-six years since the bomb. I thought 26 years was an awful long time back then, crawling by like my first twenty, and two years on The Hawk seemed a lifetime. Today I know it to be just a flicker of time, as age gives us all a new perspective.

In dress blues, spit polished shoes, and zippered haircuts, we made it through the gambit of old Chiefs and Petty Officers looking for any excuse to turn us around. We all slid through, and with a practiced and proper salute of the ensign, we walked the aft plank to a very busy peer, and a bright spring day.

With Pea Coats slung over one shoulder, and our overnight bag on the other, we made our way to the base exchange where our rental car waited. Past the jar-head guards who gave us a final look-over, we were out of the gate and on the road, free at last. Gary’s international driver’s license had again come in handy.
There were fields of flowering fruit trees, and amazing rice paddies built like soft velvet steps on emerald green hills. We saw colorful pagodas, brightly painted bridges over clear, swift moving streams, and we passed thousands of elaborately planned, and meticulously manicured flower-gardens that were an artist’s dream. Hanging baskets were everywhere, holding delicate clusters of every conceivable color.

Our Arrival...

In three hours we were on the outskirts of this famed city of Nagasaki. If I hadn’t known, I would never have guessed this city had been completely razed just a generation ago. It was breathtakingly beautiful, with industry, suburbs, open shops, electric train stations, children flying silk kites, new American and Japanese cars mixed with hundreds of bicycles, and all blended like a Maxfield Parish Painting, to dazzle the senses. We stopped for lunch and I had Sukiyaki for the first time, eating everything but the raw egg in the middle. I was mesmerized. Nothing seemed familiar, and yet, it was.Customs were different, but humanity was the same, and the laughter I heard in the park across the street filled me with a lonely longing for America.

By early noon we pulled into the Atomic Park, and though I can truly say that most of this trip is now a blur or forgotten, there are some things that will never leave my mind.

There, before the six-story museum, was a giant statue of a muscle man, the “Statue of Peace.” Under it was carved in several languages: “Beware! It comes from the sky. It will level the earth.” One of his strong arms was pointing to the heavens, and it is said that the tip of his finger is where the bomb blew up. His other arm is outstretched to show destruction.

Each floor in the museum is dedicated to some aspect of this horror. One floor showed nothing but burn victims, that was 90% of the deaths here. Trying to separate skin from clothing was the hardest part, but I’ll spare you the ghastly details. I couldn’t stay but for a moment on the floor of genetic abnormalities, the next generation.
One floor had thousands of everyday objects displayed, showing the strange effect that the bomb’s intense heat had on them. Four bottles of wine melted together with the corks and liquid still intact, half of an iron melted down a mantle in its own molten puddle, bubble blisters of metal and glass that was once a car, and the strangest picture that haunts me even as I write this… With high resolution color film a photographer took a picture of a charred wall. It was blown up to its original size, and the charred ivy that covered the wall was jet black. But there, to the side, was a vivid silhouette of healthy fresh ivy, untouched by the flash of heat. It was the body of a man holding the hand of a child that stood before that wall, saving that area from the burn. I could almost see them, her little dress, his hat, her thin arm and her hand in his, could all be seen clearly. A chill went through me standing before this picture, and it changed me to the very core, It was a moment frozen in horror, I stood before that wall for a long time, as the gravity of what this all was hit home. Note: I have tried to find this photograph on line. There are many kinds shown, and they are called shadow pictures. This particular picture, however, can not yet be found.

The finality of a flash...

It was the morning of August 9, 1945. At 07:50, Japanese time, an air raid sounded. Soon after, at 08:30, an all clear signal was given. At 10:53 two B-29 super-fortresses were sighted, but officials gave no alarm thinking that these planes were just another reconnaissance. It didn’t matter, as no alarm would have made the slightest difference. No one expected anything like this. A few moments later one of the B-29s dropped a bundle of instruments attached to three parachutes. At 11:02 the other plane dropped a large object set to detonate a few hundred feet above the ground, for full effect. At the point of this muscle man’s finger, an atomic bomb exploded.
Captain F.l. Ashworth, U.S.N. was in technical command of this mission. He watched as the bomb detonated above the valley of Nagasaki. He wrote: “The bomb burst with a blinding flash and a huge column of black smoke swirled up toward us. Out of this column of smoke there boiled a great swirling mushroom of gray smoke, luminous with red, flashing flame, that reached 40,000 feet in less than 8 minutes. Below through the clouds we could see the pall of black smoke ringed with fire that covered what had been the industrial area of Nagasaki.”

74,000 people were dead in that flash of light, and 75,000 burn victims screamed into the afternoon, into the weeks, and the years ahead. 95% of all injuries died from burns.

This bomb had the equivalent of 20,000 tons of T.N.T. To give you some idea of what power we are talking about, it takes just one pound of T.N.T. to raise 36 lbs. of water from freezing to boiling. A nuclear fission equivalent pound of uranium would produce the same temperature rise of 200 million pounds of water. Our nuclear capability today can destroy the entire planet a hundred times over...

Radiation comes in many forms. Initially, heat radiation traveling at the speed of light, 186,000 miles per second, promotes wavelengths all the way to gamma rays, shorter than even an x-ray. This radiation comes in two bursts. The first lasts just 3 milliseconds of ultra-violet radiation, destroying all life within reach. The second lasts for about three seconds, 90% of the total light, and able to raise the temperature of skin by 50 degrees.

At the beginning of WW2 the bombing of civilians was not even considered. We were desperate for a closure, and desperation seeks desperate action. Though we can justify our actions, we should all realize what actually happened, and try everything within our power to see that it doesn’t happen again. Never, never, ever again. 

We met up later on the huge colonnade before the Statue of Peace, and there, close by, was a little obscure hill that was the actual ashes of those who died that awful day. It was covered in flowers.

The Children

Bus after bus of school children loaded and unloaded on a large turn-around next to the parking lot. They walked holding hands and smiling, in clean pressed uniforms. Suddenly I was surrounded by a group holding out little scraps of paper and pencils. They wanted a sample of my writing. Our squiggly lines fascinated them, as their open smiles fascinated me. The adults were just as friendly, and I wondered what was in their hearts. I wrote down my name many times, and gave it to little soft hands reaching up to me. Suddenly they were loading up the bus and waved goodbye. I saw those little girls and boys, so like our American children, and that little girl on the wall, holding hands with her father is something I never want to forget. 

I think back on this with amazing wonder, and a bit of regret too. I wish I had not put my name on those tiny pieces of paper, but had written the words “Love and Peace” instead. Some things are beyond what one government can do to another. Some things are just too profound, too horrible, and beyond all understanding... God help us, never again. Never... never again.