Sunday, December 20, 2015

Incontrovertible: a film for coppers, soldiers and firefighters.

Incontrovertible: a film for coppers, soldiers and firefighters

Those who think that 9-11 was an "inside" job came to that conclusion first by suspicious speculating, and then hard research. It was a convoluted journey...  a multifaceted and complicated expedition into swirls of self-denial, where sanity, reason and reality lie. The shock and awe of what this film revels questions the very fabric of our society and those who lord over it with power and control... a power that can print money out of thin air for their own personal agenda, and hide in plain sight. 

It has a gravity that can crush our previous perceptions of society, and the future of any semblance of Liberty... as our precious America and that of the entire planet is weighed in the balance. It is so big, so mind shattering, so blatantly relative to our survival as a responsible and self-directed species, the fear of this truth has not made it to a Federal Court. This suggests that those who perpetrated the most profound terrorist act in the history of the world, an act with repercussions not only of war, but of mankind's dynamic enslavement, is above and beyond all rule of law. 

It is on the lips, in every language and religion, from coffee shops to board-rooms worldwide for well over a decade, and yet systematically stifled by the American media... a designed, and well-orchestrated taboo. It is an industry that projects its ideologies on an average of 4.5 hours a day, from 2.6 televisions per household, and has been found to be incontrovertibly complicit in its cover-up, long before 9-11 occurred.  The enormity is beyond the scope of what we consider sanity, and fear of what this means grips our very souls, and yet, if we do not look... if we do not demand accountability, our lives and the lives of our children will no longer have value. 

"INCONTROVERTIBLE is the first and only feature length documentary we have which portrays the frank and candid views of Police Officers, Firefighters and Soldiers as they express their grave concerns about the official explanation for the events of 9/11. The film is intended to act as a practical aid in combating the mainstream media's propaganda and outright lies concerning the attacks on September 11th 2001. 

This film is intended to be viewed by Police Officers, Firefighters and all those serving in the Armed Forces as they are among the best placed members of our society to have the ability to change things for the better. If you have friends or family who are serving, please pass this film onto them."

Friday, December 18, 2015

The consequences of being awake

Yesterday I had what might be considered a meltdown. For years I bit my tongue. I stood in line with a basket-full of what can only be described as crap, went along with the game, a game that is fixed for corporate profits, answered all questions designed to gather information, and overpaid. I know these things because I study marketing, and worked in the business for years, when the oilfield hit the fan in '83. 

Wearing the red coat of a manager, I did the exact same thing to the line of people waiting to pay. I knew why there was a line, why there was only one part time cashier, and it was more than not being able to find anyone willing to work... it was to cut costs, to not pay insurance, or retirement, or overtime... to insure a black bottom line.

I looked around for deals and found a rack of dog chews for 30 to 50 percent off. One wrapped in a colorful Christmas design seemed to have the best value, from $19.99 to $9.99, but I also put in my basket a box of fish food for $5.99, and puppy shampoo for $29.99, their regular price... And with my dog in tow, stood in line with all of the other nice people..
"Would you like to donate $3.00 to the animal Rescue?" she said in a monotone voice. 

"No, thank you." I said, but the force of this lady thanking the last customer loudly still rang, and stuck in my craw with guilt, the sign of a true Catholic boy. She had said to her in a loud voice: "Thank you for donating to such a worthy cause!" for all to hear...

Then she said, "What is your phone number, sir."

'No ma'me," I said, "I don't want to give you that."

"You don't belong to our Pet Club?" She said. 

"No, I don't." I said. The line was now 9 people deep.
"If you get our Pet credit card..."

"No ma'me I don't want a credit card, I'll be paying cash." and handed her a 100 dollar bill. She took it, looked at it in the light, and made a mark on it with some kind of validating pen while saying: "You know you could save if you joined. We would send you coupons on your email..."

"No. Don't want to join, but thanks." I said. The line was now twelve deep. She gave me my change and I left with her saying loudly: "Thank you sir, and have a blessed day."

I walked out like I was dizzy, as my Brittany pulled me into the parking lot hoping for another whiff of the thousands of doggy odors that permeated from everywhere for a thousand feet.

And there, next to a Santa ringing a bell, the same one who I gave to when entering, did not recognize me, and again asked for a donation using the exact words... 

"No Santa, I already gave." But just then we were interrupted, as coming up directly behind him was a young woman looking carefully at my dog, while carrying a three ounce white puff of fur under her arm. She said: "Oh, oh, oh, what a precious beautiful dog!" 

She knelt down in front of me, right in front of Santa ringing his bell, and let her little dog lick the mouth of mine from a long thin ribbon of pink slime, and then, to my astonishment, accepted my dog to do the same to her, on her very lips! He looked at me questionably, because he knows that is taboo. I felt weak, overwhelmed, frustrated, disgusted, and as I walked back through the parking lot counting my change, also looking at my receipt, I saw that I had been charged full price for everything. 

I put Gunner in the car and debated what to do. How easy it would be to just eat the extra $25.00. "Just eat it!!," that little voice told me... but I didn't listen. I just could not, not today. Today I would say no.  

I rolled the windows down, locked the doors, and proceeded to go back, kicking myself the entire way... and I found myself in a line of about 12. I remember how surprised I was at the speed it was moving, moving because everyone was giving their phone number, and said yes to everything.

My turn: "You changed me full price for these items. They are supposed to be half price."

"That's why I asked you for your phone number. You can't get sale prices unless you participate in our Pet program, or have a Pet credit card."

I thought about the consequences of saying no, of not going with the flow, but something clicked: "There is nothing on the sign to indicate that. It says 30 to 50 percent off. If you give me the discount, I'll be on my way. If not, please just give me my money back."

I could feel the low rumble of the line behind me, or was it the bile being produced in my stomach... but they would not scan, of course. The code had to be punched in manually, as it was a sale product, and she looked and studied my receipt with great interest. "You bought this today." ...but I said nothing. She did not recognize me. 

"Okay!", she said, as she took out some card to insert in her register. Can I see your driver's license?  But I was on a roll...

"No." I said "You have no need to look at my driver's license. And I don't want a store credit. I paid cash just fifteen minutes ago, and I want cash back." 

"Okay!" she said in a loud voice, "I was going to give you cash." and she took the card out of the slot. "What is your phone number, sir." 

I could not believe it, and started laughing. 

The line was now at least 15 deep, and I said: "No, I'm not going to give you my phone number."

"We need your phone number to give cash back." She said with a red face. And then it happened, a real man, standing in line. He stood about five back, towering over the little ladies and their dogs. "Don't be a baby." he said. "Just give the lady your phone number, so we can all be on our way." It was all so commanding.
I said, "This is none of your business sir. You do not know what is happening here. Mind your own business." So I damaged his masculine ego in front of the ladies, and that was intolerable. I had now overstepped a social boundary, and there was no going back. 

And she said: "Sir, DO NOT talk to our customers in that manner. I'm calling the manager."
And the man said, "What a baby! She is only trying to do her job!"

And I said: "Why don't you just shut up." 

And the cashier said: "I told you sir! Do not talk to our customers in such a manner!" and the lady behind me backed up from the counter, feeling threatened and confused, I suppose. 

A little girl of about 25 came up and said, "What seems to be the problem?" 

"This man refused to give his phone number and is very aggressive with our customers. He wants cash, and I have to have his phone number." She said very animated.

She took a key and unlocked the register, and I realized that the another reason she wanted to see my driver's license number was to insure that at least one of us was honest, and not stealing, but somehow that gave me no consolation, as I am not a thief.

She gave me my money without counting it out and said, "Here, hope never to see you here again."

"See!" I said laughing. "You didn't need my phone number after all. Have a blessed day." and I could hear the line of people talking about this, like the buzz of angry bees as I walked through the automatic doors. "What a baby!" The man said again, loud enough for me to hear, and getting the last word.

So what happened here. Everyone there thought, more than likely, that I was a trouble-maker, an Alzheimer patient, and old angry man who doesn't like Christmas, or worse.  

But what I was, and this was a revelation to me shaking from my adrenaline rush walking back to car was this: I was awake.

I'm one of the few, said to be just three percent of the population, who can actually see behind the facade, and want to, some of the time, to fight the system that everyone accepts as the norm... I could see the mechanism at work, and I chose not to play the game. And as an old card player, I saw the game to be stacked in their favor? I chose to fold, and few do. And why? What did I see?

First off, nearly everything in the store was manufactured overseas. A package selling for $30 dollars on the shelf probably cost $2.00 to make, and even the shipping is cut-rate to promote the exchange, as provided by NAFTA. I saw the slaves who put it there, from South Vietnam, Japan, India, to South Korea and China, and how they worked without child labor laws, safety regulations, insurance or any form of protective litigation, and were paid virtually pennies to live in collective compounds far from home. I know this, because I have traveled there.

I saw what was done to the animals in those packages, from the dried meat laced with preservatives, to the bleached ears and woven skin of dogs chew, and the main reason so may die from cancer. I saw the slaughter of these animals, and knew the reason those pig ears had a hole in them... and all of those images swirled around in my mind, a mind that was awake.

I knew both how and why they take our information, from what we buy, how we pay, and sell it to companies whose primary purpose is to correlate data. It is big business with a big payoff, and with computers can even speculate what I will buy in the future, and promote that to me in my personal computer's sidebar. 

That is the reason we see what we buy on the side of what we are searching for on the internet, catalogs in the mail, and email boxes full of propositions, even the 15 phone calls every day I try to block without success, stems from that transaction at a register... and for a man who knows that our constitution prohibits the gathering of this information, that civil liberty is not just my security, but my right to privacy, it is up to me to comply or resist. This day, I chose to resist, and had to pay for that privilege...

And since the product is overpriced, they can feign a sale, and still make a 400 percent profit from a line of people conditioned to stand in single file to buy it. 

And in retrospect, I think about the man who tried to protect the cashier from what he speculated was abuse. The line of people waiting to pay, holding their little lap-dog breeds that mimic the need of a human child. I saw the hypocrisy in the attempt at embarrassment to promote me to give to their favorite charity, and the cashier, just doing her job, who tried to make sense of the insanity by promoting her own evangelical Christmas wish of salutation, "Have a blessed day," to promote her Lord and Savoir, Jesus Christ. And all of this is a spectacular promoter of my lost Liberty, and very hard to counter...  pure genius, really.

No, I did not handle it correctly. I did not know it would escalate as it did, and was not able, or prepared, to articulate the many subtle dots that conclude this overwhelming convolution. I could not cut and paste. I could not, at the spur of the moment, defend my actions in a way that could be understood by a line of people who want nothing more but to participate in the process, and a quick exit. And I regret this, because perhaps, just maybe, I could have nudged awake just one more.

Merry Christmas to all.,,

But oh, this is not the end of this tail. I then drove across town to their competitor, and found that same bottle of shampoo on sale for $19.99. Of course, in order to get that price, I had to give them my phone number. Well, I'll fight another day. My dog has fleas. 

Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Betrayed by the racket of war

The year was 1969 when I left home... just 19 when I got my first look at the USS Kitty Hawk in a Bremerton Washington dry dock. I knew little about the workings of the world back then, and as I looked over the rail in my new dress blues, I saw that metal titan braced by great chocks, polished and painted for another leviathan assignment, the West Pacific and Vietnam. Below, between the hull and a 250 foot wall of cement platforms, lit by great portable lights on wheels and the flicker of welding arcs, men moved together as one unit. One unit to get this huge task done... One unit of American servicemen, and my new brothers.

I didn't own a camera back then, but the spectacle I saw there, and the next two years as well, is indelibly imprinted on my mind. I grew up on that ship, and it jump-started my need to know and understand the workings of my world by both an education of my doing, and the happenstance of experience. And yet, even after all of these years I have come to realize how much is still hidden from view, and how very little facts, and truth, are actually known to me. But one thing I have grown to realize above all else, and without a doubt... I have been played, as we were, I think, to the very last man.

I only recognized the thin green ribbon of Vietnam three times on the horizon, twice during the daytime and once at night by a cluster of lights. But I couldn't see it right off... it was the flash and pan of some incendiary bomb that first caught my eye, the hot-white and gold of napalm. I knew, most likely, that people were suffering and dying there, and close enough, I thought, to possibly hear their screams... but I felt the concision of those blasts 50 miles away... And I was in awe. Awe, because I was just a little pawn in a machine so big I didn't even have the ability to ask a proper question... and the world beyond my little microcosm seemed more a dream, a dark dream, a nightmare.

I had indeed enlisted, and one would think that some form of responsibility would have embedded itself in my heart. Empathy perhaps, but I knew then as I know now, that the responsibility for my actions were not my own. I had enlisted without choice, 57 on the draft. And I knew even then, and without a doubt... that if I had not enlisted in the Navy, I would have died with a gun in my hand. I would have died, without the remote understanding as to why... as so many of my countrymen have.
At the time I thought we were fighting an ideal called Communism. And today I say with the utmost disgust...that what is now in the White House is the same as any Communistic dictatorship we have ever thought to fight against... and it is found on both sides of the isle. To me, these men are traitors. These men are bought and paid for, and they care little or nothing for the standard of America, or the lives lost.

With 24-7 flight ops, I had plenty of opportunity to witness the events unfolding, even by the mail that pored over my desk as the Captain's yeoman. But my understanding of it was limited and misunderstood, and the redundant elements soon became normal to me, running through my mind as vivid as yesterday... For instance, just prior to landing, each and every jet would dump their extra fuel, and whatever was left of the bomb-payload as well. I have never witnessed this happening, but saw the effects... a rainbow glistening on a azure crystal-clear Tonkin Golf, by a layer of JP-5 jet fuel floating on its surface as far as the eye could see in any direction. What a shimmer as the sun set, and the trails of flying fish as their wings touched the surface is haunting... and I saw a sea turtle with white eyes. But a spectacular event, never reported by the news, was the 10 hour mistake of dumping oil, a 140 mile swath that could have been visible from space, and blamed on a seaman not paying attention, and a broken valve...

I remember the never-ending bomb-handling working parties who wrote hate-filled graffiti on the casings... but then, the line of fifty men handing off what was called broken electronics was an amazing thing to see as they were thrown over the side... hundred and hundreds of televisions, and circuit boards of every description, old electronic inserts handed one to another from deep in the ship's interior... And from the after brow, countless bags and containers of trash were dumped into a churning florescent line that disappeared over the horizon... the exact same place a crewman had committed suicide... a man who could not fit in.

The above thoughts are meant to illustrate that the military is beyond control, beyond comprehension and understanding, and beyond any human law or moral compass by the average person... Looking back at my immediate supervisors, I really don't think they had even a remedial grasp of the reality of that venture, even the hard core lifers... None of my bosses ever mentioned any doubt or concern for what we were doing, but that there was a growing amount of traitorous fools who were protesting back home. Some of them were even fleeing to Canada. But my piers were another matter...they had a mixed bag of thoughts, with some saying they were cowards, and others heroes... but I at the time could not emphatically make up my mind one way or the other. I just wanted to become a man.
I know now that America's wars are not, and never were designed to bring so-called "democracy," but corporate profit. It is a racket. It isn't used for the defense of freedom anywhere, though that is used as the primary justification, but is bound only to the interests of the power elite, corporatism, and their bottom line.

In 1931, Marine Major General Smedley Darlington Butler retired. He is one of only 19 Marines in U.S. history to ever receive two Congressional Medals of Honor... and he opened the door to a world that few knew anything about: that corporations control our congress, and orchestrate war for unbelievable profit. A profit that is generated from the bottom up and the top down, from thousands of contractors and international corporations, to a banking cartel in league with the Federal Reserve... and what he described back then has grown exponentially. He saw from the eyes of a true leader of conscience, with the honor of a patriot, that the primary motivations and intentions of the military industrial complex, and the scope of it amazing power over our country, is for their own good only, with no regard for consequence. 

Today, America pays more to support a military then the top ten largest countries rolled into one, with money printed out of thin air. Our children are straddled with a debt that can never be paid, 19.5 trillion... And this sum is so great that more money has to be printed, as needed, to pay the interest. A sum so great, and yet, few Americans can see it, as 9.5 trillion of that 19.5 trillion was added under Obama's watch. Unsecured money on the back of America's future, and all of it unaccountable.
No way do I consider myself un-America, or anti-American. I have, in good faith, paid my taxes, given my time to what I thought was the defense of Freedom and Liberty, as I also have taken an oath to protect and defend the Constitution of the United States from all enemies both domestic and foreign... I do not take that oath lightly. And as I have lived long enough to see recurring trends... I am concerned not only by the constant and unrelenting destruction of earth and its people carried out in the name of my government, the government I have sponsored... But it is the same entity that has lied to me, used me as cattle and pawn, for the false promotion of freedom and liberation. A government, bought and paid for by corporations.

The so-called Progressive government we now have in place, without a shred of doubt, is controlled and manipulated from an outside force beyond our borders, and so too is the Right. It is all a charade... It is a force so powerful, they can crush the mind and spirit of a person or a country, bankrupt or promote our economy on a whim, enslave us in a debt, and have us participate, unwittingly, in constant and unrelenting war for reasons unknown to us, while we wave our precious flag... a flag that they themselves abhorred. Yes, it is a war without end, open ended, with an undefined and nebulous enemy without a face or uniform, and physiologically designed.

Since WW2, America is less safe and more hated than ever before. And as we have seen a tremendous proliferation in military spending and unconstitutional ventures, we participate in one act of violence after another... And of all the interventionism, the imperialism around the world, what good has come of it for America? Have we ever promoted our Republic based on law? No, and the reason is a simple one. Those so-called elitists, those few men who actually pull the strings of war and its reconstruction, do not like our civil liberties. They do not like our Constitution. They do not like our Republic based on law, and why? Because those primary elements, the elements that made America the freest and most prosperous country in the world, gets in the way of their profit, their control. Instead, they will milk us dry by increments, eating at us from the inside out, like a cancer. And we are so trusting, our spirits so honorable, we would send our sons and daughters to risk their lives for unanswered questions and lies.

Have we promoted free trade? Have we promoted peace and security for the world? Have we promoted anything that can be emulated but more death? No, and just the opposite... with a failing economy and a dying middle class, a welfare state who have learned to milk the system, our private communications compromised, due process abolished by constitutional dis-membership, coerced by the NDAA and Patriot Act... and a growing top heavy government that is vying to control every aspect of our lives... And then, we have men with duel citizenship controlling our congress by bribes, taboo, and fear, and international corporations who profit in destruction and reconstruction are beyond the law and any Christian moral compass... and as new nations come under their dominion, our workers, our industry, our American exceptionalism, our creativity is given to them, as slave labor. And if any country opposes them, they are singled out for immediate destruction, and from a wide variety of methods... And the ultimatum is simple, a central bank, or death, so choose... and in the process, our men die on foreign shores, with the same trust I had at 19... A trust betrayed by the false flag of the Tonkin Gulf incident. And as I reflect, history is rewritten, ideals and ideologies redesigned, and truth is no longer distinguishable from an outright lie, fed to us by a controlled media. 

When we left Vietnam, when our WestPac tour was over, we were escorted not only by Russian spy boats, by a Bear so big our fighter planes looked like dots under its wings. It seemed like a game, a game played with the lives of good and honorable men, trusting men of virtue. And it left me with an empty feeling... A feeling a slave must have as he sits and watches the world move past, out of his control. A feeling, like my life, and everything I so hold dear, is ether granted or denied by a machine devised by men with the blackest of hearts... Men who set themselves above all others.

"I couldn't help but say to [Mr. Gorbachev], just think how easy his task and mine might be in these meetings that we held if suddenly there was a threat to this world from another planet. [We'd] find out once and for all that we really are all human beings here on this earth together. "~Ronald Reagan, 1985

Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Books that can free the American mind


"Every act of conscious learning requires the willingness to suffer an injury to one’s self-esteem. That is why young children, before they are aware of their own self-importance, learn so easily." ~Thomas Szasz

It was said in a Lafayette Internet coffee house just last night that Obama is good for one thing, he woke up America. There is hope in that...

We are reawakening as a nation, and our spirituality and intellect are being stimulated and challenged as never before. Challenged by the potential for great loss, and stimulated by a hunger for the truth that can save us.

It is becoming evident that we cannot figure out who our adversary is, or what dominating forces controls us, unless we know ourselves, and our place in the world. If we are going to take back our country, we Americans must pick up our identifying American standard, and the following is a means to that end.

Know yourself as a country, and unite, and you will face your enemy without fear

Review: Interventions by Noam Chomsky....
Though this book is a compilation of articles syndicated by the NY Times, they were rarely published in the US. Our mainstream media considers Chomsky's point of view to be adjectivally dissident, and wantonly unorthodox, (tong in cheek). Whether you agree or not, his ideas on "Universality" is changing the world rapidly, and should be understood.
And this makes it a must read.

Review: Bush at War by Bob Woodward....
This book is focused from the epilogue onward. It is a complex, well researched, and mostly unbiased account of the Bush administration post-9-11. Definitely considered an insider perspective, it gives the reader the ability to draw their own conclusions, something rare in our current political climate.
Yes, a must read.

Review: War Law by Michael Byers...
It is understood that Americans are ignorant of international affairs As most struggle reading of our own Constitution and Bill or Rights, few understand our convoluted relationship with the UN, and our surprising position on international law.

War Law: Understanding International Law and Armed Conflict, by Michel Byers, tackles the tough questions that our biased media won't say, or can't. If you are looking for either a catalyst or a primer for how the US destabilizes International Law, and how that concept applies to our current and sometimes precarious position world-wide, this book is a must read.

Review: Paleoconservatives: new voice of the old right
"Paleoconservatism" as a concept was defined during the 1980s as a response to the rise of Neoconservatism. It is a particular brand of conservatism that rose up in opposition to the New Deal, setting itself against the ideas of the centralizing trends that define modern politics today, on both sides of the isle. It expounds on an understanding of Republican virtues of self-governance and is a celebration of the nation's varied and colorful regional cultures, with warnings as well.
This book brings together key "Old Right" writers of the past and present, and is a must read.
Review: The Neoconservative Revolution: Jewish Intellectuals and the Shaping of Public Policy by Murry Friedman

This very engaging study describes the post-war migration of Jewish intellectuals from Left to Right. Friedman is a self-avowed Jewish neo-con who investigates his fellow Neocons from socialist salad days to the Cold War shift towards liberal anti-Communism. Ready or not you will see from his eyes the disgust of the counter-cultural excesses of the New Left and the final desecration of Reagan Republicanism.
A must read.

Review: The Shadow Party: How George Soros, Hillary Clinton. and the sixties radicals seized control of the Democratic Party By David Horowitz and Richard Poe
  • The Shadow Party's plan to rewrite the US Constitution.
  • How the Shadow Party overthrows foreign governments--and why it may attempt to use the same methods here.
  • The vast network of private think tanks, foundations, unions, stealth PACs, and other front groups through which the Shadow Party operates in America.
  • The network's voluminous contributions to the Democrats, which totaled more than $300 million in the 2004 elections, and its growing influence over the party's message and policy.
  • The politicians on both sides of the aisle who have exchanged political favors with George Soros and his "government-in-the-wings."
  • The Shadow Party's efforts to conceal its radical agenda behind the "moderate" pose of Hillary Clinton and other public figures.
  • The radical network's plan to seize power in 2008. 
  • A must read...

Review: George Soros, on Globalization
Straight from the horse's mouth... Soros equates globalization with "the free movement of capital and the increasing domination of national economies by global financial markets and multinational corporations." Whereas, Special Drawing Rights (SDRs) for international assistance i.e., international reserve assets a process that shares the burden equitably, with the United States paying its fair share.
Better pay attention...
This is a must read.

Review: The Transfer Agreement: The dramatic story of the pact between the Third Reich and Jewish Palestine by Edwin Black.
The Transfer agreement is an award winning and compelling story of the negotiated arrangement in 1933 between Zionist organizations and the Nazis to transfer 50,000 Jews and $100 million of their assets to Jewish Palestine is exchange for stopping the Jewish led boycott of German products. This book is 25 years old, and still applies.

"A fascinating book creating controversy all across the country. Black applied his established investigative journalism techniques to history. The result is an extraordinary book." -- Bill Kurtis, CBS Morning News

"A struggle to write a painful chapter in Jewish history. What Black began uncovering was a tangled account of an anguished moment in history, one that he at the center had to piece together from...forgotten archives, pre-WWII newspapers, and government records.: -- Jan Cawley, Chicago Tribune Magazine
This is a must read...

Day of Reckoning: How Hubris, Ideology, and Greed Are Tearing America Apart by Pat Buchanan
Some say this is the very best of Buchanan writing. Ideology, writes Buchanan, is a Golden Calf, a false god, a secular religion that seeks vainly, like Marxism, to create a paradise on earth.
Powerful and to the point, Buchanan pulls no punches. His imperative to save America is to identify and remove from power the ideologues of both parties who have nearly killed our country. In his final chapter Buchanan lays out ideas to prevent the end of America.
Ahead of its time, and the key to our division. A must read...

"Get over the idea that only children should spend their time in study. Be a student so long as you still have something to learn, and this will mean all your life." ~Henry L. Doherty