Friday, January 29, 2016



Born of fear,
In the company of pain,
From blind and primitive longings…
It transcended,
Floating free beyond the mind’s eye…

Self-evident, we grew upright,
Grasping by opposing thumbs,
For that first focus on reality…
Balanced on an electrochemical thought,
A decision was made…

In the cold, a blinding light,
Of conscious affirmation,
So soon laid bear, an immortal soul…
From the dust, a breath of hope,
As a candle in the dark…

Suddenly vistas were seen,
Through the eyes of possibilities,
On a cognizant plain…
Where wings of truth unfold,
As in the pangs of death, our destiny is revealed…

From the duality of guilt and reason,
On the pyre of blame’s despair.
A tear was born…
Washed pure our ignorance’s bliss,
With the bittersweet taste of good and evil…

With the first of nature’s elements,
A comprehension of ourselves,
Through a mirror of realization, it formed…
By the echoes of our laughter,
And the wonder of it all…

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

The Oath Keeper

The oath keeper

There was a time when a handshake meant something. Before our laws became loop-holes, and irresponsibility and treachery was taught as normal. A time when a simple signature in India ink, a melted wax droplet on a document stamped with a family crest, or an oath of alliance yelled moments before a battle, brought unbounded strength of purpose, and the courage for true conviction. When a man finally came to a righteous conclusion, by his own volition, that honor was more important than one's own life, from that moment on he was called an oath keeper.

Boy Scouts of America

The finer parts of America were built on oaths, from the promise of a Police Officer who swore to protect and serve, to a military man on the front lines of liberty. But the foundation of an oath extends to every man, woman and child here in America. It can be found in an educator who tries so hard to teach students self-worth in a government-run co-op designed system that inspires the opposite, or a foreman standing in consternation as he helps build another skyscraper from the residue of 9-11. That same resolute can be traced all the way back to our framers who risked everything, their lives and fortunes, to sign the Declaration of Independence. And then, with trembling hands, gave us our Constitution and Bill of Rights with prayers that we could keep it, we the people, their children.

Early on Saturday mornings, on a crystalline carpet of dew, glinted under the breath of a chilled mist, single shots would wake New Orleans from under the spreading arms of our dueling oaks, where honor was defended, and oaths tested. 

You see, men of substance do not spring out of the ground whole, they are self made. A man of virtue and honor can manifest from any color, religion, or creed, with a virtuous and honorable oath. A flawed oath, however, will not be followed long, as it is against the very nature of men. Men know that for an oath to become a viable part of the heart and mind, it has to have one primary element, truth. Men everywhere, from desert to forest, from the halls of decree to the bowels of the bane, know truth when they hear it. It is universal, a universal truth that cannot be denied.

The following is the Boy Scout oath, and it projects forward the man he has the potential to become. Take the time and look into the faces of boys reciting this simple and yet profound oath, and you will get a rush of hope that will bring on tears. Our Country, our precious constitution, our hard-won liberty, is being shredded, and in their trusting and shining faces, the faces of our children, you will find the solace and true hope you so longed for, as parents, as teachers, as Americans. Stand fast with the knowledge that truth is the primary element that can heal us, unite us, as one nation under God. Only through truth can honor be restored, and so too, a worthy oath.

The Boy Scout Oath
On my honor, I will do my best
To do my duty to God and my country and to obey the Scout Law;
To help other people at all times;
To keep myself physically strong, mentally awake and morally straight.

From an honorable oath a boy is allowed to grow into an honorable man...

The Boy Scout of America

In his blood there flows the hard-won unity of courage and comprehension. His heart yearns for the balanced fire of justice and truth, and his dreams fly as free as an eagle.

He can tread in both woodland and city with equal stead. Looking past building or tree he can tell true north from south, by the signs of star and the processions he knows by name.

The knots he ties hold true, and he can climb trees, forge rivers, and travel long distances, where others would surely fail. He can mend a tear in his shirt, and tell you which fruits and seeds are edible, and what are not.

He can cook from a fire he has made from flint and steel, or bow, even on the wettest of days, and aligns himself with friends who he has grown to trust, and who trust him. He knows and understands the use of weapons, regarding them as tools. He promotes safety with every turn.

He knows the ways of men, attempts to excel in every aspect of school and sport, but can read the wind for signs of rain too. A scout knows the ways of birds, animals and insects, and can interpret volumes in an animal track. His eyes see many things that others do not, because he realizes he is one with this world. He has come to know that each has their place in God’s creation.

Like an old frontiersman, a Boy Scout does not flaunt his knowledge and wisdom. In him is the quiet power that comes from this knowing. He speaks softly and surely, and answers all questions modestly. A loud braggart is not challenged, as his wagging tongue and ignorance will be his undoing. A scout will never fear a bully, but knows that victory can nearly always be won by a seemingly simple method, a good example.

Honor is his most cherished possession. His handshake has true meaning, and there is solid strength in a promise. Duty and responsibility forges his free will, and he would rather die than have his honor stained. A Scout wins the confidence and respect of all who know him, for he walks his talk of right and wrong accordingly.

A Scout has learned to practice self-control. He realizes that one can never master the problems that life will present without first mastering himself. He guards his temper with pride, kindled by observation, and learns from the mistakes of others. He curbs his appetite, eating only foods that will nourish and make him stronger, never using alcohol, tobacco, or drugs that will poison him, as he desires a clear and active mind, and a healthy and strong body. He never has to run away, or call for help when an accident happens, because he knows what to do. He has prepared himself in mind and spirit for any situation he can think of, and action is second nature to him.

A scout is a doer, and his resourcefulness and courage will see him through many an emergency. His primary motivation for action is to put safety of others before his own, and lives the creed of the knight, “Might For Right." He has empathy for those less fortunate, and aids the helpless and weak. He knows how to walk in another man’s shoes, and has few enemies. He is in constant vigilance, and knows that every deed, no matter how small, has both value and consequence.

A scout can make himself known to another scout anywhere in the world by a method only scouts can know. He has brothers of like spirit and mind everywhere on the planet, and knows a hearty welcome. He can talk with another scout without making a sound, or by the clicks he taps in Morse code.
A scout is kind to every living thing. He knows that everything has a right to exist in its own way, and his respect for nature is in every act. He leaves in the woods only his footsteps, but takes with him the memory and learning he will carry throughout his life.

A scout knows that people will expect more from him then other boys, and he accepts this. He knows that his conduct will reflect every one of the great brotherhood he has accepted and pledged as his own, and he carries his oath deep in his heart.

A scout loves his country, knows the history and guiding principles that has formed it, and will serve at a moment’s notice. In uniform, he will salute at attention during the pledge of allegiance, and look at Old Glory with love and respect. He can fold and stow the flag correctly, and understands its symbolism in stars and stripes.

A scout knows his country and the men who are in authority to govern. He knows current events, and finds his place in the making of its future. He patterns his verve from other great Americans, and is prepared to meet the challenges of life, for his God, his countrymen, and his family.
Boy Scout Law
A Scout is:
• Trustworthy,
• Loyal,
• Helpful,
• Friendly,
• Courteous,
• Kind,
• Obedient,
• Cheerful,
• Thrifty,
• Brave,
• Clean,
• and Reverent.
Boy Scout Motto
Be Prepared!
Boy Scout Slogan
Do a Good Turn Daily!

God bless America!

*Special thanks to the Boy Scouts of America manuals, where these truths are found between every line. A thank you to the men of my Troop 185, attached to St. Raphael Church, and to my father who could find us in the dark. Thank you for your patience with me, who wanted only to play. Thank you for standing so tall, with your guiding hands on my head, seeing beyond the boy to the man. There, between my childish laughter and the lines of truth you so lovingly wanted me to see, my oath finally became the best of me. I see now, so many years in the making, that there is something far greater than I am, and with a moral compass of truth as guide, that you taught, this life has had far more value and meaning.
I am so proud to say that I am an oath keeper.

Friday, January 22, 2016

The Warrior

The Warrior

He sold his heart that bore his dead,
And took the hard road where it led.
Riddles of truth beneath his curse,
Soon became his universe.

Glory carved him sick with fear,
Found him turn with caustic tears.
Naked, his scars are all he’d known,
As on the field he bled alone.

Bent and sure he wielded pain,
Wove his will with gilded chain.
Presumed the advantage in a brawl,
A roan that abandoned one and all.

Stood for nothing but his own,
Lord in his kingdom of barren throne.
Melodious the cries, in a mind turned cold,
Paid with blood, dark gems and gold.

All life was a weapon for his own game,
Found pleasure in hurting wherever it came.
Made mockery of law on wasted breath,
And held in his hand the workings of death.

But alas there came forth a measure of fate,
Cyclic it rose and gathered in shape.
An action of righteousness greater then he,
That struck him in spite to his very knees.

His head is pushed back from the bars of his cage,
A monster at bay with a smoldering rage.
Balanced, subdued, and caught on a wire,
A black angel that burns in his own fire.

Thursday, January 21, 2016

Ode to Spring

Ode to Spring

Oh, what divine sweetness lay,
When once the sodden chill gives way,
To the fragrant springtime’s full bouquet.
Here, the delicate new buds of softest green,
Speckled by dogwood hues, so rarely seen,
The flashing of the ruby-throats at play…

To walk the winding trail again,
Where bees hang afresh in metallic vim,
A queen’s nectar pours, her vibrant dances send…
By the flowered dewberry, plumped with grand conception,
Wherewith, this seasonal murmur of new dimension,
Unfolds in rich diversity, divinely ordained…

What goes unseen by thy bedazzled eye,
Where flickers too quick for senses lie,
As wind-songs that breeze so blissfully by…
Of a language that perplexes mankind,
As fading April glows in twilight time,
There looms once more the summer’s sunburnt skies…

There is a hunger to feel the forest glade,
Where sun-bleached wood and acorn lay,
Amid tall grasses in the heat of day…
Fresh baked to fill, it can smooth thy furrowed brow,
In dreams, where wing’ed maple seeds will plow,
Imagination grows where spirit’s vision play...

What art the tangled thorns, and bubbled brook,
For soft pastels that strain through thicket nook,
And competition’s dice befalls the shepherd’s crook…
Grow lightward past the zenith’s surging height,
What inspiration of tender vision, a mortal sight,
Found in so loving a created rapture, divinely took…

What study, from field or mountain’d learned,
Of leaves that twist, in winds delicately discerned,
So beautiful, it sets one’s heart to burn…
Rain washed, and awakened in a diamond light,
A facet, once cleaved, sets free a thought to flight,
And presents delightful measures in its turn…

Feed the glowing embers in thy breast,
As spirits soar, the forest promotes heart’s purest,
Driven in thy vision, is loves quickening quest…
Behold! As God’s most cherished and worn,
We men, can understand the blossom’s thorn,
Transparent, we are illustriously blessed…

Gunner, the bird dog

Bird Dog

His spotted head lifts for the scent of the woods,
Ears twitch to the least of all sound.
His coat blends invisibly in fields of dry grass,
Where he moves with a leap and a bound.

He takes his direction from my point of view,
Fine tunes them with senses so sharp,
That I take directions from a wag of his tail,
As he helps me to see in the dark.

A pat on his head, and a lick on my hand,
Makes a bond as we walk through the trees.
He turns on a dime from that whistle of mine,
Every fiber of his being for me.

He runs like the wind through thicket or field,
Bird dogging, zigzagging through night.
Dog tired and hungry he'll curl at my feet,
Still guarding with all of his might.

When I'm far from home, he'll wait at the gate,
No grass can grow long where he stood.
With a jump, and a twist, and a laughing bark,
He welcomes like no one else could.

Of all relationships a man could take,
From life..., from beginning to end.
Nothing quite compares, to the companionship there,
Between a man, and his faithful best friend.

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Are you interested in a solution to this fine mess?

  • “Whoever controls the media, the images, controls the culture.”
    —Allen Ginsberg

    The Problem:

    The political Left in the Entertainment Industry control much of American culture, because they’re the gatekeeper of images: Media, Entertainment, and the Arts. Conservatives are losing the war of ideas because they’ve grown disconnected from popular culture and forgotten an intimate and evolving connection with the arts, dismissing them as too subjective. 

    Because of this, it’s becoming increasingly difficult for conservatives to attract Millennials.
    The vast majority of media and video content we see from Conservatives comes across as propaganda, characterized by vilification of the ‘enemy’ and fear tactics. Although this kind of video content can be effective in elections, in general it lacks an essential human element, fails to connect viewers emotionally to a character or story and gets consumed by whatever ‘issue’ is at hand. 

    Millennials respond to positive messaging. Negative ads turn them off.
    Conservative media and video content also tends to be poor in aesthetic quality, a fact not lost on the highly-attuned Millennial consumer who’s sensitive to choice of color, syntax, music, and even typeface. 

    Conversely, Liberal media and video content has reached a level of quality, contemporaneous, and professionalism that makes conservative media seem like home videos. 

    Because the video production quality is distractedly poor, the claims and content within the videos are often ignored because they appear culturally irrelevant. 

    Because of the impact of images, conservatism as a whole comes off as insipid, outdated and uninspiring.

    The Solution:

    Conservatives naturally feel compelled to say something about what they believe holds the key to human problems and American problems. We believe conservatives need to place a greater emphasis on and invest in good quality media and video content because culture and the arts have such power to shape societal vision. Ultimately, we live for our most cherished dreams about the future, wildest hopes and enduring plans held and nurtured in our hearts and imaginations. Their vividness and concreteness are what stir us to action. Good art gives voice to the needs, intuitions, and imaginations of the audience. Great art and media allows people to see life through different eyes. Words, images, symbols, and sounds can penetrate people’s often closed minds through their hearts. The arts are by nature disruptive because they force the observer to readjust old ideas, reconsider old perceptions, reformat old programming.

    Why Principled Productions is Unique:

    We are a full-service production company. We will work with you from the project’s inception: from the idea stage, to script-writing, to storyboarding, to location scouting and casting. We will shoot, edit, produce and deliver a high-quality product at an affordable price. 

    We seek to work with clients on content that represents or aligns with our principles and values. We believe our passion and personal connection to the material is evidenced in a much more authentic and compelling product. 

    We create artistic media that creatively presses back against lopsided logic, reignites life-giving values, and empowers hope and a clear vision for new possibilities. 

    We create artistic media that doesn’t preach, but rather sheds light on the human condition and connects us to uniting truths. 

    We create artistic media that doesn’t attempt to be overly moralistic or political, but beautiful.
    We create artistic media that shows rather than tells. 

    We create artistic media that dignifies human life, introduces a sense of awe and the wonder of being alive, and propels both individuals and communities into unique response. 

    We create artistic media that tells stories that people can connect with at a personal, emotional and human level. 
  • Products
    Video Editing, Photography, Weddings, Conferences, Political Ads, Interviews, Documentaries and more..

Oilpatch Coaster Ride

Coaster Ride

Clink! Clink! Clink! Up, up, we go.
To the crest to make some dough.
No time to enjoy this ride,
Preparation for the slide.
On the crest the world’s so fair,
Just a moment balanced there.
Down the tubes our world may go,
Trying to go with the flow.
Strive you may, you can’t hide
From the oil-field coaster ride

Sing it!

Roller coaster, you can’t hide
From the oil-field coaster ride
In preparation for the slide
No time to enjoy this ride

Rip! Rip! Rip! Down, down, we go,
Trying not to let it show.
Win a battle, loose the war,
Unemployment’s not that far.
One last contact, now he’s gone,
Said they took away his phone.
Strive you may, but you can’t hide,
From the oil-field coaster ride.


Roller coaster, you can’t hide,
Balanced checkbooks tell no lies.
Credit cards are out of sight,
Last one out turn out the lights!

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

The Engineers

The Engineers

Darkness grows, and storm wind blows,
Time’s cold blast, goes fiercely past,
The engineer on the rail-
His bright eyes glow, intelligence knows,
That violent storm, of mindless form,
Could crush us in the gale-

What hands have made, by will we’ve saved,
With steadfast dreams, the future gleams,
The building our reward-
To men he gave, a road to pave,
A bridge to build, an iron will,
Between the acts of war-

He stood between, the death machine,
Our future’s stead, was in his head,
Rebuilt upon the dust-
With directed toil, we drilled for oil,
Showed we could, together would,
Reclaim our holy trust-

Impetus to stand, on blackened land,
With reasons to sing, bells will ring,
As proclamation of our joys-
Air soon cleared, with nothing feared,
Children grew tall, by our loving call,
With flowers as their toys-

But engineers know, that morrows grow,
On life today, death has it’s way,
And soon our memory is lost-
For all our tasks, will surely pass,
Dark shadows climb, long past our time,
No matter what the cost-

Winds still blow, our freedom low,
A moment still, can take our will,
Imbued regrets least we forget-
Those peace-full days, and gentle ways,
Will blinds our sight, insidious delight,
When once our minds are set.

Engineers know, that cold winds blow,
Time erodes, and dreams explode,
The strongest of thoughts will bend-
Roofs will fall, on every hall,
Paid with sweat, and blood, and mud,
For the mortar to build again-

Flags will burn, and reason spurn,
Dreams will die, glories will lie,
Through cracked and bleeding ken-
But there’s a price, that rolls the dice,
For spring’s return, with what is learned,
Engineers will build again-

It’s in the plan, the ways of man,
Each time is spent, generations rent,
For what each has to learn-
But time will call, when each time falls,
A new day draws, universal laws,
For something new to burn.

The rant of Ken LaRive

Mental manipulation and the art of politics

It is politics as usual, with no holds bared. A war, it is waged in the hearts and minds of the populous like religious fanaticism.

Our standards are taught at mother’s knee, and with experience we attempt life with confident bearing... But as we look upon the world, we find joy and foreboding on one hand, happiness and quiet desperation on the other, and ask why.

 We grapple with what is perceive to be good and bad and right and wrong, with decisions based on what is speculated to be the greatest. Torn by the facets of politics, ethics, and the meaning of life, our strength is our constant need to balance.

 In our daily process of living, we judge others who are not like us. We justify reasons for being based on the assumptions of the facts we are fed, true or false. Confused and fearful, we give control of our lives to others, where duel-concepts are composed for the man behind the curtain to point the way.
 Everyone, even presidential hopefuls will find flaws in the opus of life, and eventually held accountable.

 We have watched women and children burn after a month of standoff, using words like “compound”, and “cult,” and ultimately found our understanding was based on lies. With acuity of what is universal, eternal, and justifiable Truth, we watched people jump from the fires of twin towers, and in the midst of horror we search for explanations. Ancient texts are manipulated by man-made agendas, separating and isolating us into a one truth at the exclusion of all others, and in that process domination is born, with another collection of slaves.

 As we grow older we find ourselves obtuse, stubborn and uncompromising, adamant and fixated, with defensible labels for all others who are different, be they liberal or conservative, religious or secular.

 Mental manipulation is now a science, and the war that wages between our minds and hearts are used for the schema of those who understand that power, as they have found even original thoughts can be despoiled. Dominated and maneuvered by prejudiced idealism, blind faith, and myopic fundamentalism, it seems at first glance that as collective human beings we are herded like sheep to the slaughter ...but this is not our true nature.

 Men resist the shackles of mind and body, and when we see the light of raison d’être, we are drawn to it as one. Truth and Love lends hope as a beacon of reason, where we may someday stand on our own two feet, united ...and knowing is half the battle won.

Looking for Truth? Looking for a Standard to pick up? Looking for a worthy direction? Go here...

 Or here...

Thursday, January 14, 2016

The TRUTH of Stefan Molyneux

There are several men I admire in this world, and if I had to choose ten, surely Stefan would be there. I never get tired of his amazing points and counter points, his balanced grasp of the world, and the hidden truths he eloquently revels. Spend an hour with Stefan, and you will have a hunger for more, because whether you know it or not, everything that ails you in this world can be lifted by one element, truth. Truth will set you free... Nothing in this life has that ability.

Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Does America belong to us?

To take back America from a strong central government will not be easy. It will take a collective unity never seen before in America, and a perceptive understanding of how the system works as well. Sorry to say, but once Liberty is lost, as history will attest, blood is the only means to get it back. Perhaps this great experiment, a Republic based on Constitutional Law and our Bill of Rights, will be the exception this time. Hoping for a miracle seems our only recourse, like an elected official who actually lives up to his word, for the good of the nation, for instance. Sure, it can happen. Better have a commanding presence, however, a good speaker too, with a reverberating voice, to reach into the heart of what can only be described as American sensibility. A clever idiom has worked before, like "Change! We need change!" to capture the American intellect and spirit. Sorry. What a concept, change for the sake of change. 

In the past most Americans took their standing orders from Government, going mostly without question to war, suffering quietly through designed economic fluctuations, and the systematic procedural breakdown of family by the disintegration of moral and ethical value instilled by television and Hollywood media. Using scientifically designed, Freudian Psychology and the ethos of Progressive Sociology, America has ushered in a new characterization of individual responsibility, entitlement, and slavery of the will. To take back our government for We the People, we find, and I'm so sorry to tell you... it has never existed... just like a democracy has never existed in the history of human kind.. and yet we are told that is who we are.  Without this foundation, we have nothing to build on. Do you understand this concept? We are floating on a bubble, and it is not of our design.

If a person opposes the government by force, no matter what the principle, he could spend the rest of his life in Leavenworth, or be required to flee the country. Any plot to violence is considered traitorous, and he would be hunted down by extradition from most any place on earth.  To a true patriot, these violent options might seem unacceptable, though he is prepared to die for the ideals this country was founded upon and held as a standard by an oath to protect and defend. And yet, as we attempt to us intellect over emotion we realize the enemy is too well hidden to find.  So with that in mind, I emphatically state that violence is not advocated in any way by this author as a solution to the wows of America, and yet, our founding fathers emphatically told us otherwise. 

"The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants"

"They who can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety."

In turn, our government takes its standing orders from international bankers, coordinated and orchestrated by the Federal Reserve. There is also a convergent network of conglomerate international businesses, and both have unlimited resources. Resources that can be used beyond the imagination to make their agendas reality, or to remain in power. They will use taboo, religious intolerance and interpretation, domestic and international false-flag operations, bogus information and contrived realism, and all without definable rules based on any code of law or moral value. They have the ability, by the use of media and press, to actually change and manipulate social norms for their purpose, by well-developed physiological sciences that have come of age, from a variety of think tanks and super computers that compile and coordinate information. and they take direction from the Trilateral Commission, The Counsel of Foreign Relations, the Bilderburg Group, and of course the most powerful lobby in the US,  AIPAC, and not from our Constitution, or Bill of Rights.

Our legal systems and constitution are at times bypassed and controlled by these international entities, and are no longer accountable ether to the American taxpayer or to what is left of the United States Government. They remain well hidden inside a dark glass, clouded by our own uneducated and inept ignorance, unreasoned fears, lazy and exhausted states of mind and spirit, and an overpowered mindset instilled by sustained subliminal messages that has incorporated us as consensual and conventional sheep. Our ability to think collectively has been destroyed by a manufactured abyss, separating and dividing us as a nation. We want change, but we have nothing to change into, nothing any better to displace the status quo, status quo ante bellum. And, have no doubt, we Americans are in a state of war, and from every direction. A state of war from a foe we can not see. 

Overpowered? A Cloward and Piven, Machiavellian plan for Marxism seems evident, as it was taught to Obama at Columbia. It is a well-documented diagram to turn the United States into a socialist state by overwhelming the system, and it is working, and along with a military industrial complex that can print money out of thin air, our national debt has more than doubled in the last ten years. 

Cap and trade and new taxes on the rich are the redistribution of returns, universal health care and the unionization of millions of health-care workers coerce, manage, and cement 30 million voters to our new Socialistic State, under the thumb of big government. Making Puerto Rico the 51st state and the legalization of 12 million illegal aliens would increase entitlements and welfare over the top, as they too will be guided to the progressive fold. Illegal emigrants pour into our country unabated, and we are threatened with a dissolved sovereignty, like the entire EU.  

The Patriot Act disregarded for rights and liberties our forefathers died to protect, was standard fare for over a decade before the Rand Paul Filibuster. Stimulus and bailouts with unsecured monies printed by the Federal Reserve and flooded into a system without accountability dilutes our total worth to inflation, and we pay interest to them for the privilege. Our gold in Fort Knox has not been audited for over fifty years...

An oil moratorium with a George Soros/Petrobras insider-trading connection with Brazil, and the billions borrowed from China to build a deepwater infrastructure there, goes unreported but for the very fringe of journalism. And now we allow Saudi to open their valves so wide our American Oil Patch is disintegrating under the weight of cheap oil, just like in 1983. Our friends? Hardly. 

Frozen truth and media silence indicates we no longer have a free press. Type in 134.5 billion in US Bearer bonds confiscated on a train from Italy to Switzerland, and your eyes will be opened. The 9-11 report is found to be shot full of lies, and anyone who questions these and many others that are plaguing our nation, are called conspiracy theorists, potential terrorists, and traitors. Even Catholics made the terrorist watch list, for a time...

A desperate optimist might contend that if we do not stand fast now, we will indeed be at a point of no return. Some history analysts challenge that the point was reached in the middle seventies, some since before the last depression, and others that it was an illusion as far back as 1776.  And the year 1871 should be studied too...

One primary American trait is American optimism when translated by a work ethic, and though this cannot be easily quelled, taking back America, even just dwelling on the idea, seems ultimately a lost cause in our present circumstances. Why? Most historical realists would say that the primary obstruction for taking back America by the people would be a lack of sound and reliable leadership, with a plan of action worthy of the effort. Change, you see,  is not viable unless it is for the better, and yet we do not know want is for our own good, or how to acquire that knowledge, or a standard greater than ourselves. It is that simple. We do not know how, and we seemingly have no way to find out. Perhaps we are looking into the wrong places? Perhaps we have forgotten a simple element? Perhaps the answer is not out there at all, but inside of us all?