Tuesday, April 15, 2008

The potential for a Mexican-American war

A potential for a Mexican-American war

By Ken LaRive

I don’t like Mexican culture, I love it. In Mexico’s interior I found mostly gentile spirits, family oriented, ethical, joyful, and with music that stirs the soul.

Government sucks the life out of them, and some come here to feed their families.
So who is actually at fault? If a law in not being enforced who is to blame?

I could never get into this county without a passport, no matter the accent, or how good looking. It is illegal. So why are we letting millions walk across?

Could it be that our almost 50/50 Democratic/Republican polarization hope Mexicans will bolster their side? Is it possible that the Democrats see more potential votes because they speculate Mexicans on the public dole, and the Republicans see hard working responsible potential North Americans?

What else could it be?

Though I see overwhelmingly that Mexicans are good and honest people caught up in the times, wouldn’t they too be drawn to a Country who would give them Socialized Medicine, a liberal welfare system, a free pass for not paying taxes to the point of becoming part of Social Security?

Our economy is cyclical. When the north is booming, the south shutters, and the oilfield sputters. Suddenly, metaphorical valves are wide open and the demand is greater than supply! Money is made by the savvy investor who buys when stocks sink and sell high. Right?

There is talk of recession. Man made? Before an election... you bet. Time to buy, that is a given. But what of the Mexican when there is little work to be found; go on the public dole? No, I don’t think so. American’s would have to finally stand up and say, “Hey, that’s enough!” Yes, we would.

If we slide into bad recession there will be a war between the USA and Mexico. North Americans will be forced to make a clean sweep of all illegal aliens, and barricade our borders securely. Unfortunately, they will not want to leave.

Unless we monitor who is here now, before a down-turn, it will be a recipe for disaster. Do you think the historical Muslim purge of Spain, and the modern Islamic takeover of France can’t happen here? Our next president had better have intestinal fortitude and do what is right for America. Texans are already loading their guns. The ensuing violence will be our government’s fault, with 80% of Americans saying, “I told you so.”

Nothing is set in stone, and it is not too late, but somebody had better pick up the ball.

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