Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Perhaps you are not a liberal after all

Perhaps you are not a liberal after all
By Ken LaRive

It was liberals who spit on us returning from Vietnam. Some set fire to our flag, and some deserted. A Conservative wouldn’t do that, so what are our differences?

I watched my NO neighborhood turn into a cinder of drugs and violence, and we fled along with nearly half of mostly white NO families in the middle 70’s. I could do nothing in the race war, the result of failed liberal programs of forced integration, and color determined giveaway programs.

I worked nights to put myself through school, washing dishes at the Royal Orleans Hotel where my Acadian father had his barber shop. Others went to school for free because they were a specific color. Without proper motivation or work skills, eighty percent flunked out of Loyola. It was my responsibility and hard work that gave me pride and the value of the dollar, the hallmark of a conservative.

I watched the Katrina fiasco in horror. From the very beginning my president offered his troops to restore order, and save lives. For four days Blanco vied for Federal power and stymied the New Orleans liberal chocolate mayor that was her mortal enemy. In that hateful process my 88 year old parents died in the heat of the 610/I10 junction. It was her officers who stopped private rescue, and they suffered a horrible death in each other’s arms while she was crying on TV. With time I have forgiven her, but she was responsible for that inaction, voted in by people mostly wanting a free lunch.

The Iron curtain fell and the cold war was won by the best president in my lifetime, Ronald Reagan. I lost everything during his administration because he used the oilfield and miscommunication as a weapon. He did what he had to do, and I recognized him as a patriot, where sacrifice is sometimes necessary for the good of America, something a liberal knows little about.

I’ve watched liberal lasciviousness, where sex was promoted as equal rights, open birth abortions justified, while the liberal media belittled marriage, family, and self worth.

Taking responsibility for his own life defines a conservative. He is part of this country that gives thanks to God for its bounty, but remembers the payment in human blood to make it so.

Liberty and safety was bought by Conservative blood, where most liberals selfishly reap the benefits. Even now men die for America, for even those who would spit on them, because those who find nothing to die for have little to live for.

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