Monday, December 29, 2008

Israel, you want peace in the Middle East?

Israel, you want peace in the Middle East? Here is what you can do...
By: Ken LaRive

1.) Reinstitute the original term Zionism to mean a Jewish Homeland, and not a Jewish State. Make this emphatically public. Stop using religious taboo to hide behind. Listen to your own Orthodox Jews who so overwhelmingly oppose your tactics. Change your flag to a peace sign, pure white on a field of gold... or perhaps this coexist symbol above?

2.) Stop Imperialism, and withdraw into your defined borders. Church and State is not the American way. If you want land, buy it, and with your own money. It should be my idea to help you, and I should not be forced if you do not represent my values, or what is good for America.

3.) Do not use high explosives in densely populated areas. Every time you kill an innocent child or person, you are creating more hate for you, and me, that will last generations.

4.) Become a True Democracy, where all religions and peoples are recognized and respected, with representation for all. America backs you now and has for fifty years, so why do you wipe your boots on what we stand for?

5.) Have a proper judicial system patterned on the justice of US and international law. Hear grievances in an open forum, and make it public. Become accountable for your actions. If you don’t want to be held responsible for crimes against humanity, do not commit them. Make the Israel Motto “What goes around comes around,” and perhaps you will see the problem, and how to fix it.

6.) Stop threats of complete nuclear annihilation of countries, which promote fear and further division. There is nothing to cause more hate and discontent than to make threats against the very existence of a people. You don’t like it, so why do it to others?

7.) Stop spying and stealing American technology. Quit using the money we give you to lobby our politicians to give you more. It shows you care little or nothing for us Americans who are flipping this bill, as you play us for fools. Stop riding on the back of American taxpayers, and stand on your own two feet.

8.) Do what is right from this point on and the world would someday forgive you. Make amends by becoming righteous, not only for your mostly secular regime, but for the good, right and liberty of all men... If you are truly a Jewish Homeland, promote and follow the teachings of your G-d, the Ten Commandments, the very basis of the Jewish-Christian laws of your primary friend and benefactor, America.

9.) Acknowledge that Israel is the birthplace of many religions, and respect that by stopping the wholesale desecration and destruction of meaningful religious sites for the sake of greed, the price of that property. Acknowledge the property that has been stolen, and give it back.

10.) Love your neighbor as yourself, and leave vengeance to G-d, as he who lives by the sword will die by it. Don’t expect the world, or America, to back you if you are in the wrong. Some of them have a free press and know you by the work you do, recorded and posted. It is coming to light now here again in America, as Truth is again becoming important in spite of your efforts at falsehood. What you do is becoming more and more evident with growing resentment that your negative accountability is in our name. If we are going to go to WW3, we should look closely as to why, and many fingers are pointing to you around the world...


Eric Dondero said...

What "borders"?

Here's a simple rule: Someone attacks your country, you hit them back 10 times harder. Anything else is Girlie-manism.

And you take some War Booty while you're at it, like a little chunk of land.

The Arabs attacked first. Israel deserves a little chunk of their land in return.

Libertarian Unitarian said...

There is no such "simple rule." There are international laws and treaties.
And the "Just War Theory" has been a part of our civilization for centuries.
I think the "simple rule" is, treat others the way you would like to be treated.