Monday, December 22, 2008

Gun Control in a polite society

Gun Control in a polite society
By: Ken LaRive

There are some among us who care little or nothing for life. Now that our economy is down, those anti-social misfits will become more evident. New Orleans has horded these malcontents long before my family’s flight in 1976. It looked like the hand of God had washed them away during Katrina, some even shot as snipers, but they are indeed back in greater numbers. Though our Governor has promised to make positive changes long before his election, nothing seems evident in this regard. It is agreed by FBI files that it is more dangerous to travel through New Orleans then our two war zones. Our Crescent City is now considered the most dangerous place to live in America.

Last month New York made it illegal to carry a hand gun in the City Limits with the hope of curtailing crime. Crime has escalated in spite of the attempt at bogus numbers. All around the country it is known and well documented that the worst crimes are committed in gun-free zones, and schools are a primary example. A recent article by Ron Paul made note that shooting sprees are unlikely to take place in a gun and knife show, or a military base, the point being that a truly polite society is an armed society.

We looked again in awe last month as nearly 200 people were gunned down in India. None of them were armed, as guns are illegal, but those terrorist had no trouble securing them, and the innocent were shot in the back as they tried to run. Those who do not respect the law or the rights of men, whether they be organized crime, terrorists, or a dictating government, guns will be utilized...

Some Democrats want our guns. They have said so on many occasions. History shows the dynamic changes that take place when a society is at mercy of power, and no greater example is Hitler’s genocide. If a government is to truly control it’s populous, first they must disarm them. From my life’s observation, no other time can I remember where government was regarded with so much mistrust and disdain. Expanding social and ethnic problems stimulate drug trafficking and violet crime, compounded by the masses of illegal’s coming through unsecured borders has never left us more vulnerable. It seems that only when something is taken away is it truly appreciated... including freedom, liberty, and our safety.

We should be very wary if any legislative attempts to limit ownership of guns. Automatic weapons such as machine guns should be eliminated, but hand guns, high powered rifles with scopes, and shotguns are our constitutional right to bear. Though many of our rights and liberties have recently been curbed, we have a natural right to protect ourselves, and that takes precedence over any man-made law. Every country we have ever warred considered our weapons before an invasion attempt, and this kept us safe and free. A free society is one who can defend itself, and politely put, we had better hope that our government has the good sense not to attempt it. I just can’t see our country giving them up easily.

What government would, for its own well being, pit brother against brother? But then, it seems evident that these polarizations that so divide us, are indeed manufactured by them.

Our polarized country and economic downturn is unquestionably the fault of governmental intervention. It is said we are fighting an illegal war according to UN mandates, mandates we previously help set, and so it seems evident that the ideal of our new order of government would seemingly think little of our rights and liberties if we couldn’t defend them. There is ostensibly little difference between the aisles in this regard. We should have trust and faith, not fear or phobia for our government, or the society they have fashioned. But it seems that in finality, it is only in God we can trust.

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