Friday, January 2, 2009

A Libertarian Conservative speaks to America's sons and daughters...

A Libertarian Conservative Republican speaks to America’s sons and daughters...

By: Ken LaRive

I can only imagine what a guy like me today must have thought seeing me in 1972. I wore patched jeans, hair to my shoulders, with a mint-green paisley shirt. I seldom wore shoes. I rebelled from my Vietnam military experience and became a true “liberal-tree-hugger,” saving the world. With ZPG we tried to get California law to mandate sterilization of women, based on rat studies. I carried in my back pocket books like “1984,” “Utopia,” and “The Hobbit,” and studied at San Diego City College where my teachers accepted me with designs of molding me into their own image.

I changed almost overnight by several books: “The Federalist Papers 1787-88” and a book by an old guy named Plato, called “The Republic.” I couldn’t put them down, in fact, with them still swimming in my virgin mind, I read the Constitution. I was then introduced to “Crime and Punishment” and “Pride and Prejudice,” from a long forgotten history teacher who tried to explain that we can not know where we are going without knowing where we have come, and that to understand Truth in history one must read the accounts of both winners and losers. As I look around today, I see her point.

Life experiences have brought me to the realization that I am a Moralist Situational-Christian, a Libertarian Conservative Republican, and I have lived my life according to those mores and values. For instance, I believe in small by-the-people government, individual and civic responsibility, a free press and speech, low taxes, a strong military that “speaks softly but carries a big stick”, local authority as opposed to Federal directives, justice based on the values of the ten commandments, yet the emphatic separation of Church and State, family values but the recognition and respect for the differences in good people who also respect me, Democracy and Capitalism as opposed to Nationalism and Socialism, and our original Constitution which binds us as one.

Though I can find no true Libertarian Republican but Ron Paul these days, I am sure there are others I am not aware of. When I listen to his speeches I must admit that I don’t always understand them, but upon reflection I see his point, and they reverberate to both my intellect and soul.

Yes, change is healthy, but it must be unsettling to hear present-day authority figures promoting change for the sake of change. I assure you, in all of my readings, not one true leader has ever promoted that.

At no other time have I felt more uncomfortable about the world as I do now, but most likely that old man looking at me so long ago felt the same way. I hope that you young Americans can overcome the propaganda hooks that pull you, and that you can stand above the hype and study with an open heart the hard-won knowledge of our Founding Fathers. You will see that they are talking directly to you, our American sons and daughters, and you will find comfort and direction there.


Eric Dondero said...

Excuse me, but Ron Paul is NOT a Libertarian Republican. He used to be, back in the 1990s. Then he screwed over the Republican Liberty Caucus, and Pro-Defense Libertarians by backing Pro-Saddam Hussein/Islamo-Fascist policies, completely against Pro-Liberty principles.

If you're looking for true Libertarian Republicans these days they can be found through Mark Sanford of SC, California's Cong. Tom McClintock and Dana Rohrabacher, AZ Cong. Jeff Flake, Idaho Gov. Butch Otter, and of course, Sarah Palin.

Libertarian = Fiscally Conservative, Socialy Tolerant, AND Strong on Defense, i.e. Goldwaterism.

Eric Dondero, Publisher
Libertarian Republican blog
& Fmr. Senior Aide, US Congressman Ron Paul 1997-2003

Libertarian Unitarian said...

"without knowing where we have come," From?

I'm also a Nam vet (68-69) and used to be a "far right" Republican, until I recognized that the liberty campaign promises did not result in liberty action once the candidates were in the capitol city.
They still talk the talk but the voters seem to be most interested in whichever candidate they think can "win," whether they have any principles at all. The GOP Establishment pulls the rug out from any libertarian Republican so another Goldwater can't get on the ballot. (Ron Paul, Rand Paul, Gary Johnson)
Instead of looking at meaningless party labels, examine their principles, if they have any.
"Sarah Palin"? 8-D