Thursday, December 18, 2008

The defining crux of the American Republic

The defining crux of the American Republic
By: Ken LaRive

I dislike and mistrust President Elect Obama because of what he has stood for in the past, not for what he will most likely fail to do in the future. Simple math can tell there is no way he can implement the massive amount of spending and the inordinate taxing it will take to float his radical liberal proposals. It is just as well that he lied, because his attempts would have sunk us deeper into a socialistic-nationalistic state that is so opposed to the Capitalistic Republic that has sustained us.

We have only ourselves to blame if America sinks further, because once we stand back, history will reveal the true reason we are in this fine economic and political mess. We gave America away. As we watched television, played games, made no rational demands, stimulated by immediate gratification, we lost our country.

This economic fiasco is set not only by a selfish, agenda-motivated left, but also by a weak-natured blind right who have lost an understanding of what it means to be a Libertarian Republican in a Liberal Republic. Both factions sacrificed what was good for America to stay in power, but it is we who voted them in.

Obama and his associates, if given the chance, will indeed attempt to suck the life force from hard working Americans by a variety of hidden methods for redistribution of wealth, making collective America more dependant, week-natured, immoral, ignorant, pride less, and anti-social, but that is not carved in stone. These hollow promises can still be resisted. It seems evident that government no longer sees itself as representing us, and so it is up to us to stand between them and the ensuing domination they are attempting.

Our Social Security has been squandered as the largest Ponzi scheme this world has ever seen, and an orchestrated blame game hides facts from the American people by a biased liberal media. It is a method long used by all manipulative authorities in the world, and as disharmony is promoted among the populous, they continue to profit and remain in control.

I no longer see our government standing up for this singular principle, the crux that defines who we are. Government should do nothing but our collective bidding. If they do not, they should be voted or ousted out by the force of our residual constitutional rights. So entrenched, taking back our government will be no easy task. Only a liberated and united America can hope to see truth revered, and our rights restored.

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