Saturday, July 11, 2009

New Orleans crime overflows Louisiana

New Orleans crime overflows Louisiana
By: Ken LaRive

Lafayette took in a lot of good people after Katrina, but crime rate indicated that some we accepted did not make good citizens.

For a generation at least, New Orleans has been appraised to be one of the most violent cities in America, and several imply it is now number one.

Law abiding and responsible Louisiana inhabitants have demanded authority to put a stop to this, but little or nothing can be done. Organized crime has such a stranglehold that honest Cops will not travel through certain sections of New Orleans and Baton Rouge at night, for fear of their lives.

Some estimate the proceeds coming from drug sales to be greater than the entire Louisiana free market, including agriculture revenue, but nowhere can the truth be found, as information such as that is dangerous to the tourist industry and new business.

Port of New Orleans brings in a lot of taxable revenue; and tourism is growing fast after the crime-cleansing of Katrina, and should be protected. Sure enough, the word on the street is that organized crime mandates those who work for them never to harm an average citizen, and that those who do be punished. Now this is good business sense!

It might be comforting to know that they care. If you do get mugged for your wallet, it will be done by a person high on drugs, and not a savvy business man, like a drug dealer.

Why this is allowed is anyone’s guess, but even a limited worldly imagination could figure out why and who.

No sir, martial law can not be considered as it may endanger their rights as Americans!

America must be so proud of their southern neighbor, uneducated but caring, the true heart of our new banana republic.

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