Saturday, July 11, 2009

Freedom of Speech might be lit in Lafayette

Freedom of Speech might be lit in Lafayette
By: Ken LaRive

For many years Lafayette’s The Advertiser newspaper has been called overly biased toward the left and both a manipulator and destroyer of free speech. Though they deny this, those accusations have cost them both subscription and advertising revenue.

Conservative writers say it is because The Gannett Corporation has sent agenda based instructional mandates to all of their local papers superseding the predilection of local residents. Conservative values are in the majority in Acadiana, and writers question why their home-town news-paper is not a reflection of this, and why they are so reluctant to state their point of view.

“Blackballing” seems real but hard to prove, but there are positive indications Conservatism might be getting more voice.

There is growing concern for government’s tendencies toward spending, nationalism and socialism, and the so called “Silent Majority” is organizing as never before. A second Tea Party for Acadiana and the surrounding areas indicate a new push for individual responsibility, and this has gotten their attention.

In the United States, the Gannett publishes 84 daily newspapers, including USA TODAY, and nearly 850 non-daily publications, so they are a formidable voice and an influencer of ideas.

Attempting to move online, they may be realizing that giving the public the free press they demand might be a pay off in the long run. Truth, that is, both sides of an argument, might indeed be profitable now that the bottom line has hit rock bottom, and change may be for the good of both Free Speech and liberty.

Some say hard copy newspapers will find it increasing difficult to stay in business and experimenting with an on line presence. Whatever direction they choose, they may find that truth is both in great demand, and profitable.

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