Sunday, July 5, 2009

Acadiana Tea Party July the 4th, 2009

The Acadiana Tea Party in a banana republic
BY: Ken LaRive

In 101 degree heat, several hundred concerned citizens came and went for four hours, silencing summer locusts with speeches of questionable idealism like individual responsibility.

A movie was shown that gave historical significance to the event, and children in period costume said Yes sir!” as they open doors. Their laughter gave the gathering a glow of sensitive servility. How civilized.

All opinions were tolerated, including several young Communist students with homemade signs like “Power to the People,” next to a hammer and sickle. An old man with a veterans ball cap for WW2 service said quietly, “God bless you.” But they could only stare a collective blank, not understanding the significance.

Men took off their hats for the prayer, the singing of the Star Spangled Banner and the Pledge of Allegiance... Several were crying, and it was evident that few wondered why.

A father picked up one of his children during the pledge, and he put his head on his father’s shoulder with a hug. His other three stood at attention, put their hands to their hearts, and looked down with reverence during the prayer... Every trace of the event was picked up and not one tax dollar used...
Some overt pragmatist might observe how futile it might seem, to stop fascism by a child waving a flag, and a parent who teaches them love, respect, and reverence. Although one might speculate the realistic ability to stop a government ignoring our constitution, inscribing us in into the slavery of dept, and the further loss of liberty, would bend to the waving’s of a child with hope.

Indeed, America is a country built on hard work and the powerful elements of faith and hope, concepts rekindled from the ashes of our new banana republic.

Communists thoughts were tolerated...

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