Friday, June 19, 2009

Questions for Americans


1. Do we citizens, individually and collectively, know America's core values?

2. Do we adequately explain them to our children and grandchildren?

3. Do we citizens love what America stands for with greater intensity than our potential enemies hate what America stands for?

4. Do our Federal level elected servants have the political will to protect and defend America, more than the rulers of our potential enemies have the political will to destroy America?

5. Do we citizens, collectively, have the will to demand our Federal level elected servants protect and defend America, in the event they fall short of upholding their oaths to do so?

6. Do we citizens value our sovereignty and citizenship with greater intensity than those who illegally invade our nation ignore our sovereignty and citizenship?

7. Do we know, understand and value our Constitution more than those, in and out of government, who would usurp or reject it?

8. The next time America is threatened or attacked by hostile force, do we citizens have the determination to go to the wall for America similar to how our Greatest Generation did?

9. Do we citizens value our republic with the determination and intensity to sustain and maintain it?

10. Would we allow entities in America to change our republican form of government without a vote of the People or their representatives?

11. Are such issues too trivial or retro for our current society?

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