Tuesday, June 9, 2009

The Obama Soap Opera and insane laughter

The Obama Soap Opera and insane laughter

Why would anybody watch a soap opera and not CNN and Fox are beyond me? What imagination that creates “All my children” is nothing compared to the Obama team. This past week will have to go down in the history books as nothing short of amazing, and the Egypt speech will be studied by students for the next 200 years as a masterpiece of both diplomacy and bogus bull. For years I have been saying that it is becoming evident that little or nothing happens by chance, and this speach took years to formulate with the iron now being hot. It poured masterfully from Obama’s tongue like boiling syrup over cold vanilla ice cream, opening new channels and melting obstacles. We are on the brink of a New World Order, and America is Obama’s sacrificial lamb.

Opportunity for change in the form of power and control can come on fast when attitudes and dreams are stunned, economies floundering, and the destruction of morals and ethics brings into question even a reason for being... Why? ...to decimate responsibility for immediate gratification, and the weakness this incurs brings new opportunity for control of the masses. It has been a long time coming, sixty years of failed social programs by the left, the plundering of Fort Knox, legal loopholes and radical interpretations that stymie our constitution, the loss of our gold standard, the stealing of our Social Security, the dumbing of our youth, the corruption and belittling of ethics and faith, the murder of innocent children by abortion, wars controlled by international banks and a Federal Reserve that infuse and destroy economies at will and can not be audited, CIA intrusions around the world in our name, and the death of presidents who bring them to light. Now we are face to face with our destiny, and tonight I can only laugh insanely. What else is there to do when government mandates, denies, and then forms solutions to the problems they created?

In Egypt, I couldn’t have said it better, and that is a bit unsettling. Obama said what Europeans think, and uncovered the greatest of American taboo. Just a year or so ago I was blackballed by the liberal rag “The Advertiser” for a simple comment about Israel’s Zion government. What are they thinking now? Can money be made, most likely. Perhaps they are just shocked into silence, and now sitting back regrouping and rethinking cold duplicity and betrayal by their golden boy. Or is it possible all of this is preplanned?

The President of the United States of America is saying the same thing I have said for many years, and I almost fell out of my chair several times as I laughed out loud. My essays to coexist, taking responsibility for life and action, live and let live, do unto others, and such, is now coming strait from the horse’s mouth, our messiah. A man, who promotes and performs abortion around the world with our tax dollars, stem cell research for profit using these embryos, Nationalization and Socialization, with a stimulus package weighing us down with burdens for generations, is now preaching tolerance and justice to the world.

I was much surprised when Hannity said he thought Israel should strike Iran today, not six hours after the Obama speech. That was a lot to consider. I have in the past thought he was somewhat level headed, and a “True American”, but it looks as if he is just another paid performer, a True Zionist promoter.

In the seven steps of a dying country which one comes first, fear or anger? I’m a lot of both these days. And bewildered too... What is promised will sweep two hundred fifty years of tradition and hard won common sense aside for what can only be described as the destruction of freedom. Liberty will die with me, and old goats who remember life beyond the yoke. Those indoctrinated in our schools will never realize, because they were born in subjection, in a cage no longer considered metaphor, or hypothetical, but a reality that will go mostly unrealized by them, and that is a true horror.

Master Obama wants to control us, and the fastest segment of coordinated economic downturn and recovery is the unprecedented expansion of government. New Czars and the minions they are hiring will form a new domination, and along with the compiled information from our buying and social habits to medical records, they will know more about us then we have ever considered about ourselves, computerized and categorized. Oh, you thought giving your phone number at the grocer was to get a discount? What fools we have become, old men, too weak in the knees. Too old to right the wrongs we have ourselves created, by lack of caring and inaction!

Our fathers died on world fronts, battlefield theatres of blood and smoke, tears and mud, to give us this nation. Countless debates in The House and Congress, and a few fist fights and duels too, are forgotten now, as our Constitution is trampled on as meaningless. Now, 53 percent would give it all up for peanuts, and the childish belief that a politician tells the truth. The left got over the top by bussing the dregs of society, promising minorities who don’t understand the difference between a civil union and marriage, the promotion of sexual deviance from equal rights, Crown Royal from child support, murder from free choice, honor, integrity, virtue, honesty, decency, pride, principle, and respect from baseness, education from mind control, self-awareness from despair and quiet desperation, morality from evilness, consciousness from coma, love from selfishness, freedom from slavery, liberty from subjugation, capitalism from nationalism, happiness from joy, socialism from free enterprise, wonder and tolerance from judgmental criticism, responsibility from justification, and broad minded as opposed to blind myopia is now standard while trial lawyers grow rich feeding on them. The Neo-Con false-right, more liberal than conservative, never held the Republican standard in their hands. Both sides of the isle is now considered coerced, dominated and controlled, bought and paid for and threatened too, by Zionists with dual citizenships that care nothing for America but what can be milked from an ignorant and lazy middle class. I speak of Zion, and the church-state that exists... the one Obama was so clever to call a “Jewish Homeland.” The catalyst for war and our destruction as a world power was defended by the same media that got Obama elected, if that isn’t insane! Obama, following in the footsteps of our very own true peanut farmer from Plains, Carter, who warned us, in spite of the concerted effort by media to discredit, and ridicule him, is finally seen as truth. Strange how the left seeks social justice abroad while destroying it stateside, and in the distant past have promoted great men like JFK who started a new concept, but now outdated, by the words: “Ask not...” that has nothing to do with the Democratic Party today.

Yes, I’m disappointed in Americans. July fourth we will again express our disdain and disillusion by more Tea Parties. We will bring our kids too, so they can see just how civilized we have become. It will be a good opportunity to show them just what we are made of, our true meddle, our new American nature, and later we can all sit together and watch the games on TV, content that a statement was made. Good time for a beer too.

I don’t believe in the forever of heaven or hell or in angels or devils in the image of men, but if I did, Obama would fit the description of anti-Christ, and I would think likely a special place in hell for both he and his ilk would be justice, on both sides of the isle.

After I’m dead our children can read the new revised history books and look at movies where black men and Indians drank whisky in Texas salons with white men, sheep farmers grappled with the morality of anal sex, women ride the range in blue jeans fast on the draw, and men without an ounce of testosterone question manhood identity for feminine “sensitivity.” It will be a place where we can work a four day week for more creative time. It will be a place we can ponder the dreams of government as our own and identify with the masses controlled by a collective destiny. We will willingly loose the ability to question, and new laws, like the ones that test us this week, will dictate that a helmet no longer needs to be worn for motorcyclists, while a camera on every intersection now knows our comings and goings, giving tickets by a third party for not wearing a seat belt. It will be an existence of voluntary servitude, and the norm for sheep such as you, and I am one by proxy, as being lazy, and ignorant, we deserve what we now have. As we go down together, or with some miracle rise, I promise not to say I told you so. At that point what good would it accomplish? Ha! I feel that laughter coming on again...that pressure valve to curb insanity!

As I no longer recognize myself in the mirror, I see the lines and scars of an old man who no longer recognizes the country he lived and fought for. I dictated my life by societal rules, my dreams, and hard work in a country where more than 50 percent of my piers memorized player stats and yet couldn’t tell you who the Secretary of State was, or their political affiliation. They sedated themselves with liquor and prescription meds with four point four hours in front of the tube every night, and implacably vied to remain ignorant of changing times because of the effort involved. They gave away our country by not standing up for it, and my voice was censured by a media under the control of a liberal mindset that sacrificed my Freedom of Speech for the almighty dollar, their back pocket. Newspapers were bought anyway, in spite of what they do, because of the Sports section, the movie section, the horoscope section, the comic section... While we slept and played, we gave away not only our freedom, but in many cases, our very souls as well... While unlevel playing fields created rifts in social consciousness and class warfare ensued, responsibility was sacrificed along with honor and pride, and the result is far too painfully evident today, as our prisons are full, minds empty, and we travel blindly like sheep to the slaughter.

See you at the next Tea Party, or you can view it on TV as we are depicted as racist radicals and their brainwashed children making empty and meaningless gestures of defiance in the face of overwhelming opposition and odds, without a game plan but a offhand token of absurdity. Have your club meetings, old men, and hash out your grievances over pizza and beer, and drive home intoxicated and at a loss. Promote "grass root" efforts to promote a Conservative Right, while those in power vote left.

Out of the lies, the overt deceit, the ambiguity, one man stands a head above the rest as a testament and beacon for True American ideals, and hope. His name is Ron Paul, a Libertarian, the truest form of Republican, and a testament to the hard won vision of our American framers. If Americans had done their homework, not judged a man by the color of his skin or the promises he made that did not coinside with his past record, Ron Paul would be our president now, and in Washington DC there would now be hell to pay. Instead, Government is laughingly talking out of both sides of their mouth, and we are enslaved, at war with each other. Has anyone asked where the newly printed trillion went before Obama came into office? I feel a laugh coming on! We are such fools, without the vision to know what is in our best intrest. What can be done? What can I do but put my thoughts out with the hope it will make a difference? At times I feel quite isolated, and alone, as it seems to be like adding a drop of true color into an ocean of dark water. My volition comes from its merky depths as I see a few bubble rise by gasping breaths saying, "You are not alone!" And as I look into the shadowy depths, a glimmer of hope appears.


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