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American cry-babies

American cry-babies
By: Ken LaRive

For two thousand and many more years, men have made and accepted predictions about the “End Times.” In retrospect, those who totally accepted this premise became, to a degree, stagnant and dogmatic, while those who promoted and controlled these forecasts became rich and powerful. To faithfully accept these presumptions emphatically stimulates complacency, with fearful and hopeless resignation for what they might consider inevitable, while those in control reap from the instability and fear it produces. Even when the faithful espouse them for the good, like the return of Jesus, some might be prone to inaction and dysfunction in the here and now, while waiting for what they might consider inevitable and eminent.

If those books had actually been read instead of quoting and trusting someone else’s interpretation, the student would see the many times it is emphatically stated that no man knows the future... but what he is responsible for self and to make his way by His grace. God helping those who help themselves permeates these writings, and that, in and of itself, is the primary strength of America. It is called accountability. If we fail, it is because we have lost sight of this singular principle, and its many obscure aspects that also influence us.

We have free-will in America, all men do, and that means nothing is set in stone. If we were predestined we would live meaningless and inconsequential lives, without reason, without hope, and nothing could be explained, or goals formulated.

If one observes something that needs changing, worth keeping or striving for, an effort has to be made, and those who can’t or won’t take up the challenge should get out of the way... This is not readily understood today when uneven playing fields first used as a helping hand to overcome social adversity, becomes the norm for a societal term called the “have-nots.” It must now be understood that after fifty years of justification for inequity, the days of the supposed “have-nots” are over. The metaphorical “ladder” and America’s sound equal rights are based in unassailable law, and emphatically in place. What holds back accomplishment is found inside of a person’s head, and no one but that person should be held to blame.

Underachievers no longer have excuses, and can now be considered the “don’t want to be.” No child left behind is a complete fallacy now, as anyone who has ability, common sense, work ethics, and a bit of luck, can achieve. Not everyone can win, of course. It is not nature’s way that everyone can come in first, or at all. If we don’t see this concept, all of us are in jeopardy, as those who so choose to win, will have to carry those who by their own volition choose not to. When this becomes manifest in our society, most likely few will finish at all, and those who do will be exhausted and become unmotivated, unfairly pulling the weight of the “don’t want to be”.

Yes, it is scary to stand up and make a difference, to try, but that is what men with spirit do, and what America is. You might be surprised at what you can achieve if you whiners would just quit lamenting, and start doing. The only constant I see in this world is that there will always be winners and losers, survivors and victims, go-getters and cry-babies, and all else is purely semantics.

America is known to be the ladder for success and the foundation of freedom, yet more than 50 percent now consider themselves wounded commoners, and cry for attention like a brood of new-born kittens. The ladder remains, the foundation still there, but big government sponsorship of weak natured people inhibits not only the climb, but undermines the reason to try. It is evident that without government they would surely die unfulfilled, unrewarded, and unverified. They think that strength of purpose comes from outside, too myopic to realize that it dwells within. If not set in place by good example, it will become evident with limp handshakes, inactive heads, the shifty eyes of irresponsibility, and mannerisms resembling both immaturity and cowardice. Sorry to say, but these characters will also be passed on to their children, who will unconditionally accept the government yoke gladly.

Men and women just a hundred years ago lived and died by faith in themselves and the spirit of God who was their strength. Yes, they cried. They cried empathetically for the loss of loved ones by starvation, war, disease, heat and cold. They cried with a passion and fortitude to forge this nation by their own blood and sweat, and gave it to us intact. In those days, cry-babies found it difficult to exist, but today they are incorporated into the folds of society like parasites, without pride, dignity, honor, or even base self-esteem. Artificially held afloat, they now have the power to vote for those they think can perpetuate their dependence, and by a Hollywood media’s propagandized mind control, they do. The masses are born and raised to have little regard for anything but selfish concerns. Leaders revel in this dependence, and grow rich in the dynamics they have created and motivated in a welfare state.

There seems not to be enough strength, intelligence, or goodness in the common man to balance this vote, and their dependence is the excuse our corrupt leaders give for pissing away the greatest country the world has ever known. I’m telling you, this does not have to be so, and saying it out loud is half the battle won. Truth has a way of finding the good in all of us, and the past does not equal the future.

The time for crying is over. It is time to take this country back. The answers will become evident and more and more imaginative as everything is taken from us, i.e., liberty, our constitution, and economy. What we will have left is the memory of our dreams. That is the American way, responsible for our own destiny; we can pick up our tools and start again.

Faith and belief are powerful forces, and affirmative influences for the advancement of mankind. There seems to be nothing wrong with provisional presumptions pinpointing a time of disaster and its resurrection, so long as one continues to be a viable part of society, and contribute for the good.

No matter how God is perceived or interpreted by men, the essence of God is constant. America is a melting pot of many cultures, races and religions, and the term “In God We Trust” should represent all of faith. Those who have decided not to have faith in an Almighty, should have respect for those who do, because your decision is also based on faith, whether you admit that or not, and accepting even the presumption of atheism, has all the marks of religion. In essence, under the skin, we are all one.

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Stan said...

Dear Ken,
I had a bit of problem understanding the first two paragraphs on your piece called “American Cry-babies”. I think you stretched it a bit connecting Christians who believe the end times are coming soon, by signs read in the bible. I see your point that there are those who use this info for “control and power” but that is a lot for people to face and admit. I got into it later, but it was hard going the first two paragraphs. Thanks Ken, for trying to understand these things. It is indeed a hard topic to write about. Those afternoon pictures were awesome.