Saturday, February 14, 2009

I am overcome

I am overcome
By: Ken LaRive

What can we be if our voice is not heard?

We no longer have a free press, and truth can not come to us by the media. Below is an email exchange with Mr. Bill Decker,, of The Advertiser, telling me that I will never be able to submit again. Why? Because his Newspaper is owned by the Gannett, and it is only their approved points of view that will be published in the opinion’s section.

With everything falling apart around us, the government lies and cover-ups, our stolen money, corruption, and our Ponzy Social Security, none of it will be addressed but from their own point of view. My attempts to show Louisiana crime, the racism of Jena, justice and Christian morality, the reasons we are at war, and the dishonesty and stupidity in our government, are not printed, even if it is taken from FBI statistics.

They see it mostly from the bottom line, to protect their interests, to make money, and care little or nothing about truth, or our liberties.

Please watch the video above, and send this to everyone you know. Email Mr. Bill Decker and his bosses, and tell them your thoughts. I was told that my writing is inflammatory, that it is too controversial, and that I am not a good enough writer to contribute.

Together we can bring back Free Speech, at least here in Acadiana.

Dropping the paper will do nothing, but stopping advertisement will. There are a lot of good people working there, including Mr. Booker. All of them are just caught up in making a living, and satisfying the needs of their conglomerate bosses. I want to harm no one.

Without a free press we are lost.
Tired of being afraid?
Tired of crying?
Perhaps it is time to stand up?
Ask Bill if he will stand with us?
And pray that God will guide us all,
Insired by Love.

You can talk to Bob Hamm if like. Guest columns, I’m afraid not.
From: Ken LaRive [] Sent: Friday, February 13, 2009 12:40 PMTo: Decker, BillSubject: to Bill from Ken LaRive

Dear Bill,
Are you going to let me submit to the opinions section?
Ken LaRive

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