Tuesday, February 10, 2009

The don't-want-to-be Democrats who will not intergrate

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The don’t-want-to-be Democrats who will not integrate
By Ken LaRive

Our original America, for the goodness and love of Christ, has orchestrated for the have-nots an accountable government and legal system designed emphatically for them, now insures anyone who wants to attempt the American dream can. All have been given the opportunity equally and with hope; even giving some gross unfair advantage, and yet, there is no way to promise success. This unfair competitive edge has become the cancer of free enterprise, and yet we continue to survive as the greatest nation among many. If we forget this, if we loose this precious element that has been our catalyst for success, we are surely lost. That catalyst is responsibility. Think of what we could be if we didn’t have over fifty percent of the population begging for assistance?

Middle class America, the backbone of our nation, is comprised of hard working men and women who in spite of the sacrifices of high taxes and the blatant loss of liberty, have given to the have-nots with the hope of a better world tomorrow. This has not been entirely successful, as tomorrow is now here. Extended liberal programs have now proven to be doing America more damage then helping, and this must change.

Those few who took advantage of this system, secured an education by dedication and hard work, rolled up their sleeves for the dreams they envisioned, were incorporated into the collective middle class with open arms. Others let opportunity slip by many times without a care or a try.

Unfortunately, the initial positive inertia of this plan, now three generations old, indicates that any further attempt to integrate these misfits into mainstream America is no longer feasible, and causing more problems in the process, one of which is the lack of pride that drives the worker mentality.

Admittedly, the formula for success was not at first freely given, but now the processes are open to everyone. And so, the term want-to-be can no longer apply to the idle and lethargic, but a new description should now be considered, and the “don’t-want-to-be” needs to be seen for whom they are. No longer should we give a helping hand to those who turn to bite the hand who feeds them by antisocial deeds. In this time and age, no one should be allowed to milk the system without regard for the institution that suckles them, the American middle class.

Those antisocial misfits are predominately a bi-product of the liberal institution that first attempted good, but has now become top-heavy by massive liberal mandates, taxes, and massive spending with the guise of being their benefactor. Nothing could be further from the truth. It is now evident that the cause of the have-not to become the don’t-want-to-be is the social programs that have made them so; where they have been so nurtured they can no longer stand on their own two feet. So dependant, they can not see a future without the directional clarity of big government to tell them what to do. They have lost not only their identity, but with an all-encompassing slave mentality, their very future as men as well, as the True nature and definition of a man is one who is accountable. At this point they endanger not only themselves, but the entire country as well, and with a Party so able to manipulate their weakened minds, it is becoming alarmingly evident that reasoning with them on a logical level is growing more difficult. The Democratic Party should put these programs aside for the good of the whole, and what they can elk from those of weaker, and ill-informed minds for their own selfish use should be curtailed.

As is obvious by this election, the growing dependant multitudes are demanding more all-encompassing handouts from our middle and higher class by the Democratic incorporation of socialism, nationalism, and their duel concurrent redistribution of wealth, and they are duly promised such. Though it may seem that they have now grown to be a formidable and dominating force, the reality is that they have become mindless puppets to keep their masters in power. Is it possible, if not emphatic, that trail Lawyers see the Democratic Party as an avenue to make money, promoting this welfare state? It is well known that divisional diversity, the greatest moneymaker of our loop-holed legal and judicial system, is nothing new around the world, and now incorporated into our mainframe by both default and frivolous lawsuits.

As it is mandatory for working men and women to take a periodic drug screening with their company, I suggest that the same system be used for welfare recipients. A periodic straw-determined drug screen would be the first step in eliminating those don’t-want-to-be who break the law. Those who have two DUIs, a Felony conviction, or is deemed to be able bodied, should also be culled, with self-awareness, accountability, and responsibility as the primary goal.
To keep America free, we should now insure a level and fair playing field for all those who want to achieve, and to stop the handouts for those thankless, and irresponsible growing mass choking our country, further dividing us.

It is most important to note that those Government institutions have grown without bounds, stimulated by the dependency of a class they have created. They should now be required to back off, as they are attempting to dominate the entire country with this false doctrine and standard. They would like nothing better but to have every last person under their yoke.

We should all attempt to understand that further attempts to help those who do not want to help themselves will destroy the very foundation of our capitalistic system. Sometimes, what one may consider tough-love, might be just the ticket to help those who have become so dependant, an abject slave to a system that should have died in the middle seventies. I have watched the same rap music, the same low ideals of raw shock and violent music, the same handshakes, sagging pants, and sideway ball-caps for forty years. Where is the imagination? It is promoted by works like MTV, where dark and evil ideas program empty minds.

So desperate, the growing masses of these irresponsible individuals would rather sacrifice the American free enterprise system for a Socialistic State, then to make a life by their own hand. But then, they have no idea what they are doing on the drugs of testosterone, beer, and a negative self image where ignorance reigns and immorality promoted.

The once great Democratic Party, where leadership promoted responsibility with words like “Ask not what your country can do you, but what you can do for your country.” has become the nipple for sustenance in a new world or dependency... The promised changes promoted by them now seem evident, and what Mr. Obama promised he is now attempting to fulfill. He is giving America what they voted for, but for those who pay attention, they are horrified. It is the same domination, as nothing is given without something in return, and the death of our Republic will be forfeit.

Mr. Obama had secured more contributions than any other president, and nothing is given without something wanted in return. A look at his Stimulus package will be an open window to which these people and institutions belong, and the reason he wants so badly to have it approved and implemented before close examination... He is attempting to fulfill the promises to special interest, not the American People who elected him, or what is good for America.

I end many essays with the same punch line these days, but it is the crux of everything good we stand for and a secure future as well. Finding a source for Truth and a means of expressing it is harder and harder to come by, and without that we are indeed slaves to a system who tells us they know better how we are supposed to live and think than we do. If we can’t take our country back the America we have known will be gone, and so to will each individual be like sheep to the slaughter.

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