Tuesday, February 10, 2009

A cynical laugh for what could have been...

"The secret to making money... is to buy stuff when it's cheap and sell it when it's expensive... it never fails to surprise me how few people do that!” Warren Buffett.

This clip, part one of eight, explains our world from a mathematical perspective that is quite an eye-opener for those who want change... Watch what you wish for, you just might get it.


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A cynical laugh for what could have been ...
By Ken LaRive

At no other time in my life have I found myself so distressed and despondent about the future, and I am not alone. According to CNN, two out of three people here in America now believe that the nation they knew in their youth will be significantly weaker than what their children will have. Me too. Never have I seen the media promote so much diversity for a negative response, as it is evident that their actions create the reaction of widespread panic and fear. Constant negativity is in fact creating the problems we face, from floundering economics, bogus global warming warnings, war and the potential for war, health, Socialism, Nationalism, and a barrage of never ending scenarios and speculations that are driving us all to the brink of sanity.

In the process, a lot of money is being made. I for instance, have made more money buying short in the last three months then I did in the last three years. Watching streaming quotes is about as much fun as looking at cuttings over a shale shaker, but a lot can be learned over time. It is evident that huge blocks of money are buying stocks and the sine wave spikes daily. What I mean here is that there is a trend, like the waves a surfer watches, and with a bit of guts one may ride one of these waves for a time along with the big guys. But looking at the graph after the fact, an amazing phenomenon becomes evident, these guys are actually doubling their money every week or so... but then, I could loose it all in tomorrow’s throw of the dice because I am not an insider.

These last months I have seen both friends and family affected by this major economic down-turn, some loosing ninety percent of retirement savings. It was so close at hand just a few months ago, but now, seemingly out of the blue, just an illusive dream. How in the world can this happen? Could it be that fear instilled in us to actually go to cash is causing this crash? What if everyone put their money back in? What would happen?

Sure, greed and corruption, and selfish agendas account for most of it, but one of the primary problems is the way media is manipulating facts. Without a source for truth it is impossible to have an intelligent informed populous. My attempts to get my point of view in The Advertiser’s opinion section has mostly failed, unless you want to talk about holes in the streets, or speeding, but something of substance is ignored, especially if it is not their opinion. I’m told that it isn’t in their best interest to publish such controversy in such hard times, but we know that is false. It is the bottom line, or the promotion of the bottom line that is their primary motivation, and that has nothing to do with balanced truth. What a travesty for articles like “Responsibility in an irresponsible society” “A Libertarian Conservative Republican speaks to America’s sons and daughters...,”or “Silence of the Lambs” not to go to print. It seems a joke that they will most likely never see Lafayette ink, but that is a very serious issue for a Libertarian like me.

A friend of mine sent me an email just a couple of days ago telling me how dire it is in England, and with all of the unaccountable money being pumped into institutions and banks alike, even a one percent prime isn’t jump-starting them. He tells me they are further advanced in this recession because of their dealings with Tony Blair and his ultra-liberal initiation of Socialistic government mandates that are now seeing his country turn into a full-blown Socialistic/Nationalistic State. You see, a buy-out is just that ...private ownership being bought by government. If you want control of the population, own them.

There is a new book published by James Delingpole called “Welcome to Obamaland.” It is a rendition of England’s plight, and it seems the dread, suspicions, and fears we have for Obama is founded on good common sense. Tony Blair suffocated the economy, liberties, and culture, and according to Delingpole, we are headed the same way. Obama will make those changes, our true American Tony Blair.

Religion is no longer in vogue in Europe, and a secular media just like ours has laid to ash Christianity to the point where great cathedrals are auctioned on the block for high end condominiums. One will pay substantially more for a stained glass of the Virgin and Child, though the symbolism is lost.

We should be very concerned here, as this could very well be the end of America as we know her. Free enterprise, capitalism, and all of the subtitle quirks that go along with it like free press and speech, and please note that the liberties that were taken after 9-11 have not been returned. Our government, now under complete Democratic control, will grow exponentially, and shortly the words “we the people” will no longer exist. With that all semblance of a free nation will die.
With redistribution of wealth, it will be found that without the big players, businesses that keep the working middle class alive and healthy will no longer be able to support us. Has it ever occurred to anyone that the reason Obama got more campaign contributions that anyone ever has before might be the reason he is so desperately trying to push his stimulus package forward quickly without proper review? Could it be payback?

Our social security system no longer exists, stolen from us by government, and is said to possibly be bankrupt in one year unless we print out of thin air more money. It will be like adding water to Coke, where the sweet and fizz leaves along with the will to continue drinking it. It will die when the will of the people, called volition, or that element, that catalyst for success called American pride, will have died. It does die, that is reality. I have seen it in Communism, where people had a secure border, or Iron Curtain, to keep them from leaving, and not illegal aliens trying to get in... A Totalitarian Society is one where everything is owned by the Government. Can you see the correlation?
Having the greatest country in the world is not enough? Having the most freedom as any country in the free world, not enough?

Socialized medicine is a failure in every country I have studied, and those who have any means will travel to MD Anderson for help. Only five percent of government sponsored programs work, so why not look at their record? We need to fine tune some things, but full blown Socialized medicine will break our backs!

Though I see both factions of government suspect for this financial fiasco, surely what we have in office now can do us little or no good. Yes, we need change, healthy change is good, but it is something government can not give us, and they will fight us tooth and nail and by any means to remain in control. You see, in their minds, they no longer work for us. And when they buy out our businesses, they will indeed own us. It is called Nationalization.

To take back America from big-brother government will be very difficult. It will take an educated populous, one who can find truth through all of the bogus media rhetoric and propaganda. And I must say, it may well be that our freedoms are now nothing more than illusions, as we are so overwhelmingly apathetic, so demonstratively neurotic, complacently trusting, and appallingly lazy. So evident, surely this election can be a case in point. With no concise proposals but nebulous promises for change, a virtual unknown, a smooth talking minority, and a world coming to grips by cold economic betrayal, war, along with manufactured fear and panic, have to then pick what some have considered the lesser of two evils. How appalling; how frightening! Don’t you feel cheated? What we have lost is staggering, but it was induced by a liberal media who got their representative elected at all cost, including the selling out of America.

Oh, and you thought your vote was an original idea? HAHAHA! Sorry, my laugh might seem to be a bit cynical, but that is exactly right. You see, I have seen the fall for a long time, but could find nothing to do about it. My thoughts were not published, and when it was it mostly went unread. Without an avenue to voice an opinion, and a person to take the time or to give a damn to read it, truth will eco on the canyon walls unheard and unrealized. Oh well, I tried. But that is no consolation when one loves his God and country, and sees them taken away.

One last thing... for a solution.

No free country can endure without free thought, and without both sides to consider, our minds will be flooded by the side in power. So divided, so lop-sided, our country can not accomplish a common cause. No quarter, no resolution, little or no collective commonality is explored or accepted.

At this point in our history blacks and whites should be on the same road to success, arm and arm, but the media creates a subculture that is at odds with the main, and a rift is formed. Government promotes dependency. It is all about money, and we buy into it, lock, stock and barrel. Hollywood, the stuff of fantasy, got Obama elected, and a liberal media delivered it into our minds by subliminimal messages long ago though a perfected science.
Mass Communications is taught in university, but few of us on the receiving end realize that these models are being used to control us, from the drugs promoted by infomercials, and move one after another before us from feminine douche, male enhancement, XY KY, the junk foods we eat, all the way to justifications for immorality. A science perfected in film by Hitler’s Lini Riefenstahl’s propaganda machine was the maturation of seventy years after the Protocols of the Elders of Zion was written. It showed, no, paved the way for world domination, and our infamous and ill defined, “One World Order”. Lini took the ideology and brought it to the silver screen with much talent, and at that time Hollywood and "The Third Riche" were in favor, readily trading nepotism, technology, and money, not to mention the new manipulative sciences for dominion and control of the masses to tie it all together. Oh what sweet juicy pickings we made after fighting a World War on two fronts, and combined with our lack of a gold standard, the will of a people to now make an American Dream a reality, and to party-hearty in the process, would make us fair game.

The FED? Who are they? Who is Greenspan that he didn’t see this coming? Do you believe that? Do you believe that no one but Maddoff knew about the Ponzie scheme? World banks and One World Order, are they one? It is well known that it was panic that escalated the greatest loss during the Great Depression, so why it is so emphatically produced and directed toward the populous nonstop? Why would government, if they actually had our well-being foremost, wouldn’t try to inhibit and temper those thoughts with optimism? At this point, if a man looked directly into the camera and said, “This is bullshit. This is way out of proportion. I’m telling you, it will be Okay.” He would be the new savior, the new prophet, perhaps false, but he would be accepted as the new Golden Child. The stage is set.

I watched Shrek 3 the other day. Did you see the woman with the man’s face? What is that about? Changing mores, ethics, norms, and it is so under our noses we don’t even notice. It is so overwhelming we believe it to be real! Hollywood is not real, we are.

Remember when we stopped Gangsta Rap music being played in that electronics outlet? Just three years ago, and still only Walt Disney is being played. Why? They saw it wasn’t feasible to continue because it didn’t pay. If we stick together, all of us united, one nation under God, we can make a difference. A cohesive front is the only way a difference can be made... A concise lay-out of what indeed the Republican Party is, none-specific to the term Libertarian, a charter of responsibility and goal, and a game plan for immediately implementation is in order... That would make more sense then blindly promoting change unsupported, untested, and seemingly designed to fail. This Stimulus, so blatantly Pork it is more than ludicrous, it is criminal, and yet the media only gives it a courtesy hand gesture.

Find others of like kind, stand up together, and pray for hope. Armed with hope, and what is good for America, we can make a difference by knowing that a righteous heart is the light of truth. What we do in this world matters, where Truth knows the difference between right and wrong, good and bad. Based on Christian Faith, both the path and the reason will become evident.

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