Wednesday, January 21, 2009

A call to America

A call to America

By: Ken LaRive

The premise here is that we can find a solution to peace as moral and ethical men, and not as sheep to the slaughter. If you do not agree, please delete this.

I have viewed these films thoroughly and find this two-part historical series it to be mostly unbiased. It shows the reasoning of both sides. Without a clear understanding of the history there, including bloodshed, religious fervor, the abuse of power, and domination and subjugation of human rights must not only be addressed, but its restraint is the only path to peace.

Truth must be told. These images or contents are not suitable for young children.

Unless America wakes up to what is really going on, we will soon find ourselves in another world war, but this time it will be nuclear. We should resist this with every fiber of our being. This world will be so contaminated after that it will be mostly unsuitable for a quality human life. We must put a foot forward before it is too late. We must, of course, do what is good for America, but at this time what problems this world now faces is partially our fault. We must make that right first, before the attempt at healing ourselves. To do this we have to understand the problem, and to see to it that America is again accountable to the people. A tall order, but first we must make demands that truth is coming to us from a media that includes both sides of an issue. We must demand this, because only an informed populous can be held responsible. Accountability will follow only when facts are known. At this time it is recognized around the world that we do not have freedom of the press. Fix this, and problems can be addressed. Truth can only be found by weighing both sides...

Blue skies,

Ken LaRive

Note: Please pay close attention to the reason Hamas does not want peace.

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