Monday, February 1, 2016

The Trail

The Trail

Sparked by diamond morning dew,
Gold dawn through darkened wood,
Roused by pine and coffee brew,
On cramping legs I stood.

Stretched the cold of night away,
Gazed up to clear blue skies,
It looked to be a perfect day,
As sleep cleared from my eyes.

Maddy sat by fire light,
Her hair a shimmered gleam,
Turning shadows of the night,
Into smiles of loving dreams.

Her kiss as soft as honey love,
On the cheek of that young man.
We stood upon the cliffs above,
And looked far upon the land.

Sunlight fell upon the trees,
And streaked the misty air,
Scents of flowers filled the breeze,
Love’s hope of spring was there.

Saw the path through wooded vale,
And donned our hiking sacks,
Set upon the winding trail,
And never did look back.

Hand in hand we plowed along,
The wanderer, and lady fair.
Turned and found us not alone,
Our Laura was standing there.

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