Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Hope for America, and the deep-seated TRUTH of Ron Paul

Hope for America, and the deep-seated TRUTH of Ron Paul 

Are you afraid to come out and say exactly how you feel about your government knowing full well the reason is social taboo? Do you look at the candidates and make a decision on who you would like to win based on what you think is good for America, and yet find others in direct opposition to your findings? How could it be that the standard you hold so profound seems to be at such odds with media, a source you once considered both informed and righteous? Could you have been so wrong? Does their inability to see the broader picture make you doubt yourself? Or is something else going on?

Do you question why some candidates are so maligned, so marginalized, when in your own research can find nothing but truth? Truth? Do you wonder why it would be a negative to be called a "truther"? A "Libertarian"? When you find both of these concepts the building blocks of a free and liberated America?

That sinking feeling tingles in your chest when you realize just how much is at stake, and as you see the workings of government to be a cold betrayal of your most fundamental and guiding principles, where both honor and moral codes are crushed, the loss fills you with dread. You see your liberty strangled, truth smothered by media, and as you pay attention you begin to see past the lies of your elected officials. You become embarrassed that you could have been so wrong, and question how we could have let this happen... How could we have all been so trusting? And through that fog we try to control a seething anger, a growing resentment bordering on bitterness, fear for your children's future, and even your share of guilt for the doings of a selfishly designed government who does evil in your name. 

You turn the TV off before you retire, sitting for a moment in the quiet dark, and attempt to strap a well-hidden mask over it all. A futile effort to calm yourself... it is a mask that endeavors to hide these feelings of quiet desperation. And you drain your toddy, thinking that might help your sanity enough to sleep... but you soon realize that nothing but truth will calm you.

You are not alone. 

It is evident that a growing number of Americas are finally trying to waking up and attempting to move in the right direction of individual responsibility, but we have a very long way to go. It isn't enough, we soon realize, to be paying attention, as it takes time and a great deal of effort to make a sound decision, a sound conclusion, in a world of deceit. With an open mind you try to figure out who we were, what we have become, and most importantly, who we want to be. You also want to know how it went wrong... You begin to see that without a sound understanding of the first two, we will be doomed to repeat them and your responsibly to understand it comes full circle as a goal. Both pragmatist and realists may conclude that the problems might now be out of our grasp to fix, and you become despondent, even paranoid in the process, and you feel paralyzed with fear. PATRIOT, take heart, this is just an illusion. You have MORE ability than you might think, more HOPE than you can realize, because TRUTH has a way of rising to the top. And just as your gut tells you, that little voice.... only truth will set us free...

Those in control of our country have deep roots and deep pockets and it is feared that they would rather see us dead than free. Some see them with no moral standard at all, and speculate from the gleanings of history that they are indeed very dangerous. Most, now awake, are seeing themselves as a slave to a system they not only mistrust, but do not fully understand. There is a lot to fear, because as we study history we realize that no country who has relinquished their Republic form of government has ever gotten it back without bloodshed. We want it back, we yearn for it, because we know by study just how much insight, sweat, and blood it took to create, and how easily it was seemingly lost. Out trust dissipates as our intellect shocks us into the realization that we have been betrayed, and that our lazy ignorance let it happen.

Since I have decided that Ron Paul is the only trusted candidate that can put us back on the proper track, (the avenue that made America a beacon for the world), there seems to be a price to pay. Suddenly you are culled and ostracized without any form of dialogue, and mostly justified by name calling. How can you explain that you want a strong and free America, and one based on individual responsibility, when you are talking to a person (or institution) who feels threatened by that standard? How can you explain that you have to draw a line, that you are tired of the constant fear, tired of paying for abortions for profit and carpet bombing to steal oil. Tired of the deceit, ...the bogus drama from every side from a media propaganda machine. Tired of being force-fed lies.

As you study economics you see the Federal Reserve manipulations that weaken us and the various special interest groups who lobby and feed on us like fat ticks. Groups that project us into a growing number of preemptive war theaters without congressional approval, grates on our sensibilities. Worldwide and American engineers see the inconsistency of 9-11, but will not be heard in Washington. But those nagging unanswered questions of an unreported 134.5BN smuggled bearer bonds said to be forgeries, dictator moratoriums designed to destroy our oilfields and make us dependant for another decade, as we see the attempt by Obama and Soros to build a deepwater infrastructure in Brazil for profit, in spite of its harm to our economy, to further undermine us... The paying of abortions around the world with our tax dollars, and the fortunes made by harvesting these fetuses for the rocketing fortunes of stem-cell research stocks haunts the very essence of loving Christian receptivity taught even at mother's knee. And our heart aches for those 52 percent of Christians who voted these Progressive opportunists into office...

When you finally understand a concept like "blowback," suddenly you see that there is a counter for everything done, no matter how it was originally designed or justified, and that we sow what we reap... You see that what you helped to promote has come back full force, and all of it is so evil, both sides so despicable, so blatantly wicked, that you feel an undeniable loathing that cannot be quenched by justification. It brings you to a place where you no longer trust or respect your government, but worst of all, you no longer trust and respect yourself. 


Even now I am required by pain of law to supply 26 pages of personal information called The American Community Survey, ...information that could be used to dominate, control, and manipulate me. How can I trust a liar? 2.5 percent of our population have been randomly selected to fulfill this task... and yet it goes unreported.

We need a leader who will do the right thing for America. Though I have seen all Republican candidates with elements that might help, trust does not manifest when looking at both their past affiliations and voting record. That is the only way I can find to make a sound judgment...

In the middle of my many years of trying, only one man has remained consistent and constant, a champion for our liberty, and a strict constitutionalist. It is a revelation how rare men like Dr. Paul are, and how valuable is his sound reasoning based on the very precepts that originally made this country a virtual light of the world of free enterprise, and liberty from tyranny. 

We must have faith in ourselves, and stay the course. We must remember that the pioneer spirit and dreams of our ancestors flows through our veins. Our republic is ours, if only we have the fortitude to stand fast and grasp it... and know this... even if Dr. Paul is not allowed by the power elite to get the GOP nomination, even if he is marginalized by the lying influence of propaganda and persuasion, even if our country self destructs by international manipulations or the twisting pain of manufactured social cancers, the truth of Dr. Paul will ring as a beacon of hope. His predictions that span two generations have come to pass, and with time will be the primary and fundamental resolve to build again. Yes, we have hope, and we can have trust again too. We have a blueprint to make it happen, and that is called the US Constitution. Any group, any ideal, any religion who attempts to harm it, should be denied.

Author's note: God bless America, in the name of Jesus Christ. It is the standard of love, selfless and eternal. It is the standard of the righteous, where the difference between good and bad and right and wrong can be understood. Where we have a rock to build upon, and a place of both sustenance and clarity to revel in joy. It is a place where we can do unto others as we would like them to treat us, the difference between revenge and justice, where we are responsible not only by what we do as individuals but what we trust others to do in our name. It gives us the moral right to say no, that enough is enough, and the strength to stand fast in a world seething with evil intent. It is our best hope, the light in our minds, and the strength in our arms.

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