Thursday, January 21, 2016

Ode to Spring

Ode to Spring

Oh, what divine sweetness lay,
When once the sodden chill gives way,
To the fragrant springtime’s full bouquet.
Here, the delicate new buds of softest green,
Speckled by dogwood hues, so rarely seen,
The flashing of the ruby-throats at play…

To walk the winding trail again,
Where bees hang afresh in metallic vim,
A queen’s nectar pours, her vibrant dances send…
By the flowered dewberry, plumped with grand conception,
Wherewith, this seasonal murmur of new dimension,
Unfolds in rich diversity, divinely ordained…

What goes unseen by thy bedazzled eye,
Where flickers too quick for senses lie,
As wind-songs that breeze so blissfully by…
Of a language that perplexes mankind,
As fading April glows in twilight time,
There looms once more the summer’s sunburnt skies…

There is a hunger to feel the forest glade,
Where sun-bleached wood and acorn lay,
Amid tall grasses in the heat of day…
Fresh baked to fill, it can smooth thy furrowed brow,
In dreams, where wing’ed maple seeds will plow,
Imagination grows where spirit’s vision play...

What art the tangled thorns, and bubbled brook,
For soft pastels that strain through thicket nook,
And competition’s dice befalls the shepherd’s crook…
Grow lightward past the zenith’s surging height,
What inspiration of tender vision, a mortal sight,
Found in so loving a created rapture, divinely took…

What study, from field or mountain’d learned,
Of leaves that twist, in winds delicately discerned,
So beautiful, it sets one’s heart to burn…
Rain washed, and awakened in a diamond light,
A facet, once cleaved, sets free a thought to flight,
And presents delightful measures in its turn…

Feed the glowing embers in thy breast,
As spirits soar, the forest promotes heart’s purest,
Driven in thy vision, is loves quickening quest…
Behold! As God’s most cherished and worn,
We men, can understand the blossom’s thorn,
Transparent, we are illustriously blessed…

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