Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Are you interested in a solution to this fine mess?

  • “Whoever controls the media, the images, controls the culture.”
    —Allen Ginsberg

    The Problem:

    The political Left in the Entertainment Industry control much of American culture, because they’re the gatekeeper of images: Media, Entertainment, and the Arts. Conservatives are losing the war of ideas because they’ve grown disconnected from popular culture and forgotten an intimate and evolving connection with the arts, dismissing them as too subjective. 

    Because of this, it’s becoming increasingly difficult for conservatives to attract Millennials.
    The vast majority of media and video content we see from Conservatives comes across as propaganda, characterized by vilification of the ‘enemy’ and fear tactics. Although this kind of video content can be effective in elections, in general it lacks an essential human element, fails to connect viewers emotionally to a character or story and gets consumed by whatever ‘issue’ is at hand. 

    Millennials respond to positive messaging. Negative ads turn them off.
    Conservative media and video content also tends to be poor in aesthetic quality, a fact not lost on the highly-attuned Millennial consumer who’s sensitive to choice of color, syntax, music, and even typeface. 

    Conversely, Liberal media and video content has reached a level of quality, contemporaneous, and professionalism that makes conservative media seem like home videos. 

    Because the video production quality is distractedly poor, the claims and content within the videos are often ignored because they appear culturally irrelevant. 

    Because of the impact of images, conservatism as a whole comes off as insipid, outdated and uninspiring.

    The Solution:

    Conservatives naturally feel compelled to say something about what they believe holds the key to human problems and American problems. We believe conservatives need to place a greater emphasis on and invest in good quality media and video content because culture and the arts have such power to shape societal vision. Ultimately, we live for our most cherished dreams about the future, wildest hopes and enduring plans held and nurtured in our hearts and imaginations. Their vividness and concreteness are what stir us to action. Good art gives voice to the needs, intuitions, and imaginations of the audience. Great art and media allows people to see life through different eyes. Words, images, symbols, and sounds can penetrate people’s often closed minds through their hearts. The arts are by nature disruptive because they force the observer to readjust old ideas, reconsider old perceptions, reformat old programming.

    Why Principled Productions is Unique:

    We are a full-service production company. We will work with you from the project’s inception: from the idea stage, to script-writing, to storyboarding, to location scouting and casting. We will shoot, edit, produce and deliver a high-quality product at an affordable price. 

    We seek to work with clients on content that represents or aligns with our principles and values. We believe our passion and personal connection to the material is evidenced in a much more authentic and compelling product. 

    We create artistic media that creatively presses back against lopsided logic, reignites life-giving values, and empowers hope and a clear vision for new possibilities. 

    We create artistic media that doesn’t preach, but rather sheds light on the human condition and connects us to uniting truths. 

    We create artistic media that doesn’t attempt to be overly moralistic or political, but beautiful.
    We create artistic media that shows rather than tells. 

    We create artistic media that dignifies human life, introduces a sense of awe and the wonder of being alive, and propels both individuals and communities into unique response. 

    We create artistic media that tells stories that people can connect with at a personal, emotional and human level. 
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