Monday, May 18, 2009

So Called Catholics

So Called Catholics and Obama now in the same boat to hell...
By: Ken LaRive

Notre Dame letting Obama speak says volumes about the Catholic Church and Christianity in general. Yes indeed, Christians are sheep. Last year when I was in India I spoke to a Hindi Holy Man who told me that Gandhi was quoted to say that if he could find one Christian who practiced the teachings of Christ he would convert. Tongue-in-cheek, or was it Indian satire?

Fifty two percent of Catholics voted for Obama, so the statistics said, but justified by a priest here in Lafayette who told me that these people were in name only, and not true Christians. He also said the Hispanics who voted for him knew nothing about what Obama stood for, but that he would open the borders for them to flood into our new give away social system.

I watched CNN last night and a Jesuit Priest said Obama gave a good speech. Jesuits? I studied under the Jesuits for four years and there is no segment of the Catholic Church so secular. Want to find a Jesuit in New Orleans? Look in the diocese business offices during the day and Bourbon Street during the night.

Catholics today and many other so called Christians don’t even understand the difference between the New Testament and the Old, a G-d of wrath compared to a God of Love. They actually think Jews are some kind of Christian want-to-be. Christians who were taught to forgive their enemies are now coerced to promote a tit-for-tat war thousands of years old between the Jews and Arabs, a church and state country with nuclear capabilities stolen from us. It is no wonder Christianity is going down the tubes all around the world with so called leaders who let pedophilias and homosexuals teach their children, and do what others tell them like whores. Christians today are becoming empty shells, promoted by a Jewish Secular media. The fact that they could have let an abortion promoter, a socialist nationalist communist promoter, the same kind who stopped the practice of religion in the USSR, the seller of the unborn fetus for stem cell research the first month in office, and with our tax dollars promoted around the world shows how low we have come as Christians. I don’t think the word means much these days, not even worth capitalizing it. Yes, so called “christian”, stay home and don’t vote, or when you do vote, vote for a murder who promised to feed you a few peanuts. Trade your immortal soul for a promise, you fool.

There will be a special place in hell for those who kill babies. There you can listen to Obama’s smooth talking BS for eternity. You deserve each other. You can sit at his feet and lament with hope for a brighter day, one you could have made for yourself if you weren’t so stupid and lazy. Damned fools.

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