Monday, May 11, 2009

Big Brother in 2007

Big Brother in 2007

I remember when the book 1984 was required reading in High School. At university it was discussed and mentioned many times to make a point: that the masses can be controlled both physically and mentally.

The kids in my neighborhood haven’t even heard of it, and that concerns me. Who is big brother, how can you recognize him, and why has he been forgotten?
Know first off that mind control exists, and in the sixties and seventies this consideration seemed very important, especially after what we saw in Nazi Germany. “Big Brother” was real…

It is a given that television, and the media at large, promotes agendas, their specific agendas, with money as the primary guiding force. There are enough people around to support the most graphic violence, and the most sadistic of sex. Why it is so difficult to counter? It sells.

So twisted are mainstream thoughts that kids might be allowed to watch a woman shot in her breasts, but not be allowed to watch her have sex.

Movies like “Sin City,” “Kill Bill,” and the new blockbuster hit “300” is a testament to a new kind of ultra violence, so well orquestrated and received. Based in reality? Surely, someone must have ridden a rhinoceros into battle at least once?

No, they are hits because they are entertaining to the masses. They enlist that perverse violent/sexual nature found deep in man. It is the reason “The American Way” was left out of Superman, it just didn’t promote well overseas. They gave up America for the almighty buck!

Black men drinking in wild-west bars, straddling cowgirls in blue jeans, quick draw Sherriff’s, and “Sundance” heroes, have nothing to do with reality, or history, but promotion of an idea. Big Brother is good with ideas, and though they may seem both imaginative and original, their primary use is to sell, an action figure, a t-shirt, an idea.

Big Brother blinds us from remembering where we came from, with uncertainty of what we are becoming. Metro-sexual men with no clear rite of passage grapple with the ambiguity of who they are, and women, once strong and amoral, submit to the allure of a Big Brother pitch without questioning why. Both find the other confusing and adversarial, and the reason 50 percent of marriages hit a wall.

It isn’t in vogue to mention that only Love can see us through. If our motives aren’t inspired by Love, they just aren’t very worthy. Oh Brother, what a concept!

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