Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Satan’s guiding hand
The blood of innocence
By: Ken LaRive

Stem Cell Stocks have already risen about 50% today! Jump in Dem-lemmings! You could make a fortune! What joy! What a hell of an opportunity!

They are...


Osiris Therapy

Cytori Therapeutics




One might consider that...

Obama said nothing in his speech tonight about morals or ethics, indicating that stem cells will most likely be created/farmed/culled/extracted for the experimental process. Remember: First thought after election he promoted abortion around the world with our tax dollars, and now this icing in the middle of a world financial crisis...

Why? What could cause such fervor in the center of such dire predictions? Daa... could it be, I dare to say, money? Is it possible that Obama must pay back those who promoted him with the highest donations of any presidential election? There will indeed be many others... but I hope none this obnoxious and disgusting. This will stab even a marginally righteous man’s heart.

The 52% of Catholic-lemmings (in name only) and the 96% of (prejudiced) Afro-lemmings who voted for Obama’s smiling black face have the perfect opportunity to jump on the bandwagon here, as it will most likely be one hell of a ride... In the middle of the recession they incited, there is the possibility to make some serious dough! I’d say that’s dammed good justification to get down to business!

But then, ignorance is no excuse Dem-lemmings, and who really cares? Not you! With 40 to 60 million babies since Roe vs. Wade under your belt, what would a few more million be to your selfish insensitivity? Buy now, as the Obama pen went to paper tonight, and those stocks will show great promise tomorrow. Should be a beautiful spring-like day for trading your souls...

Yes, from your blind perspective you may call me a fanatic, a fundamentalist, but I concede that you should not worry, as you are in rare company. If indeed there is such a place, there will always be room for all of you in hell. You see, you have plenty of practice causing havoc here on earth, so you can get right to it with a good resume for Satan.

As no one can or should ever call you blacks niggers any longer, no Democrat can ever again be given the title of “Do Gooder.” Any good you ever tried to do was signed away tonight, with blood. You are now lemmings.

Deny or justify Dem-lemmings, but the blood of the innocent is on your hands and it won’t wash down with even copious amounts of Kool-aid.

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