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Christian and Pops go to the Acadiana Zoo

Christian and Pops go to the Acadiana Zoo

This book is dedicated to the children in all of us.

Christian and Pops

Copyright 2009

Page one

I like going to Granny and Pop’s house. They have a lot of toys they played with when they were my age, and none of them light up or talk! I thought we would just play in the yard, but Pops said: “What a nice Saturday. Want to go to the Zoo Christian?”

I said yes because the Acadiana Zoo is one of my most favorite places to go in the whole wide world!

Page 2

I have been here many times, and even when it is raining and cold, it’s still fun.

Page 3

I like to go with Pops because he points to animals that are hidden in the trees. The squirrels here aren’t afraid at all, and come very close to us looking for a snack. Pop’s says they get a “free lunch” here.

Page 4

Pops gets a red wagon and pulls me. It’s fun, and Pops says I have the best seat in the house. Mommy made us a snack of apples. We both love apples, and Pops cuts slices with his silver pocket knife. “One for you and one for me... Look Christian! The Monkeys eat apples too!” said Pops.

Pops says to ask the zoo-keeper if it is okay to feed the animals because they may be on special diets! Not everyone likes apples!

Page 5

Sometimes I have to look a long time to see what Pops is pointing to. “Look Christian, look way up there in that top branch. Do you see the monkey?”

“No Pops.” I’d say, but then all of a sudden I would see it. “Yes Pops I see it!”
"Wow!” said Pops. “He is way up there!”

Page 6

“What’s that noise?” I said looking around.

“That’s a tiger howling way on the other side of the Zoo!” said Pops, “Let’s go find him!” And sure enough, in a few minutes we are in front of the cage.

“It’s that one” Pops said pointing ...and the Tiger looked right at us! It was very big and white, but looked a lot like Pop’s kitties, Pumpkin and Pi.

Page 7

This is Pops’ two kitties, Pumpkin and Pi.

They showed up at his door looking for a home when they were just little kittens and Granny and Pops took them in. Pops says they have a good life, but still a bit wild...

Page 8

The Acadiana Zoo has a big hill I’m old enough to climb by myself. Pops says when he was a boy there was a big hill at his Zoo in New Orleans called Monkey Hill. He said it was tall when he was a boy, but when he went back later it had shrunk!

Pops likes to tell me stories of “the good old days” while we walk, and says that someday these will be my “good old days.”

Page 9

I like the chickens and ducks, especially when they have little babies following them. Pops tells me there is no need to ever fear animals if you can speak their language. The animals talk to Pops, and they all tell him hello. Pops said it is easy, and I will learn their language one day too.

Page 10
I like to ride the train!

Pops buys us a ticket and we try to get in the last seat. This train doesn’t have a face on it like my Thomas toys at home, but it has a shiny gold bell and a loud whistle too. Pop’s said the “conductor” is “a good man” because he carries a pocket full of grapes to feed the monkeys along the way. Pops says he always has a smile on his face because he likes his job.

Page 11

There is a green pond where a lot of alligators like to play and swim. Pops says they take long naps during the day and stay up late at night. He said their eyes light up when it is dark so we can see them coming.
When they swim everything gets out of their way!

Page 12

The turkeys are taller than I am, and like to walk with me.

Pops tells me they want to be friends. One shakes his feathers and says: “Gobble-gobble!”

I think that means: “How are you?”

Page 13

Well, we have made two walk abouts,” said Pops. “Are you about ready to go home? Mom says its nap time at 2 o’clock.”

I say “Once more Pops! One more time!” and Pops shakes his head and laughs again out loud. “Okay, one more time Christian!”

He calls mom and says “Yep, yep, yep! You got it Toyota! We’ll see you soon.” And we turn the wagon around and go back again.

Page 14

No matter how many times we “Walk About,” we see animals we never saw before. Sometimes they are very big, and other times very small. Some are just visitors like us.

Page 15

My sister Madeline likes to go to the Zoo too, but she is just learning to walk. When she gets a little older Pops and I will take her with us. She likes the lions and dressed like one for Halloween. She says “Geeerr!” and sounds just like one.

Page 16

Pops and I could stay at the Zoo all day long . He says that a grandfather doesn’t age when he is with his grandchildren or fishing. I keep him young!

Granny says we are “two peas in a pod.”

I heard Granny say to bring me back when I rub my eyes, so I try very hard not to do that.

Page 17

Zoo animals I like.


African Zebra

Page 18

Mexican Toucan

Mexican Leopard
African Crown Crane
Till next time, á bientôt

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Precious! You are an author in the making. I enjoyed it very much.Christian and Madeline are adorable of course! Keep up the good work!