Wednesday, July 5, 2017

The Song of Mystery by Ken LaRive

The sight of Truth
 The Song of Mystery

What sweet mystery, I ponder,
Of deep and darkened souls, a promised light?
What turns the pages of my heart, in wonder,
As I hold my head up high into the night?

Whose loving strength propels my spirit’s crying?
Through songs of love, we forge a gentle heart.
The blood of hope destroyed through mankind’s lying,
Was found in whispered reasons, blown apart.

What Truth of will, the Voice instills volition,
So cleverly concealed inside of me?
The scales of fear are shed as tears of reason,
And guides my clumsy wanderlust, to see.

With longing joy I will to understand.
On breaths of love, my life’s on fleeting wing.
Yet, immortal blood runs in the souls of man,
And fills me with His burning will, to sing.

Taken from my 1989 diary...

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