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Silenced warnings and rewritten history

      Who hasn't heard the warnings that history is written by the victor, that truth is in the eye of the beholder, that knowledge is power, or that A fact is like a sack - it won't stand up if it's empty. Reading this again, one may conclude that they are somehow joined, to help us describe the true nature of our reality... But, are they always true?

      In my search to find truth, now spanning decades, I have surmised that the truth of the matter cannot be derived without an understanding of the flip side, the silenced and hamstrung losers in war, the writings that are quickly subverted, or suppressed, and finally, delving into the very heart of taboo.  

     History has given us predisposed warnings that have been proved true by the test of time, but they take an effort to find.   

      The most recent example of this, in my quest, was found in the middle of the night in 2007 while listening to a speech of Ron Paul in his early days of politics. I saw without a doubt that his warnings had materialized as facts, and he was telling me the truth.  What he spoke of over twenty-five years ago was so profound, so prophetic; his thoughts could hardly be understood. To realize it, I had to study economics, history, philosophy, and civics (not Social Studies.) With time, his words have become the reality we now find ourselves in, and yet, and quite amazingly, he is still not accepted by many voters to be a viable candidate for the Presidency. He does not fit the American narrative... that government is the key to a collective life, from cradle to grave. People are not ready to be responsible for their own life, nor do they understand what a gift our Republic based on Constitutional law is, or what God has given us as Civil Liberty. People are caught up, too fearful, too unaware and lethargic, to even try, and our country is being taken away without so much as a whimper. 

      By no means was he the first. There were plenty of men who risked everything; their wealth, their good name, even their lives in the attempt to push their warnings into view. In this paper I will reveal several of these amazing people, leaving it entirely up to you for further study, and to draw your own conclusions.

      The first one is a son of Teddy Roosevelt, Archibald Roosevelt. He had a remarkable military life, and was a true hero. I will not go into the life of Arch Roosevelt here, but he is worthy of further study. His book, The Great Deceit: Social Pseudo-Sciences, Socialist Wolves in Sheep's Clothing, 1964, is one of the most suppressed books in our beloved America, and a necessary read for one seeking truth.

      I bought this book on line from TRUTH AT LAST BOOKS, P.O.Box 121, Marietta, GA. 30061, a copied edition of 2010.

      The second I will present are three essays that have been, and for good reason by the power elite, suppressed. They are: Frankfurter Over The WhiteHouse, Baruch Over Congress, and Rockefeller Over The World, by HENRY H. KLEIN.

      They were written to explain the reason for misgovernment in the United States, and for the constant turmoil throughout the world. They should make it plain to every reader that economic correction, not regimentation and destruction was the cure for economic world ills, and that all wars are Banker's wars.

      Reprinted from a lost manuscript, I found this amazing insight from the SONS OF LIBERTY, P.O. Box 214, Metairie, LA 70004

      The third is an amazing small publication that gets to the very root of our convoluted American social dilemma. TELEVISION, VCRs, and CHRISTIANS, was written by James W. Bruggeman in early 1987, and studied in Loyola's Communications department.  In his introduction, there is a quote: "The most effective way to conquer a man is to capture his mind. Control a man's mind and you control his body." It was his contention that television has been, and is today, one of the primary weapons used to conquer the mind of the American people.

      It is worth the read. I acquired this reprinted pamphlet from THE PATRIOT BOOKSHOP, 631 N, Stephanie ST., #232, Henderson, Nevada, 89014 

      At the end of the pamphlet is an amazingly prophetic poem by Rev. John C. Woodward. that I am compelled to include here: 
The Devil's Vision 
by Rev. John C. Woodward
The Devil once said,
To his demons below,
"Our work is progressing
Entirely too slow;
The Holiness people
Stand in our way
Since they don't believe
In the show or the play.
They teach that the carnival,
Circus and dance,
The tavern and honky-tonk
With games of chance,
Drinking and smoking,
These things are all wrong;
That Christians don't mix
With the ungodly throng.
They're quick to condemn
Everything that we do;
To cause unbelievers
To be not a few.
They claim that these things
Are all of the devil,
That Christian Folk live
On a much higher level.
Now, fellows, their theology,
While perfectly true,
Is blocking the work
We are trying to do.
We'll have to get busy
And figure a plan
That will change their standards
As fast as we can.
Now, I have a vision
Of what we can do;
Hearken - I'll tell
This deception to you.
Then find me a wise
But degenerate man
Whom I can use
To help work out this plan.
There's nothing so real
As the thing you can see;
The eyes and the mind
And the heart will agree.
So what can be better
Than an object to view?
I say it will work
And convince not a few.

The home is the place
For this sinful device;
The people deceived
Will think it quite nice,
The world will possess it
Most Christian can't tell
That it's all of the devil
And was plotted in hell.
We'll sell them with pictures
Of the latest news,
And while they're still looking
We'll advertise booze.
At the soul-damning cigarette
Also they'll look,
Until they forget
What God says in His Book.
At first it will shock them
They'll seem in a haze;
But soon they'll be hardened
And continue to gaze.
We'll give them some Gospel
That isn't to strong,
And a few sacred songs
To string them along.
They'll take in the ads
With the latest fashions
And soon watch the shows
That stir their evil passions.
Murder and love-making
Scenes they'll behold,
Until in their souls
They are bitterly cold.
The 'old family altar'
Which once held such charm
Will soon lose its place
Without much alarm.
Praying in secret
Will also be lost
As they look at the screen
Without counting the cost.
The compromise preachers
Who don't take their stand
Will embrace this new vision
And think it is grand.
They'll help fool the people
And cause them to sin
By seeking this evil
And taking it in.
Influence is great,
And this you can see.
Just look at my fall,
And you'll have to agree.
It won't take too long
My demons, to tell
That the vision of Satan
Will populate hell.
Divorce will increase
Sex crimes will abound;
Much innocent blood
Will be spilled on the ground.

The home will be damned
In short order I say,
When this vision of mine
Comes in to stay.
Get busy my cohorts,
And put this thing out;
We'll see if the Church
Can continue to shout.
The Holiness people
Who stand in our way
Will soon hush their crying
Against show and play.
We'll cover the earth
with this 'Devil-vision.'
Though we'll camouflage it
With the name "Television."
The people will think
They are getting a treat
'Till the anti-christ comes
And takes over his seat.
He'll then rule the world
While the viewers behold
The face of 'the beast'
To whom they were sold.
We'll win through deception
This cannot fail,
Though some 'Holiness' preachers
Against it will rail."

       Number four is called THE HIDDENTYRANNY: THE ISSUE THAT DWARFS ALL OTHER ISSUES. It was also known as "THE ROSENTHAL DOCUMENT " from an interview by a Jewish  senatorial administrative assistant, Mr. Harold Wallace.

      Note: This reproduction has been called anti-Semitic, and one of the primary reasons it has faded from sight.  It speaks of Talmudic concepts that have been accepted gradually by the American Christian, producing a Jewish Society. It is what Rabbi Martin Siegal called, "The Judaization of Christianity. "

      Even before Roosevelt the Jewish influence upon Woodrow Wilson (1913-21) was quite evident, as Henry Ford wrote in 1921- also suppressed from our historical records, and education. He wrote THE INTERNATIONAL JEW and stated:  "Mr. Wilson, while President, was very close to the Jews. His administration, as everyone knows, was predominately Jewish."

      The Progressivism that has taken over the liberal left today, had its early development in the Woodrow Wilson administration, and really became viable after the death of our only Catholic President who opposed this cancer at the very root of government. He was shot, along with his brother, and the facts obscured from view, just like the 28 redacted pages of the 9-11 Commission Report, because those in power today, had a hand in it. 


Woodrow Wilson: From 1913 to 1921. 

Federal Reserve Act (1913) 

WW1: 1914-1918 

Bolchevik Revolution:  March 8, 1917 

Mexican Revolution: 1913-1914

1913 Sixteenth Amendment (income tax) and 17th (popular election of U.S. senators) adopted. Background: Amendments to the Constitution 

1913 Suffragettes demonstrate in London and Washington, D.C. Background: Woman Suffrage 

1929 The Great Depression

     One of my favorite mentors is Anthony Robbins. In his writings, he mentions several times that the past does not equal the future. I see his point, especially when a person seeks the power to break from the past to create a new direction, a new future under his control. I see that, but this does not apply to a Patriot trying to figure out why his country is floundering, and just what he has to face to take control. In the study of history, we must demand truth, or as close to it as possible.

      I remember an amazing book I read once for a class call Hard Times: An OralHistory of the Great Depression, by Studs Terkel. His method of seeing historical truth came from interviews of a wide variety of people who actually lived through it, from the accountant of a large corporation, to the paperboy on the streets of New York. It was a gold mine of information and a fascinating interplay of memory and fact, revealing how the Depression affected the lives of those who experienced it firsthand.

      You will never know who you are, not only as an individual, but as a nation as well, unless you seek to know the truth of your past. What in the world could be more important, where your reality collides with truth. The past does equal the future, and history will repeat itself unless you understand both its success and failing, as manipulated by the hand of man. If you study what I have presented above, you will see firsthand the reason it was so strongly suppressed, as the powers that now control our nation becomes visible.

      “If you know the enemy and know yourself, you need not fear the result of a hundred battles. If you know yourself but not the enemy, for every victory gained you will also suffer a defeat. If you know neither the enemy nor yourself, you will succumb in every battle.”
Sun Tzu, The Art of War




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