Saturday, October 31, 2015

Facets of Truth in a world of lies

What can be more important to perceive and possess in this world, even when compared to the blessings of Love and Liberty, but the finding of Truth? No matter what road we take, our guiding light is our profound quest to find and realize Truth. Without it, all meaning, all goals, all intellectual and spiritual pursuits would be futile, and of little value.  Those many who have not picked up that quest, have accepted the coerced dominion of masterful men as their own reality. Many philosophers through the eons have described this great loss of Liberty in many ways, but in essence it can be referred to as slavery of the spirit. 


 Machiavelli, in his book called "The Prince," explains the concept of voluntary servitude. It is a scientific method of instilling a reality in a person and society for complete dominance and control of mind and soul by any means necessary. It is the use of hard won, moral and ethical concepts, and good, bad, right and wrong are wielded any way necessary for their focused pursuits... They would use a mother's love for her child to sell a dangerous product, knowing the ingredients are harmful, and a father to give up his children to promote a concept called democracy, which has never existed since the dawn of men, all for war's corporate profits. They would implement false flags to achieve their purposes, destroy whole civilizations, poison the mind and spirit of innocence... anything at all, because their true god is a black bottom line... 

In a world created by them, a lawless and immoral world of lies, Liberty and Truth always remains but a dream. Even the definition of True Love, a precious gift of selflessness, is redesigned as lust... And it is well known by them that the rewriting of history, with the distortion of Truth in the here and now, is what keeps them in power. A dominate and powerful government, with limitless resources, bought and paid for with fiat currency printed out of thin air is hard to understand and resist, as it enslaves us in a debt that can never be paid... As they promote a common mindset of weakness and lack of value, they replace self-responsibility with dependence, increment by increment... 

Of all of the profound moments in our lives... the birth of a child, the death of a parent, the waste and horrors of war, even contemplating our place under God's great umbrella... all conscious realization of life's profound experiences come from our ability to see it truthfully. What can be more horrible for humanity but to be slaves, of body, mind and spirit?

Alfred Tennyson wrote, “But what am I? An infant crying in the night? An infant crying for the light? And with no language but a cry!” And what is Tennyson referring to here but the light of Truth? And when Henry David Thoreau wrote that "Most men live their lives in quiet desperation and go to their graves with the song still in them." Can we not contemplate the true reason? Was it the lack of truth, or the failing of the person to seek it?  

We are charged with responsibility from birth to death, as we are both intellectual and spiritual by nature. The responsibility for finding it is entirely ours, and though truth can indeed be considered a survival technique, we put our complete trust in institutions and individuals they lobby into office, without the truth of what they represent, and who they actually are.  We trust without seeking Truth, and we do it over and over again.

Some say they are waiting for death for an ultimate realization of truth, while others depend on human interpretations to embrace as their own. They let the words of others flow from their mouths as original thoughts, and few understand that we alone are accountable for finding it... What value, what importance can be placed on an element such as this, the ultimate axiom of every life? Truth is of singular and primary value, ultimate, definitive, and inspiring.  Without it we can never make a viable decision, and will be manipulated and coerced to the very last day.  

Growth is rewriting over past understandings, draft upon draft, to the very core of our reality... And we must, at some point in our quest, admit that the Truth we held so dear and profound when we were young, is redesigned again and again with further life experience. We grow to realize that many of the truths we held in our hearts and minds were wrought by worldly experiences only to that point. Truth we once held are now seen and understood to be lacking validity, as we further develop. The reason for this is simple, as in that particular instance, that very point in our lives, we had not yet found ultimate truth..  Let me explain:
Truth lies at the very epicenter of our minds and hearts to be realized, one of intellect and one of spirit, like two metaphorical lenses focusing on the future. It is well- hidden under countless layers of manmade hyperbole, myopic and narrow justifications taught to have legitimacy, and it has caused much unhappiness, confusion, with spurious and convoluted realities in our mind's eye. Truth, at times, cannot be realized or understood, hiding in what might be considered plain sight... It is no simple matter to realize, and it takes effort... 

Truth is well-hidden in the folds of what we perceive as reality, underneath the smoke and mirrors of our education and the curtains set before our eyes by many teachers. Some tried to instill their thoughts into our psyche with Loving hearts, some out of ignorance, and some for selfishness, but all of it, to the very last, was designed to control our thoughts, emotions, opinions, belief systems, judgments, and to become a viable part of a particular society, or aspect, one way or the other... And  yet, without truth, all of these words have little or no meaning, as extensions of these ideals are honor, justice, principle, moral code or compass, law and many more... all of whom could not manifest itself without Truth.
It is the last element to be found at the very core of who we are and what we can eventually become, and yet few know of this most amazing concept, that finding Truth is our ultimate goal. The greatest of all gifts, even surpassing Love and Liberty, is the gift of free will, and it is the only tool we have to find true Liberty and emancipation from the shackles that bind us to worldly powers. Indeed, Truth is our guiding light.

There has to be something laudable, something worthy of our precious lives and endeavors, something to work for greater then ourselves, and this is the idea that there is indeed an ultimate truth, and this truth is ours to find. Also called a universal truth, and it is a core element of each person's soul, and it is so pure, so elemental, so fundamental, it cannot be broken down, divided, or denied. That is the primary goal of a singular life of value, and though some might call it the golden mean, purely mathematical, and others God inspired, truth is the core essence of humanity in every aspect. 

That is the manifest destiny of all men, whether they have come to realize it or not... and of all of the manufactured exaggerations designed to divide and separate us for power and control, this is the one singularity that is universal and uniting for all humanity... Truth.  With Truth, everything is possible, and any entity, corporation, or institution that intentionally hides it, distorts it, manipulates it for their own selfish designs, are enemies of humanity, and should be abolished.  No enemy should be more revolted and feared, as denying Truth is the bane of all that is good on this green Earth.  

When men seek truth above all, Liberty will be theirs. It is our reason for being. Trust no one with your life, and the direction of your immortal soul will belong to you alone, so do your own homework. That is your responsibility, and once you take up this standard, and pledge it from both mind and heart, truth will set you free.


Author's note: This following two paragraphs are taken from a book of my poems compiled in 1999, not published. It explains the metaphor comparison of a diamond to a human soul. A diamond is so abundant and virtually worthless without the controlling hand of men, and our souls are worthless without truth to light its way.
"Sometimes it is the most simple that seems the most beautiful to the mind of men. Our spiritual side is the most artful side, and filled with all of the wonder and speculation this life can offer. Tempered by awesome and unknown powers, and from a source buried deep inside, it is carried by God's likeness, a vessel called soul. It was given to all men as a gift of hope, and though it is sometimes considered by philosophers to be the fundamental core of men, who can deny it is profoundly beautiful and precious... and yet, so very misunderstood. 

To attempt to understand, it seems we must hold the concept up to our mind's eye, in metaphor. As a lens, our soul is like an uncut diamond, pure, perfect, and unrealized. Our reason for being, our purpose, our meaning of life, is to learn truth.   When we do so, even the smallest of instances, a facet is cleaved on the face of our soul, and the light of Truth illuminates and clarifies.  If what is realized from the experience is righteousness, then the facet is a clear window where the light of new profound questions and ideas take form. You see, every question we ask of this life is answered in like kind, as the law of cause and effect, and what you sow so too will you reap. This is the universal law of attraction, and an ultimate Truth. If revenge, wrath, hatred, bitterness, anger or any form of negativity is the motivation for the questions you ask this life, you will get that in like kind. It will cloud your soul like the carbon inclusions found in an earthly diamond, and value will be diminished with its inability to absorb light. . And then, as this truth becomes realized, you will move in the world of men emphatically knowing that what you are is what you think you are, after all."
-KL 110399 

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