Wednesday, April 8, 2009

The death of Castro, and American traitors

I wrote this over three years ago and it still applies...

The death of Castro, and American traitors
By: Ken LaRive

Information pours out of Cuba like a sieve. The attempt to keep Fidel’s sickness and eventual death a state secret borders on the ludicrous, but that is the nature of this dying regime.

It has been the topic on Capital Hill and the surrounding pubs for months now as to whether the Cuban government will survive Castro. What a joke. What is left of the low ideas set forth by dictatorial blood baths perished long ago, and all that remains is a burned out remnant. Castro’s ideological dream-regime is dead, and only the shell of a self-made maniac remains.

It is written on Cuban bathroom walls that brother Raul will take over leadership of the Cuban Communist Party, attempting to balance the military/intelligence system, appease the quagmire of nepotistic minister officials tied in red tape, and move forward with a hidden agenda all his own... What remains will be transformed by the whim of a new want-to-be dictator, and the prevailing winds that sweep the world at that time.

To this very day Castro promotes the idea that it was the American embargo and the strangled relations of an imperialist American Economic system that burned the life out of Cuba. He seemed very persuasive early on, but few believe that today. Anyone could trade with Cuba: Latin America, Europe, Canada, whomever, and Cuba wasn’t even completely locked out of North America, as third parties collected their commissions. No, it was Fidel’s myopic dreams that subdued Cuba, and a thick-fingered hand that could not rationalize the economics of free trade.

The imaginings of Fidel fell with the slow-sinking Soviet, and he seemed never to give up hope that his original vision could still ignite. His once strong words now falls on deaf ears like a broken record.

The so called embargo is a justification for failure by Cuba’s small minded politicians. It was and remains a political hand gesture toward the dogmatic-ego of a man who could not face reality, and in the process decimated a once abundant land, and enslaved the common people under the weight of his totalitarian/communistic/socialistic yoke. It was powered by a booming voice of promises: the fall of the United States by his own united front.

He leaves Cuba shoddier as the years pile on, and history will show that any North American who tries to do business with Cuba before his death, or identify with his Venezuelan lackeys, might well be thought a traitor. Fidel is our sworn enemy, and those who promote him are too.

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