Friday, August 8, 2008

Barack Obama: A conservative Kool-Aid drinker of color?

By: Ken LaRive
Observation into the life of Barack Hussein Obama shows some amazing and somewhat disconcerting inconsistencies. He is perceived to be the epitome of the ultra liberal left, and yet his life does not reflect the convictions or motivations he is now proposing. Could it be that he is blind to the canon he used for his accomplishments, or would he actually sacrifice our hard won Conservative American standards and liberties for the promise of power and control? Would he preach change without substance or reason to a group desperate for a free lunch, without considering what is good for our nation, just to secure a win?

Child of an immigrant father, it was both his conservative aspirations and the time-honored ideology of the right that manifested his dreams to reality.

Obama didn’t go to public school. Since fifth grade he went to private. He wasn’t forced onto a bus as Liberal Democrats proposed, but had the freedom to choose the education he wanted.

He did not have children out of wedlock, nor does he have a felony on his record for selling drugs, a drive by shooting, drunk and disorderly on a street corner with his friends out of work, nor was he ever arrested on his front lawn of his government project apartment without a shirt for domestic violence. He has not sued anyone for slipping on a sidewalk in front of Wal-Mart, nor has he ever been in a whip-lash litigation.

Obama pays his taxes, and has a CPA who takes advantages of all deductions. He owns a house not built by President Carter, and didn’t see the need to contact HUD when looking to secure a mortgage. He has never gone to the emergency room for a common cold and charged it to Medicaid. He never had a child with ADD because his wife was on smack when she was pregnant, nor would he ever allow his children to sell Kool-Aid on his front lawn.

He was never on welfare, or any other form of Affirmative action, nor did he accept a scholarship because he was black. His accomplishments were his own, his hard work, his good grades, and his responsibility got him from Occidental to Columbia to Harvard. He knew nothing about programs like “No kid left behind” because he was at the head of his class! It was his talent, enhanced by hard work that produced his dream, and though government in no way sponsored him, his achievements were tied to the fundamental concept of Republican standards, ideals, and principles.

His academic performance landed him editor of the Harvard Law Review, then its President, and because of those accomplishments, a publishing contract catapulted him into writing his first book. Soon after graduating with a J.D degree, he made millions from his writings, the true act of a man who makes use of his own volition, and not the big brother government he now proposes, as he played on a level playing field...

Obama seems to have forgotten the foundational conservative principles he so used to reach his goals. Without these sound precepts Obama would never have achieved a sibilance of success, never known wealth by his own hand, self-induced dignity, responsible self-worth, or the honor and pride that only self-sufficient accomplishment can provide.

Looking into Obama’s home shows strong Conservative values. Obama was born, not aborted, nor were his children. His guardians raised him with strong family values, and he traveled the world on vehicles that ran on copious amounts of gasoline. He lived in a fine home acquired by hard working people, and Obama chose a woman to be his life’s partner, and actually married her.

Obama is now running for the highest office of the land, and yet memory and heart does not serve him. He has lost his way by forgetting the tempered hand that was his guide and mentor, Conservatism. As he travels to promote his Ultra-Liberal Agenda of Socialism, he is flanked by men who carry canceled weapons designed to protect him, and not for hunting, a right safeguarded by Conservatives.

Yes, at the end of the day Obama can prop his feet up in a world seemingly self made, but he is a child of American Conservative Liberty. The same Liberty he so blatantly admonishes was created and now safeguarded by Conservative men and women in our military. But Obama does not drink Kool-Aid himself, no, he knows better. He just offers it up to the weak Democratic spirits with unrealistic promises for nebulous change he has no intention or sincere inclination of keeping. If he wins, some will toast this country with strawberry Kool-Aid, and this country will be just that, toast.

America has no need for a man like Obama. Whether he has a shallow memory, an inability to comprehend himself in the total picture, or he is lying through his teeth, it is all the same. Obama is the child of Conservatism, and that is his true color, whether he admits it or not...

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