Thursday, May 15, 2008

I have something to say May 15, 2008

Hi, ya’ll,

I have something to say:

If a woman gets shot in the stomach, as we heard on the news this week, and she looses her baby, why is the guy who shot her being charged with two murders? I thought in this country we don’t count the baby as a person? That’s why we abort the little pests even in the third trimester, smashing their heads in the womb so they won’t make us uncomfortable when they start crying. I’ve heard smothering them with the placenta works well, and keeps them quiet too.

Can we have it both ways?

If we have indeed based this country on Christian values, emulating the bible, and have virtually hundreds of denominations that read a little something different in the Good Book, why are we so violently opposed to polygamy? Isn’t that in the good book? If one person does something wrong in a church, why is the entire church’s congregation’s children taken from them without due process? Isn’t it written that a man has responsibility for his family, to guide them according to the values laid out there? Isn’t this America, where freedom of Religion is one of our most cherished and fundamental rights? Why isn’t the Christian masses rising up to defend them, instead of calling them a cult and saying they are living in a compound. Must be a ball game on, certainly can’t find “Little House on the Prairie” these days, but we can watch a man being boiled alive trying to cover his balls as he is slowly lowered by the order’s of Henry the 8th in Tudors, where we find the real Church Doctrine of the good old days... Every religion can be called a cult by some other. Shouldn’t we be allowed to raise our children the way we think best? In our wonderful country a young girl can get an abortion at any age, with the consent or demand of her parents, and then turn on the TV and watch a woman being raped and then have a machine gun tear her breast’s off, with 60 to 80 percent, depending on your color, having children out of wedlock, or 75 percent doing drugs at 15, where we use sex to sell almost every product, but you can loose your job for winking at a girl, or have your child taken away because you left a mark trying to correct them from the perverse ambiguity of the world designed by a minute fractural minority of secular liberals...

We are sick!!!

Oh yes, we are a righteous bunch of pompous zealots, holier than thou, so Freudian, so modern, so liberal, and so... well, you get the picture. “Judge not and ye shall...” Well, what comes next? Are you a Christian, or not? Make up your stupid mind. Can a Christian vote for a Liberal knowing they promote abortion, simply because they hope that their lazy ass is given a promised check? Destroy our country by Socialism because the poor is jealous of those who work and make a living? Can morals and ethics be bought? I’ll bet, as it seems so evident, that the lazy majority of so-called Christians just don’t give a good God-damn, and plays a bogus BS role of habit on Sunday, hoping to have the time to repent just before death. They read passages like 1st Corinthian about Love and it isn’t even in there! They don’t even read the bible, but quote the work of some contemporary author who has his thumb on the pulse of what we so desperately need, as a nation of lazy, mindless. sheep.

Hay, we’re using human DNA in vegetables now. That figures!!! Bunch of cabbage heads!

I have a friend who has not gotten out of bed for three weeks now, she is so sick. She is a good person, a loving wife and mother, in very very bad pain, and not expected to live. She asked Maddy how I was feeling in a phone conversation this morning. In her pain, with her life in the balance, she thought of me. God help us all.

I am
Ken LaRive

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cajunredneck said...

I heard that Ken. When I watch the news as I do often, I sit and wonder, (what are these clowns thinking?) Some of this is so obvious. The best thing that could have happened is that they might have the same kind of liberal minded parents as they are. They might have never left the delivery room and we would not have to listen to their tripe.
There is also the notion that babies that are not attended and left to die are not to be bothered with. They are just left on the side to die alone never knowing the loving hands of the mother or another human being. I read a story of a baby that was placed in the storage room and the nurse that found it and was caring for it was reprimanded. We have become a cold and calloused nation of baby killers. I stand against this and will always speak out against it.